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Hi everyone. Had RE appt yesterday and today. 13 follies, but 3 of them are size 10 which means they might not make it to retrieval. The others are fine and growing rapidly. Will take HCG shot tonight. ER scheduled for Thursday morning at 8:30.

Fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Hi Sobe! You're in my prayers today - hoping everything goes well! Sending you lots of and hope all your eggies were ready for retrieval. KUP on your fertility report and get lots of rest.

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Thank you all for your support!!

So yes I do have my protocol I am currently on Lupron for a suppresion then I will start my estrodial and progesterone the actually transfer should take place November3. We currently have nine frosties but they will unfreeze them one at a time untill one is okay most of our frosties were grade 4aa. We will only implant one because for our ivf both babies took and we lost our twins.My docter does not think it is safe for me to have a multiple pregnancy and we just dont't want to have to eliminate any if they should stick.

I am trying to read all these and get to know you ladies some I remember. I wish everyone well on their journey.
Hi Stacie. Praying your FET is successful and that you can go full term this time.

AFM - we had four eggs at 9 or 10 at my first u/s yesterday and two more that were smaller (8 maybe). She is pleased with the numbers and I am too. Last time I had 9 and none made it to freeze, so I'm just hoping for a few good quality eggs and one especially sticky one for ET, you know?? I go back tomorrow and will post an update.