Yeah no way is he going to ask the bishop HAHA

His main thing about the beer is the verse about using barely for mild drink (I'm thinking 17?) He is driving me nuts.

He hasn't gone and bought beer or anything but he keeps reading the WoW over and over and over and saying I really think beer is okay. But he won't buy anything unless I give him approval which he knows isn't going to happen. Although I've told him I'm not his mother he can do what he wants as long as it's not in front of John. I can't control his life, KWIM? But he agrees that he thinks anything in excess is bad, he just wants to drink ONE good beer, yeah that's gonna happen.

But one good thing he finally agrees that we eat too much meat, so know I'm on the hunt for vegetarian recipes

I wish we lived closer to family so that he would have better examples around our closest friends don't drink, but it's not the same because they aren't LDS.