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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Default Is it just me?

    Would it be helpful to anyone else if we made a sticky of people's IRL first names? I have a tough time remembering everyone's real names, and I feel weird posting or PMing a message to someone and referring to them as oh, say, monkeymom. KWIM? Some of us have our names in our siggys, but not everyone. Just having a quick place to look and say, 'Oh, that's right. Your real name is Bathsheba.' would be really nice.

    My name is Laura, btw.

    11-26-06: Amanda
    1stbaby: Ashley
    abbylynne: Abby
    adelinasmommy09: Jessica
    aerynsage: Veronica
    alikatgrrl: Ali
    ali's june baby: Ali
    AlishaAnew: Alisha
    amaes1: Adriana
    Amanda0102: Amanda
    Amjohnson02: Amanda or AJ
    ampsmomma: Erin
    amyhfro: Cristina
    Anatresia: Tracy
    angelndrsn: Angel
    Armylovin: Melissa
    armywife2120: Rachel
    baby#6: Allison/Allie
    babyblues: Lea
    babyriley: Anita
    BC20: Beth
    bdamposey: Angela
    Bean: Cass
    bel: Bel
    blueberry: Jenny
    BrittanyW2006: Brittany
    Bugglette: Laura
    bumblebee: Teresa
    caelismomma: Lindsey
    CaelsMom: Lisa
    CaidenLove: Liza
    Caliebear: Tara
    caligirl07: Katie
    Callycat: Marilyn
    cammyspot: Camille/Cammy
    candie00: Candice
    CareBearTTC: Carrie
    carleysmomma: Debbie
    carrieK: Carrie
    cbrown122606: Christina
    CdnBaby: Yvonne
    Cesy75: Celeste
    cheeksy: Varya or V
    *Christina*: Christina
    ColtsFan1912: Bekah
    Curious_one: Amanda
    dancerchica5416: Shalene
    doveydee9: Britta
    echo: Roxane (Rox or Rocky)
    eenchoo: Jacqueline
    emberton85: Kristen
    flatoutgallop: Megan
    frenchmum: Juliette
    Fuzzball: Kris
    Ga Girl: Misty
    Geetika: Geetika
    gina36: Gina
    GraceLikeRain: Meredith
    hanvan: Heather
    heartmyboyz: Anna
    heatherann115: Heather
    ~Heidi~: Heidi
    henderson1980: Heather
    hershey: Norma aka "Auntie"
    Hope2BeMommy2008: Tammy
    IARA: Claudia
    imgoober06: Rachael
    iowa mom: Lynn
    its casey86: Casey
    ITZALLFORME: Rickiann
    JanaGins: Jana
    Jaredsmom: Kelly
    jazzmom: Cassie
    jdang: Judy
    JennTheMomma: Jenn
    jeryn80: Jessica
    jesus-saves-us: Lacie
    Jilliesmom: Annie
    jimdeb: Debbie
    jolynn44: Jordan
    JonasJones: Brittany
    jovicrazy: Carey
    Julbella78: Julie
    julybaby: Lena
    katbennie: Kate
    Kate0517: Jenny
    KateS: Kate
    katgirl: Kathryn
    Katie4: Katie
    Kenzie: Beth
    Kimmeh: Kim (or Kimberly/Kimmie)
    Lana765: Lana
    laura88: Laura
    Lee16: Lee
    Leslie33: Leslie
    lexsmama: Ashley
    liedkesluckylady: Kaleena
    lilbaby09: Shawna
    lilMama: Brenda
    Linzo: Lindsay
    lisa2006: Lisa
    LisaJ2224: Lisa
    LisaMLS: Lisa

    LissaP: Melissa
    lorilou74: Lori
    lou4480: Laura
    lukeskristie: Kristie
    lunabug: Kate
    maine06: Rae-Anne
    MaineBaby: Jess
    Marah'sMama: Patty
    MarchMommy: Christi
    Maur: Maureen
    MayMay: Maralee
    mcurfman: Martha
    meggers77: Megan
    Michelle06: Michelle
    minna k04: Minna
    missychrissy: Chrissy
    molly: Masha
    mollymae: Molly or Dani
    mom2jtbd: Lisa
    MOMIOF3: Cindy
    mommabert: Cyndi
    mommie2007: Sue
    mommy .<3. Isaac: Preanna
    MommySomeday: Amanda
    momof3-1/2: Tara
    momofone: Heather
    monkeymom: Laura
    MotherinWaiting16: Nikki
    MountainMama4: Taryn
    Mrs.Monahan: Meg
    Mrs.Quintero: Ana
    MrsBuzzer: Amy
    mrsodg: Brooke
    nabisd: Nicole
    Nape: Kirsi
    Nate'smama: Dani
    NathansMom: Kirsten
    nbaloch: Nosheen
    newbie: Melissa
    newmami: Claudia
    nicurn: Heather
    NLfeisty_yank: Janel
    Noahsmommy: Aubre
    nubeanie: Becky
    nurseamyt: Amy
    Oriental lily: Thea
    Panda: Rachel
    proudmamaof31/2: Lisa
    putzgirl: Elizabeth
    Racegirl766k: Kimberly
    radrika: Rika
    regansmommy: Allison
    RyandNixMa: Keatra
    Sami Underwood: Sami or Samantha
    sarahjill: Sarah (or Jill!)
    sarahlynn: Sarah
    saw1979: Sara
    Seneca: Seneca
    serenity0421: Heather
    ShellStall: Michelle
    shortsally: Tif
    silverstar: Ashley
    Simba: Simba
    smithereyenes: Holly
    stayinbedmom: Janice
    StephanieB: Stephanie
    stephmama: Stephanie
    Talliesue: Natalie
    tearsandraine89: Saunie
    tiff1496: Tiffany
    tknorris: Tatjana
    tlvk1978: Tracy
    tracilyn: Traci
    tralynne75: Tracy
    tryingforanother: Jai
    twinmom34: DeeDee
    TxMom: Carla
    villagespin: Cara
    virginia+3: Virginia
    wantstolovealittleone: Mandi
    xxxangelaxxx: Angela

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    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    I think putting first names in the siggy is a good idea.

