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    Default Forum Etiquette

    The APA welcomes any person who is trying to conceive, already pregnant, experiencing a pregnancy related loss, or early parenting to participate in the boards
    Are not discriminated against because of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or nationality. Anyone is invited to participate in the boards.


    Should Register with only 1 user name-multiple user names could lead to banning.
    Pictures in signature, size
    Signature content


    Please review the various categories and become familiar with each before making your initial posts
    Evaluate your question and post it in the appropriate category
    Threads not responded to may be automatically deleted in 30 days
    Threads are the property of the poster and APA. Moderators may act as agents of APA to modify posts.


    Pictures in signatures, Pics of the Week, or pictures in any posts are the sole property of the poster.
    Using another posters pictures is forbidden Signature pictures:"Your siggy has four lines.
    The intent is for:
    1 Text Line
    1 Pic Line
    2 Ticker lines
    A siggy may only have 1 pic line. The pic line can have multiple pics in it going across, but it should not exceed 320 pixels high. This means those of you that have pics on top of each other will need to change them. Ticker lines may be substituted for Text. For example, you might have a name, DSO, and DD line and you might have a quote line.The primary focus of these guidelines is to focus on the use of pictures.
    Although babies are adorable, please avoid posting bare pictures exposing genitals or a babys bottom. This is for your protection.

    General Communication

    Various aspects of pregnancy deliver various emotions and opinions, post with respect
    Differences are expected and welcomed, but made with respect
    Look at the original post request or question and reply or support that.

    Posting Communication

    No harassing, insulting, or belittling of other users
    No flaming or slamming (This includes openly airing complaints against moderators as well as publicly calling out other members and starting new threads to complain about other threads or rooms on the boards)
    No offensive words, including masking
    No shouting (typing in all caps)
    No trolling, faking or spamming

    Advertising or Marketing

    No marketing or advertising of services, products, organizations or other forums
    No hyperlinks to outside services, products, organizations or other forums
    Member market is reserved for APA forum members and their own personal info.
    Member markets may have outside advertising posted by designated members.
    Offers, promotions or deals may be posted by APA in any relevant section


    Long standing forum members with first priority as being a forum participant
    Team members of APA, so representatives of APA
    Objective is to provide a safe place for forum members to exchange information and get support
    Members are expected to respect the request of a moderator
    Right to edit without warning. (explanation may be provided but not required)
    Moderator abuse or problems should be reported to the APA President
    Members are required to receive PMs from Moderators and admin


    A. Spammers, Trolls, Pervs, etc.
    Report to Moderators or Admin
    B. Problems or abuse from forum members
    First seek to resolve with member through PMs
    Report to Moderators
    Unresolved report to Admin
    C. Problems or abuse from Moderators
    Report to Admin
    Unresolved report to APA President

    Private or Personal Messages (PMs)

    PMs are just that personal or private messages
    Forum etiquette rules still apply to PMs
    PMs are not to be posted in APA forums or in any other public location
    PMs may be shared with a Moderator or Admin for reporting purposes or to seek counsel on action to be taken
    PMs may be shared with another member by request of the sender
    PMs may be monitored for abuse
    PMs are the property of the sender, the receiver and APA.

    Member Markets

    Reserved for members with 50 or more posts and in good standing
    Members who sell something through APA and do not supply the purchased item are subject to suspension or banning.
    The Member Market is a convenience offered to members of the APA Forums. This is a personal transaction between members, and that APA is not able to monitor those personal transactions between members and cannot assume responsibility. Buyers and sellers should be cautious in their communications and transactions as they should with any transaction with someone unknown to them, and should respect all laws in regard to the purchase and sale of their goods. The sale or resale of prescription medication is illegal.

    Freedom of Speech

    This board is not subject to any "freedom of speech" or rights related to that. The forums have their guidelines and rules of conduct, and anyone is free to join with the understanding that they comply with those rules and guidelines.
    No one has the freedom to write whatever they want in the daily newspaper; it is that editor's choice or (censorship). But every one has the freedom to create their own newspaper or their own magazine and say whatever they want. Similarly, everyone has the right to create their own forum, their own site and say whatever they want.
    APA has every right to censor this site. Our goal is not to police the topics, nor deter differences - but we will censor porn, derogatory slander, trolls and things that outright antagonize members. This is done as an investment in the members of this forum - as a protection of their right to come to a safe place to learn and receive support.
    Threads that talk about homosexuality from a political or right/wrong perspective will not be allowed, due to controversial opinions.

    Discipline or Correction

    Requests from Moderators or Admin to edit or delete a post, monitor posting practices, or improve levels of respect or courtesy
    Warnings from Moderators or Admin for inappropriate behavior
    Temporary or permanent suspension
    Blocking of IP
    Outright harmful or abusive actions will lead to immediate suspension
    Spammers, trolls, pervs will receive permanent suspension and blocking of IP and after banning, no new screen names are to be signed up created.
    Action taken is at the sole discretion of APA Admin.
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