Hi Ladies,
Rachel, I feel your sleeping discomfort! I am a back sleeper so I have been trying to train myself. And yes, I wake up also with a numb hand or sore shoulder, ugh! Plus the bathroom trips...

Michelle, I was on progesterone shots til 11 weeks (dr actually said I could stop at 10 weeks but I was nervous and they said it doesn't hurt to take it). The placenta takes over at 10 weeks. The estrogen they started weaning me off at about 9 weeks, then prometrium about 10 weeks started weaning me off. So by 12 weeks I was off all the hormones. It was a relief to stop taking everything, but a little scary!

Went to my ob/gyn today and all is fine. I don't go back for 4 weeks, which is weird because I was so used to going 3x a week before! Next week is my appt. with the high risk doctor, just because of my age and dh's age.