In our current ward, they are pretty hardcore that no one lingers or chats after sacrament meeting. We even have a postlude hymn (which was new to me) that we sing right after the closing prayer - and during that hymn everyone who teaches in SS or primary or nursery gets up and goes to their classes to get ready, so that as soon as the rest of us come out of the chapel, we're immediately ready to start 2nd hour. It's CRAZY. Like, in our last ward, we'd take the kids potty, stop and say hello, how are you to a few people, shake hands, smile at people as we passed them in the halls.... Here? NEVER. When we do try to smile at people or say hello they seem annoyed and like they are in a mad dash to get to class!

So now that I think about it, I guess if we had sacrament last, then maybe there'd be more socializing after? IDK.

But... how do you keep from going late, EVERY week? That would drive me nutty. Like our sacrament meeting is supposed to end at 10:10 but it varies from 10:05 (rarely) to 10:30 sometimes (usually a High Priest talking ).