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    Diagnosis?:Male factor-Retrograde ejaculation,low motility,low count.S/A varied from all sperm dead to count of 20,000 to 200,000
    Other methods of conception/ART before IVF?:No.IVF is our only hope for conceiving.
    How many IVF before BFP?:1
    Donor egg or sperm?:No
    Assisted hatching?:No
    Protocol?:Lupron,Gonal-f,low dose hCG,Ovidrel trigger,Medrol,Progesterone
    How many eggs?:11-only 5 were mature
    How many embryos?:3
    How many days from ER to transfer?:5
    How many embryos transfered?:2
    How many embryos frozen?:None
    Any symptoms in the 2WW?:Had cramping,sometimes so bad it made me dizzy.
    POAS before beta?:Yes. 10dpt. Instant line!
    Beta numbers?:256.8 11dpt, 900 14dpt, 4,157 17dpt!
    Number of babies?:2 very sweet and healthy little boys
    What do you wish you would have known before starting IVF?:To somehow be prepared for all the ups and downs. A wonderful support system is key. Stress is bad,IVF stress makes it worse!
    Other comments?:
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