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I know I said I wouldn't complain after all I went through to get here, BUT, my lower back is killing me!! It comes and goes, but seems to be painful more regularly. Ugh. Anyone else feel like their tailbone is broken? It's a combination of that, plus nerve pain that makes it hurt right above my right butt cheek. My OB basically said "that's how it goes" and offered no relief. I am taking yoga, but it doesn't help!! I've tried rocking back and forth on the floor in fetal position thinking that would help work it out, but it just kills and makes it hard to get back up. Wah!
I totally know how you feel! I seem to recall saying something along the lines of I wouldn't care if I had morning sickness all day if I could just be pregnant. But alas,we are only human....

Maybe try some heat. I get an awful pain in my back too. Mine is on the right side,upper middle. Sometimes it will spread across all of my back too. Rubbing can help,but mostly only heat. Hope you can find something to make you feel better.