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Interesting. I'd bet his is your HT. Or he wants to ask one of you to share a 'special skill' with the YM... lol

I had a lot of bitterness and resentment toward our current HT. He had us assigned to him for like 9 months and he never came. Never even acknowledged us really! It drove me nuts. He would sit there every single Sunday... and I'm like, duuuude! So finally one month he wanted to come and I didn't want him to! My husband pointed out my flawed thinking - was I mad that he didn't come, or mad that he wanted to come? I kind of put him in a no-win situation. So he did come. And he was very sorry about not coming before. I still keep a tiny drop of anger (I know... I need to let go) but I'm getting better.
I have no idea how to do the whole multiple quotes so forgive me in advance for all this haha.

It was our HT. They are coming next tuesday. I told my husband maybe this will make us feel more welcome and we will want to attend church.

Its so hard sometimes to let go. I'm kind of in the same situation with our current ward. No one from the bishopric or HT have came to welcome us to the ward. My RS President did bring me a few things but she always came at a horrible time like right after I had surgery or right before and I was just in so much pain from my gall bladder. In the 4.5 years since I've been married we have had HT come once. We were in the process of moving then also but we werent switching wards and they brought us a Christmas gift. My VTers have came once. When I lived in a different ward my VTers were also my mom's so I would go over there so they didnt have to hit my house also and they came the first week of the month every single month. I love those ladies! I was at my mom's house just this month and was there when they were and I expressed to them how great it was that they actually came and you knew they loved the ladies they visit.