We're not brave, we're poor! Well, sort of brave I guess. But mostly poor.

We will leave home on Mother's Day (May 8) and will arrive at California on Thursday May 12. First night we're camping at a cabin outside of Topeka, KS (about 8.5 hours of driving). The next night we're at another cabin on the east side of Denver (8 hrs). Then the next night is our favorite - tent camping at Arches National Park in Moab! Then we could drive straight through but that'd be a super long day, so we're cutting it in half and sleeping in St. George on Wednesday night, in a hotel so we can properly bathe and be clean before we see family on Thursday. ;)

I want a camper so bad! A great big ridiculous one too. Like on Meet The Fockers. They are so expensive. But I covet them.