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    This is a bit different of a situation but similar in the sense of sealings and "it will all work out". When we were at the temple to be married we were filling out their paperwork. That was the first time John realized he wasn't sealed to his dad. His bio-father is someone he doesn't know. The man he calls Dad adopted him when he married John's mom and was sealed to her in the temple. John was 8 and assumed, incorrectly, that he was sealed to him since his mom was sealed to him. When John was 3 she had married a different man, was sealed to that man in the Temple (her first sealing) and they had 2 girls together, he adopted John, etc. John and his sisters are sealed to this man. His mom went on to have a temple divorce and ruined this man's life, temporarily, by claiming a lot of sexual things happened with the girls that I'm pretty sure didn't (she's mentally ill and delusional) but I keep that part of my thoughts to myself around his family. So she was temple divorced which is why she was sealed to his Dad...but apparently a temple divorce doesn't have any bearing on the sealings of the children. So half an hour before we were married he discovered that his father, who was there at the Temple with us, was not whom he was sealed to. It rocked his world for a few months before his dad was able to finally talk some "it'll all work out, I've trusted that, you need to trust that" sense into him.

    It's hard to not know everything. It's hard to take some of these things on faith. But just like some of the tragic things that happen in life, we really do have to sometimes give it up out of our hands and tell ourselves if it was crucial that we know, we would know.

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    Thanks for sharing that Tif! I have really been thinking on things and have been really going with the "it will all work out" flow of life. We have had some challenges but somehow things are always working out, not necessarily the way we had planned, but it happens. We ended up moving again this last January (long freaking story) and it was such a pain. We were finally making friends in our old ward, Kenzie was enjoying nursery and we had a calling we loved. We were forced from it into a ward that is full of clicks and doesn't take kindly to new people because most are gone within the year. We have struggled with being active because Kenzie hates the nursery, she got slammed into the door during a Relief Society Activity I was in charge of, and she freaks out anytime she goes in there now. Even with all the troubles we have had since moving we are finally able to see the good. Kyle can get to work in less than 5 minutes, we are close enough he can come home after work for dinner before he has class and he has gotten a great job. Kenzie is happy and growing, she is learning more and more everyday and we are at a place that having a second child is finally possible. We are finally able to implement a plan to what our future is looking like and its because we have been leaning more on our faith and knowing its not really in our control.

    ETA: Tif you look amazing by the way! Congrats on the weight loss, how have you been doing it?
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    Ashley that's exactly how my old ward was. When we lived in an apartment the ward covered a bunch of apartments and then rich snobby neighborhoods. We had a bunch of doctors and dentists in our ward. It was so rough! I hated going. I lived there for 2 years and the bishop still could not remember our names. Granted we did not go as often because it was super hard to be active in a ward that no one speaks to you because you'll be moving soon. Most of the people who lived in the apartments did not go. Since moving into our house our ward is wonderful! So friendly. When we moved in our neighbor across the street came over and helped move us in, the very next day the RS president came over (she's my neighbor) and the bishop stopped by all within a week. It was such a huge difference. I was put in as the primary secretary just a few months after moving in so there are still a lot of people I don't know but the ones I do know are so friendly and are so willing to help if you need anything. I hope you can find a ward like that when the time is ready for you to move again. (I hate moving I never want to do it again lol).

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    Its so weird how wards are so different and how things vary so much. I was put in as the RS activities committee leader a few months ago and that has forced me to get to know a few more people. I am already ready to be done with this calling though, I only have a couple sisters that I can rely on to get anything done. We had our Autumn Social in September and I ended up doing the majority of the activity alone, decorations, food, and the get to know you activities we did. I didnt even have a chance to sit down and eat. Man, it seems like all I do is complain, sorry ladies.

    I think they are starting to think we are inactive though we missed last Sunday because I surprised Kyle with our first night away since Kenzie was born for his 30th birthday. It was so nice. We will miss this Sunday because we were exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease, Kenzie has had fever and may have started with the rash tonight. I dont want to be like my sister and spread it in nursery. We will be around this ward for a while though, unless our land lords decide otherwise, for probably at least another year. We thought about buying this next spring but the convenience is to nice right now and we have enough room for a second child.
    Ashley(26)Kyle(28)McKenzie Paige Born June 16th, 6 lbs 6 oz, 20.75 inches and 5 weeks early

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