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Thread: Roll Call!

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    Screen Name: Pacificmom
    Real Name: Tin
    Kids(s): None, MC 3/08
    Demonination: Roman Catholic
    MC 3/28/08 (12wk) PRAYING for Allisonanne's !!!

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    Screen Name: Rose T
    Real Name: Rose
    Kid(s)/DOB: None yet.
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Christian - non denominational
    Rose (29), DH (34)
    Confirmed M/C @8weeks 9/2008, Chem. PG 1/2009

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    Screen Name: babyhopesTTC#1
    Real Name: Kristen
    Kid(s)/DOB: None yet but I do have 5 furbabies
    Denomination Roman Catholic

    :pray: for uptaloo, Faye1218 and Southern Belle's !! And ILoveKiwi's H&H 9 months! baby #1 since May 08. :pray: for all of our

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    Screen Name: LearningAsIGo
    Real Name:
    Kid(s)/DOB: TTC #1
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): I'm Non-Denomination Christian, DH is Independent Baptist (my FIL is a Pastor)
    Last edited by learningasigo; 08-13-2008 at 10:38 AM.

    5 Angels: EDD 8-07, 1-21-09, 9-25-09, 1-17-10 (twin), 9-24-12

    ovarian cancer survivor. Praying for STC & APA angels

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    Screen Name: ashley83
    Real Name:Ashley
    Kid(s)/DOB: Connor 3 months 5/20/08
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Historic Baptist (Sovereign Grace)

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    Screen Name: marmar
    Real Name: Maren
    Kid(s)/DOB: Esther 12-6-07
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): ELCA Lutheran

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    Hi Maren!

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    Screen Name: cassie03_03
    Real Name: Cassandra
    Kids: TTC #1
    Denomination: Pentecostal
    Cassie (27) DH, Rusty (29), DD, Marlee Jay (3)

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    Aug 2008
    Blog Entries


    Screen Name: JJorn
    Real Name: Jess
    Kids: TTC # 1
    Denomination: None! Born Again Christian who attends a Bible believing church!
    Jessica (33) and Ryan (33). Madelyn born August 5, 2009; Malachi born December 23, 2010 and Nathaniel born July 19, 2013. Lost a loved baby 02/29/12, 05/14/12 and 07/05/12 all due a serious allergic reaction to fabric softener.
    My blog about MCAD

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    Sakura Guest


    Screen Name: MandaRae, now Sakura
    Real Name: Amanda
    Kids: DS (12/06)
    Denomination: Christian! We attend a Bible-believing baptist church.

    Last edited by Sakura; 08-16-2010 at 09:53 AM.

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    Screen Name: Henderson1980
    Real Name: Heather
    Kid(s)/DOB: Ds Camy 1/03, Ds Izzy 4/04, Ds Mady 4/07
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Apostolic/Pentecostal
    Princess: 31 Beast: 33-- x3 Beast princes 03,04,07
    ~STC Again since 2008~After 6 years of struggles, heartbreaks, and many losses...
    BFP! January 20th. HB:120..HB:160..HB:145

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    Screen Name: Am'sawaiting
    Real Name: Paula
    Kid(s)/DOB: DS, Christian -7/12/7
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Free Methodist

    I love my boys!

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    Screen Name: markandamy06
    Real Name: Amy
    Kid(s)/DOB: TTC #1
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Christian/Non-Denominational
    Amy(24) Mark(27) Married 3/3/2006Mark Edward III born 08/31/09
    ~*A Godly Marriage in an Ungodly World -- Blog*~

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    Screen Name: WANNABAMOMMIE
    Real Name: Jami
    Kid(s)/DOB: TTC #1
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Baptist
    Me 29 DH 32
    TTC since 2005/ 2 ectopics & 4 miscarriages
    MTHFR,Hashimotos & Endometriosis

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    Amy(24) Mark(27) Married 3/3/2006Mark Edward III born 08/31/09
    ~*A Godly Marriage in an Ungodly World -- Blog*~

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    Jul 2008


    Welcome everyone! Glad to see you here

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    Hi everyone! I'm such a dork...I finally found this forum today! Yay!

    Screen Name: mrsbabyhead
    Real Name: Shannon
    TTC for 2 months - off BC in June 2008 but didn't get busy until Sept 2008!
    Denomination: Episcopalian

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    Screen Name:rachoochoo
    Real Name:Rachel
    Kid(s)/DOB: No kids yet
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): I grew up in an Evangelical Free church but I'm more of a non-denomination now

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    Mom2Faith Guest


    Screen Name:mom2faith
    Real Name:Lindsay
    Kid(s)/DOB: Faith 12/31/2007
    Denomination (if applicable or desired):Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

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    ktbug Guest



    screenname: jedigirl1207
    real name: Kate
    no kids yet- we are stc
    denomination- raised lutheran, thinking about changing to catholic

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    Screenname: Aelith
    Name: Eileen
    Kids/DOB: two angels, no earthly children yet
    DH: Mike
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Last edited by Aelith; 10-15-2009 at 11:38 AM.

    2/09 6/09 4/14 9/14

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    Screenname: AshNAllen
    Name: Ashley
    Kids/DOB: Cole Allen 4/16/08
    DH: Allen
    Denomination: Bible believing Church of Christ

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    Screenname: Lani
    Real Name: Keikilani
    Kids: Jayden 5/2/08
    Denomination: Baptist

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    ScreenName: MonkeyLove

    Real Name: Josie

    Kids: Matthew 11/7/02

    Denomination: Seventh-day Adventist

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    Mar 2008


    I guess I'll join in

    Screen Name: AlexL2010
    Real Name: Alexandra/Sasha
    Kid(s)/DOB: Nadia, Jan 10, 2010
    Denomination (if applicable or desired):Russian Orthodox. DH was raised southern baptist, but was baptized into R.Orthodoxy before we were married in the church.
    Last edited by AlexL2010; 03-21-2011 at 09:09 PM.

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    Screen Name:amorton1437
    Real Name:Angela
    Kid(s)/DOB: First one due 11/7/2009
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Raised in Baptist churches but now... Just a regular run of the mill Christian

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    Screen Name:Kris1845
    Real Name:Kristin
    Kid(s)/DOB: First one Due on August 13th
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): I was raised born-again- christian/Pentecostal.

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    Screen Name: BethanyinDallas
    Real Name: Bethany
    Kid(s)/DOB: TTC #1
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Non-denominational Bible Church
    Bethany (40) & Brian (38) ~ Happily married for 7 years!

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    Hello Bethany!!!
    Sharon(28)~DH-Mark(28)~Married 9/24/2005~DS-Adam ~10/4/2008DD-Claire~7/27/2010

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    I can't believe I never posted in here!
    Screen Name: Fallenstar80
    Real Name: Mary
    Kid(s)/DOB: 1 boy 11/29/08 Alexander Myron
    Denomination (if applicable or desired): Southern Baptist
    DS1 4 DS2 2 Expecting 10-13

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