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My remark came from my father. Seeing as he is the guy who is notorious for his double-edged compliments, I shouldn't be surprised. Here goes:
My older sister lost a daughter when she first got married. Just hours after I decided to take my 3 month old son off of life support and watched him die, my father says to me, "At least you got to hold your baby. Pam never did." Now, I'm not comparing my pain to hers because I've had a miscarriage as well. It hurts all the same. But why in the world would he make it about my sister after the hell I just went through just a couple of hours ago? My mom is still a good one. Everytime I talk to her, I get some story about some sick people kidnapping, raping, and killing kids. Thanks for the upbeat news. Really needed it. <rolls eyes>
wow I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be allowing that sort of "support" around me again. I'm so so sorry for the loss of your sweet boy hon. I've never lost an infant after birth, but I've had a m/c and pain is pain is pain - but YOU had every right to have yours without him putting someone elses before you. I'm so sorry again hon..