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Thread: Roll Call!

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    Screen Name: gerbeme
    Real Name: Melissa
    Kids: TTC since Jan 08
    Non denomination christian!!

    Tripp Layne & Kentin Major 5/21/2010

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    Aug 2007


    Screen Name: dorita
    Real Name: Doris
    Kids: Anabella Mia 02 26 08 & 5 angels in heaven
    Non denomination christian!!
    5 angels in heaven

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    Screen name:jes_riner
    Real Name: Jessica
    Children: 1 son, Jake

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    NSenadenos Guest


    Somehow I missed this! But I suppose you ladies already knew I was here...

    Screen Name: Nsenadenos
    Real Name: Nicole
    Kid(s)/DOB: Jasmine 7/20/05, Athena 2/5/07, Shane 3/31/08
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Assemblies of God (though grew up Lutheran)

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    Screen Name: scrap4bryce
    Real Name: Lee-Ellen
    Kid(s)/DOB: DS Bryce 5/23/02, ttc #2 for 9 months
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): independent baptist
    Lee-Ellen 30, DH 32, took 2 yrs to get pg with DS who is now 6 - ttc#2 for 11 months
    on Metformin, Clomid and HCG Trigger shot - 2 failed IUI's in May


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    Screen Name: dylansmom
    Real Name: Shannon
    Kid(s)/DOB: ds(dylan)4 1/2, dd(marina) 20months
    Denomination grown pentacostal, current member of baptist church
    Last edited by dylansmom; 04-29-2008 at 07:45 PM.

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    Screen Name: 11-12-06
    Real Name: Amanda
    Kid(s)/DOB: PJ (11-17-06) and Johanna due 8-27-08!!!
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Catholic
    Amanda, mommy to PJ (11/17/06) and Miss J - fashionably 9 days late (09/05/08)

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    Screen Name: GraceLikeRain
    Real Name: Meredith
    Kid(s)/DOB: Baby #1 due 5/17/08!!! We are planning to name her Hannah Lynn
    Denomination: Christ-follower! (attending non-denominational church)
    Meredith-28, DH Adam-28, Mommy of 2 girls & now expecting 2 boys!

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    Screen Name: Vickey77
    Real Name: Vickey
    Children: TTC #1
    Denomination: Baptist

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    Screen Name: angie2775
    Real Name: Angie
    Kid(s)/DOB: Jackie (9) & Kate (3 mos)
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): LDS (Mormon)

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    Screen Name: Sara605
    Real Name: Sara
    Kid(s)/DOB: TTC #1 since Nov. 07
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Non-denominational, Bible-following, Christ-loving church!!
    Sara(26), DH(26)

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    Screen Name: ushxcp
    Real Name: Ashley
    Kid(s)/DOB: DS ~Adrian 12/21/06
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Catholic

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    Screen Name: Photogrl
    Real Name: Amy
    Kid(s)/DOB: DD~3/7/2004, TTC#2
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Lutheran

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    I thought I had posted here already - but I didn't see my name anywhere so I'm signing in right now!

    Screen Name: CDWard
    Real Name: Carrie
    Kid(s)/DOB: Due with Baby #1, EDD 12/30/08 (I think: Annabelle if its a girl and Asa if its a boy)
    Denomination: Grew up Independent Fundamental Baptist. I still tend to lean towards Baptists but am open minded. Churches just need to feel welcoming and preach the Truth about the Word, in my opinion.
    -Carrie 32, Jason 30, Annabelle 12-13-08. Lucas Charles 3-2-11

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    Screen Name: swatty
    Real Name: Becca
    Kid(s)/DOB: 1 DS, Brayden born on 8/18/07
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): raised Presbyterian but not currently attending any church. We'll be in search of one when we move next month.

