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Thread: 2ww and heavy lifting

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    Default 2ww and heavy lifting

    Is it a no no? I feel like I should know the answer to that, but I don't.

    I ask because we are tentatively scheduled for FET next cycle (the actual tansfer might be like the 10th) but we are moving house on the 20th. We usually just move everything ourselves, but I really don't want to do anything risky. Maybe I should postpone the FET a month? (Though I'd really rather not!)
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    Ali, DH, Søren (4/2011) and a little one due in September.

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    I would ask your Dr to make sure. I know I'm always extra concerned about those things in the 2ww. Good luck!

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    My doctor has a packet on IVF and I read it over when he gave it to me. It specifically stated no heavy lifting. That may not be the case with most women/pregnancies but I figure if it's a no-no after IVF I'm not doing it after an IUI, either. Too much money and stress when you are STC even if I am being over cautious. And moving is a lot of work, not like just helping shift a table at work one day or something.

    ETA: I say don't reschedule, hire a mover! And enjoy taking it easy!
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    We also moved just days after transfer. I did zip-zero in terms of lifting after the transfer. I made sure I had as much packed up as possible before the transfer so I didn't even have to do that much. DH called up a few friends and his brother to help, I directed everyone what stuff to take and where to put it. Everyone knew what was going on with us on the fertility front, so no one batted an eyelash when I wouldn't pick up anything heavier than a shoe

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    Yeah, I guess its one of those better safe than sorry things! I'll talk to DH, and decide whether to get help moving or delay the transfer.

    Ali, DH, Søren (4/2011) and a little one due in September.

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