    I'm Chrissy by the way. Most people know that, but some still call me Missy. That's ok with me though.

    Mama to Bobbie 20 ~ Jesi 18 ~ Syd 14 ~ Conner 6
    I'm gonna be a Gramama! Jesi is due 11/22/13

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    I put mine in my siggy, because when Hanvan and I were meeting up for the first time she had to ask for my name before! so I figured I better put it there so people would know who I am!
    Amanda, mommy to PJ (11/17/06) and Miss J - fashionably 9 days late (09/05/08)

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    hanvan Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by 11-12-06 View Post
    I put mine in my siggy, because when Hanvan and I were meeting up for the first time she had to ask for my name before! so I figured I better put it there so people would know who I am!

    haha you can call me heather

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    Someone just dropped a house on my sister!


    Do I have my name in my siggy?

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    Someone just dropped a house on my sister!


    Nope! I'm Cassandra, most call me Cass.

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    yeah we could use a sticky with our first names...mine is sarah

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    I'm Julie.

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    I'm Batman.

    Hee mom named me Melissa

    My two loves!Bryce and Lucy

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    I'm Heidi, not ~~

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    BrittanyW2006 Guest


    Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm Brittany, if you couldn't tell by the screen name!

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    that sounds like a good idea to me there are days i wonder about names to....

    Hi i am linda but everyone i know calls me LYNN!!! (i like Lynn
    Talyor (8-9-01) Kadyn (12-2-02) Connor (4-21-05) Shaelyn (5-29-10) (1-5-10)

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    Kirstin Here...

    Miracle Baby #2 "Mika"

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    Tiffany...but I don't really answer to that name. Mostly I'm just Tif...

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    Hi, I'm Bathsheba., actually I'm Kate. Big surprise eh?

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    my name is princess Bel

    ok, belen, then but my friends call me bel ;)
    Human happiness is not generally done with great strokes of luck, but with little things that happen every day. LIVE BY IT.

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    Amanda! ;)
    Sam Miles * 8.13.06 Wyatt Alexander * 3.26.09

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    Quote Originally Posted by newbie View Post
    I'm Batman.
    Hee mom named me Melissa
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    lexsmama Guest


    I am Spartacus! lol.

    No, really, I'm Ashley.

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    Can't seem to edit my own comment. It won't let me save it, so I'll just say here (again) where are the dang smilies? I put 3 laughing guys after my lol comment and they just don't show up anymore.

    Thanks for adding your names, ladies! This is so helpful; keep 'em coming! : )
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    I'm Erika (with a "K")
    My friends call me Rika

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    I am just laughing tooo much

    I am Claudia, but recently I changed my name to MAMI
    Dani (6) and Chris (4)

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    Good idea - I'm Jacqueline

    Co-sleeping, baby-wearing, bfing, pumping, working ft mama.

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    I'll put my name in my siggy- it's Tracy. (Anatresia- ann na tray sha- came to be my screen name for everything because the nickname "Stacey" comes from Anastasia, but there's no formal name for Tracy, hence Anatresia.)
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    Tracy, Ari and Bella

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    LisaJ2224 Guest


    I'm Lisa. But that was probably obvious, lol.

    I'll make a sticky.

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    LisaJ2224 Guest

    Default Who Are You?

    Post here is you would like to share your real name. (It was requested to have a sticky for this.)

    It might also be fun to know the meanings of our screen names. We had fun with this in STC.

    'Course mine is boring...

    I am Lisa; the 2224 is a mix of DH and my b-days.


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    LisaJ2224 Guest


    Ok--sticky is at the top, under "who are you?".

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    Christi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Madison Elizabeth 3/12/06
    Eden Grace 11/9/07

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    So funny...I was just thinking that it would be fun to know the origin of everyone's screen names (at least the less obvious ones)! Mine's a little long, but I think it's kinda a sweet story...

    We were in the TTC state for 4 1/2 yrs, so when our 3rd IVF finally worked, we were ecstatic. 6 weeks after my BFP, I started having bad bleeding (on a Fri night, of course), and was told I was probably miscarrying. Went in Mon morning for an ultrasound, and my RE found Sarah right away and said, "Nope, baby's still there!" 10 days later it happened again; went in for an ultrasound and this time got to see the heartbeat. Cut to 2 weeks later, another bad bleeding episode, US that day turned out fine, too. On the way home, I was fussing at my belly, saying, "You are such a monkey! Get comfortable in there already and stop giving your mommy and daddy a heart attack!" DH, knowing that we wouldn't be finding out the sex until the baby was born, said, "I think we just found our nickname for the baby while you're pregnant." 'Monkey' stuck, and we've called her that ever since. In fact, I call her 'Monkey' more than I call her Sarah. I've got to get out of that habit...
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    Katie !
    DD1 (7) DD2 (4) DS1 (22 months) Baby #4 EDD 7/13/14

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