Well you know what I'm going to say (castor oil). Guess it depends on how desperate you get, though. I was pretty desperate to have Penny on a certain weekend because we were trying to have her be born in the city where my parents live rather than where we were living because we had no family and few friends there. I hope she comes soon!

Primary pianist? Ick. I dont play piano but I don't imagine I'd enjoy that calling much either. I'm kind of sour about primary though. I come home in tears every week.

This week, NONE of the children who were assigned to give talks/scripture stories in either junior or senior primary were prepared or willing to do so. We had nothing. Which meant that in senior primary the music leader stopped at 5 til 12 like usual, but there was nothing to do but the prayer. So I spent about a minute or two talking to the kids about ideas to help them be prepared to give their talks and we decided I'll try calling them on Saturday to remind them and their parents of the assignment. Well... then there were still 3 minutes til 12! My counselors had no ideas, I had no ideas, and to top it off the stake primary president was in there and I just felt under such scrutiny. So I had the girl come up for closing prayer and they got out about 11:58. I would like to keep them a few minutes past 12, but what could I do?
So then about 15-20 minutes later after I'd dealt with lots of people and things and was finally heading toward the coat rack with my own children, this woman comes up to me, who has NO children in primary, and says, "Oh good, the primary president, I was looking for you. THIS kid," points to a wild and crazy ADHD boy from senior primary, "was let out of primary WAY too early and has been causing all kinds of trouble." Well, my first response was to punch her in the face, but I'm proud to say, I did not. I mumbled something about how no one had talks prepared and there was nothing I could do about it. Seriously - once they leave primary, they are their parents' responsibility, not mine. IDK what this woman was even ticked about. IDK what the kid did - probably opening or closing doors or something. He really needs to be medicated but his mother refuses. It's kind of sad to see how much he struggles to sit or even just to carry on a conversation, his mind goes a hundred miles an hour. But I digress... and come home and cry. We still do not have teachers for all the classes. Twice we were told we were getting someone, and twice I go into sacrament meeting and they sustain that person to a different calling. It's like primary is the lowest class citizens of the ward, the last resort when it comes to callings.