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    All of us who have lost babies have received idiotic comments. So I thought I'd post this thread for us to be able to vent!

    What kind of stupid comments have you received?

    I'll start.

    The most recent comment I had was this: "At least she won't get the chance to grow up, make bad decisions, and end up losing her salvation. At least now you know she made it to heaven." What the heck?????

    I also hate when people say "hearing your story made me so grateful for my own children. As soon as I read about your loss I went home and snuggled my healthy babies." That's great, and you should feel that way, but thanks for reminding me what I don't have!

    I'm sure I'll think of more to add.

    Anyone else????

    I must be going through the angry phase of my grief because I have needed to vent a LOT today!
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