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Thread: High Risk Pregnancy, cerclage, "Old timer" member back

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    Default High Risk Pregnancy, cerclage, "Old timer" member back

    Its been a while since I've been here...been busy with babies and didn't expect to be back in this thread. (I didn't see high risk category, is it gone now?)

    Anyway....preemie mama of a 28 weeker who is now 4, a 25 weeker who is now 18 months....Former STC with PCOS who was pleasantly surprised this December when we just learned #3 is on the way.

    Scheduled for cerclage Tuesday. Started P17 this week.

    Anyone have much experience with the cerlcage? This is a first for me. I am incredibly nervous this time...I am so excite for a surprise baby but it also threw me into this without time to pysche myself up....

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    Welcome back! Congratulations! Just saw this in the new posts and thought I'd give you my experience. I lost my first pregnancy with twins at 19 1/2 weeks. I had some spotting and ended up in the hospital where they saw I was having contractions. After trying several things to get them to stop my water broke and I had to deliver my sleeping baby girls So, for my 2nd pregnancy my Dr. was very proactive. We weren't sure the exact reason for the premature labor, so I got a cerclage at 13 weeks, had progesterone shots from week 16-36, and had my cervix checked weekly from 14-28 weeks. I was able to carry her to term. Who knows if for me it was the twin pregnancy or other issue. With DD2 I had the same as with DD1, but had some funneling of my cervix at 26 weeks and went on modified bed rest. But, she was also carried to term. As for the procedure itself it wasn't too bad. I have bad reactions to anesthesia, but that was about it. Other than some soreness from getting a shot every week I had no other side effects from either. Good luck to you! I'd be happy to answer any other questions. HUGS!
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    I did the shots last pregnancy too. We thought my first was just preterm labor since I presented with back to back contrax and delivered at 28 weeks. We monitored my cervix and at 22 weeks it was excellent, longer than average" so we thought we were in the clear and made the right choice with just 25 weeks I was 5 cm no contrax, I was sent to antepartum to hopefully make it longer but stubborn boy flipped breech and ran his feet out and that was This time we are throwing everything at this baby. Im nervous bc I've never had a spinal or had time to "think" about anything I've had done...first was a whirlwind natural birth, second was emergency section with general..5 minutes from when doc "called it" to my being asleep. Im such a worrier..

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