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    Screen Name: tralynne75
    Real Name: tracy
    Kid(s)/DOB: Dylan (5-13-93) Katie (5-22-06) Savana (1-16-08)
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Grew up Methodist, go to Baptist and a Non-denominational church

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    Screen Name: SaraLee0114
    Real Name: Sara
    Kid(s)/DOB: None. We are currently TTC #1. Hoping this is our month! I have my fingers crossed!!
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Christian (Luthern). Have been since I was born!
    *Sara-28**Lee-28* 11/21/09 DX with PCOS 05/10

    **TTC since 08/01/14. 1500mg of Metformin and 2.5mg Femara**

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    Screen Name:Nicoleb76
    Real Name:Nicole
    Kid(s)/DOB:Cameron 07/07/06 & Corey 01/31/08
    Denomination (if applicable or desired):Christian

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    Screen Name:hhegseth
    Real Name:Holly
    Kid(s)/DOB:Katie Claire 08/12/06
    Denomination: Christian

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    Apr 2007


    Screen Name: LSwanson1002
    Real Name: Lynn
    Kid(s)/DOB: Michelle 1/2/91 - Tyler 2/10/93 - Katelyn 6/5/06
    Denomination: Catholic

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    Screen Name:JulieAnn
    Real Name:Julie
    Kid(s)/DOB:Rilee 5/8/05 and Teagan 11/20/06
    Denomination (if applicable or desired):Christian ( I go to a non-denominational church of christ)

    Ri- 5-8-05, TT 11-20-06, LeiLei 12-20-08

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    Last edited by Mom22; 06-14-2011 at 08:44 PM.
    Formerly villagespin

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    Screen Name: lilpreggy
    Real Name: Liza
    Kid(s)/DOB: Caiden Scott Young 4/20/08
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Nondenominational/Charismatic... whatever you want to call it ;)


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    screen name: Meliabeth
    real name: Elicia
    kids: Brycelin (10) Belleza (6.5)
    denomination: Christian raised presbyterian now attend non-denominational

    Elicia (32) DH (37) son (10) daughter (7)
    scheduled C-section: Oct 7th!

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    Jan 2008


    Screen name: Lillypad (after our little kitty Lilly)
    Real Name: Erin
    Kids: still waiting on number one to implant!!
    Denomination: Raised methodist, now non-demoninational...all for Jesus!

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    Screen Name: LILJAZZY1122
    Real Name: JASMIN
    Kid(s)/DOB: NONE YET
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): CHRISTIAN JUST A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS

    Born 12/7/10 @7:37pm...5lb 2oz...18 1/2 inches long

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    Hello everyone!!!

    Screen Name: Mrs. C
    Real Name: Sharon
    Kid(s)/DOB: Baby in Heaven (2/2/07), One on the way (due 10/8/08)
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Independent Fundamental Baptist (Lighthouse Baptist Church)
    Sharon(28)~DH-Mark(28)~Married 9/24/2005~DS-Adam ~10/4/2008DD-Claire~7/27/2010

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    Smile hi everyone!

    Screen Name:pants
    Real Name:Brenda
    Kid(s)/DOB: No children yet. DH and I are TTC
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): non-denominational (we do not adhere to any organization or convention), fundamental (we believe in the fundamental doctrines of the infallible, inspired scripture), bible believing (we believe scripture and nothing else is sufficent for everything 2 Timothy 3:16), Christian(we believe in Christ as the messiah) is the best way for me to put it. I grew up roman catholic and was converted as a teen. My dh grew up roman catholic and converted in his 20's.


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    Nov 2004
    Middle Earth


    Screen Name: LilMama
    Real Name: Brenda
    Kid(s)/DOB: Gus 05/28/02 and Jake 11/10/06
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Free Methodist

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    Screen Name: Hopeful at 40
    Real Name: Lisa
    Kids(s): Son 18yo, Daughter, 13yo, ttc #3
    Demonination: Christian -- Raised Catholic, attending and loving my new Non-Denominational Church.
    Goal to lose 30 pounds
    - 5 pounds so far.

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