This is a bit different of a situation but similar in the sense of sealings and "it will all work out". When we were at the temple to be married we were filling out their paperwork. That was the first time John realized he wasn't sealed to his dad. His bio-father is someone he doesn't know. The man he calls Dad adopted him when he married John's mom and was sealed to her in the temple. John was 8 and assumed, incorrectly, that he was sealed to him since his mom was sealed to him. When John was 3 she had married a different man, was sealed to that man in the Temple (her first sealing) and they had 2 girls together, he adopted John, etc. John and his sisters are sealed to this man. His mom went on to have a temple divorce and ruined this man's life, temporarily, by claiming a lot of sexual things happened with the girls that I'm pretty sure didn't (she's mentally ill and delusional) but I keep that part of my thoughts to myself around his family. So she was temple divorced which is why she was sealed to his Dad...but apparently a temple divorce doesn't have any bearing on the sealings of the children. So half an hour before we were married he discovered that his father, who was there at the Temple with us, was not whom he was sealed to. It rocked his world for a few months before his dad was able to finally talk some "it'll all work out, I've trusted that, you need to trust that" sense into him.

It's hard to not know everything. It's hard to take some of these things on faith. But just like some of the tragic things that happen in life, we really do have to sometimes give it up out of our hands and tell ourselves if it was crucial that we know, we would know.