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Thanks Sylvia. I'm going to a diabetic class next week which will go over everything and I have to measure my blood sugar after every meal. But I started the diet early because I didn't want to wait a week to get my blood sugar back on track. After doing some research, I found out that it isn't related to what I have/haven't been eating which is a big relief, but is just a result of the pregnancy hormones not letting the insulin do it's job. I guess I'm more frustrated with my doctors being so negative about my weight gain, which has been normal to me if I can still fit into my regular clothes, but they are so focused on it. It's been a very frustrating experience as far as that goes. I just feel like my doctors have been on me constantly, focusing on that one thing and I've been working so hard to stick to their rules and have now had this happen. My diet was very restricted before, so while I'm still eating the same food, it is just more of it to keep my sugar balanced. We'll see what happens...
The class will help a lot. I have the diabetic handbook (I am hypoglycemic) so I follow the same diet as for diabetics to keep my blood sugar in check. It really does help, I notice if I stray from the usual (too much refined carbs/sugar) I feel blah! I think that once you have the baby your blood sugars return to their normal state, which is good news!

I agree, your docs should give you a break. Everyone's weight gain varies, and as long as your vitals are all good I can't see why there is a big concern. But, that is just a fellow pregnant woman's opinion