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Thread: Who Are You?

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    My name is Rachel but people call me Panda its in my siggy LOL

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    I'm Seneca, thats all there is to that
    Seneca(21) Junior (3) Karina (<1)

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    Norma here.. everyone calls me Auntie. (i have a gazillion nephews and nieces....and their friends)

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    Mine is Tracy

    William 3.22.07

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    Updated pg 1 thru Tracy!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    My name is Thea.

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    My name is Laura

    When I was little my mom called me lu-lu-bug, which I hated. I really like pigs, so when I first stared getting online, my SN was usually pigglet, or piggy. My now BIL decided to combine the two (lu-lu bug and pigglet) in an attempt to annoy me, calling me bugglette. I liked it, and now that's what I always use..sometimes bugg_lette.
    Laura-Wife to Keith * Mommy to Kaleb

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    Camille or Cammy here!

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    Done through Cammy. I'm so glad to know everyone's IRL names. Keep 'em coming!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    thats a really good idea. My name is christina

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    Erica 12/7/92 Anthony 1/13/06 Akasha 1/8/07 Alexander 5/17/08 Aja Nicole Rose 1/14/2010

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    Hi Im Rickiann I pop in her once in a while. Nice to meet all of you.

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    Alison- but I prefer Ali. The "june baby" part is because my little Ian-y bean was due 06/04.
    Ali- mom to Ian (2 1/2) and Abbie (6 mos)

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    I'm Lisa.
    Lisa - mom to Jonathan (Dec 01) , our STC IVF success Jacob(Feb 08) and our little surprise Emma (Mar 10)! We didn't just beat infertility - we kicked it to the curb!

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    Done through Lisa!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    I know I'm mostly a lurker in this area for now, but for anyone that's interested - I'm Sarah. Jill is my middle name and what DH usually calls me so I answer to both! His sister's name is Sarah, so that's why he doesn't call me that often!

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    You're welcome here any time, Sarah! I'll add you to the list. Love your name! (same as my LO)
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    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    It is a great name - and I'm glad you spelled it "right"! She's very cute!

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    I am Gina aka gina36
    m/c#1: 9/26/06 5w2d
    m/c #2: 12/26/06 8w2d

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    Hello ladies...I'm Kristie

    I use IGC to get Amazon gift cards, Checks and Walmart cards.
    If you have any questions, just ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahjill View Post
    It is a great name - and I'm glad you spelled it "right"! She's very cute!
    Thanks! She's named after my grandmother (and by proxy, my aunt and my sister!), so we stuck with the traditional spelling. Since that's how everyone in my family spells it, I know it's silly to think this way but the other spelling really does look 'wrong' to me!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    My nake is Kimberly. I came up with my screen name because I'm a drag racer and my competition number is 766K.

    *Kimberly* Mommy to Hayden (7), Alexis (5), Makenzie & Brooke (18m)!
    Looking for some bows for your little one? check us out -->

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    My name is Adriana.

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    Done through Adriana.
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    my name is Lacie, and my screen name, well... it just explaines itself. right?!!

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    Stephanie. Steph if you're lazy.

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    I am Tracy
    tralynne75... tra short for tracy and lynne my middle name and then 75 was the year I was born. Alot of my friends in high school use to call me tralynne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexsmama View Post
    I am Spartacus! lol.

    No, really, I'm Ashley.

    No....I am SPARTACUS!!!!!

    LOL, I am Britta!

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    Ok, done through Britta!

    It's funny, I've recorded 70 names, and I couldn't help but notice which names come up the most. 3 Alisons (diff spellings), 3 Amandas, 3 Lisas, and 3 Tracys. Then I checked on the 'baby names' thread, out of all the kids we have, there's only 1 Amanda, none of the rest that I saw at a quick glance. Isn't it funny how such pretty names cycle in and out of popularity? Bet those 3 will be back at the top of the list in 15-20 years!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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