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Thread: Finding it hard to forget about miscarriage

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    Default Finding it hard to forget about miscarriage

    I'm finding it difficult to just "move on" and forget about the twins I lost through miscarriage six months ago. This week has not been easy. This coming Saturday 8 February was supposed to be my due date. I feel like if I forget about them then I don't have real love for them. I'm depressed everyday and the antidepressants (Wellbutrin and Prozac) don't really help. I miss Laila and Hassan everyday.

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    Maybe there is a special way you can honor them. Light a candle or buy a special souvenir, something that honors them but also helps you to find that peace. For me, I've found that writing a special letter to my baby has helped me begin to move forward. And I don't think you'll ever forget them. I still think of my babies when something reminds me of them, but not every day anymore and I know in my heart that I loved them. As time passes, I think you'll understand that feeling a little more.

    I'm very sorry for the loss of your twins. Big hugs to you, especially this weekend.
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    I don't think that anyone should ever expect you to forgot your twins. I know that I will never forget the three little ones that I lost. The first time your due date passes is the hardest. Go ahead and cry. Have you tried counseling or do you have a safe place to talk about your feelings? Just because you don't think about your babies every moment of every day does not mean that you don't love them.

    I plan on having made memorial jewelry for the three babies that I lost. Have you looked in to that?
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    So sorry for your loss

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