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Thread: Who Are You?

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    I'm Lindsay..just found this thread! Linzo is my nickname cause Dbf loves Enzo Ferraris and decided that Linzo was the closest to the name of his next favorite love...haha lol

    Me-Lindsay(26)DH-Wade(32) My princess Mia (4 1/2) My sweet boy Cooper (6 months)

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    Hi! I'm Keatra. I have 2 sons, 8&4, and a 5 wk old daughter.

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    Ok..where have I been and not seen this before???
    I'm Lori...I have 3 girls Ages 6,8, and 10. A baby boy..age 3! I will be finished with massage therapy school in October '09 and then off to find a nursing school! Oh. and will soon be a single mommy!
    I love my babies...the new babies in my life...and I adore and love my DBF

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    Im heather I have 2 girls 18 and 11 .. and my baby boy cayden 4 months born march 3rd.. Im a marinecorp wife of 16 years... and tired of the military!! I have been a member since july 08..

    Heather&Beau married since 95.Marinecorpwife since 93.2 Beautiful DD chryse 19..cierra 12.Handsome little man cayden

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    Apparently I never saw this one either--I am Kate, 30 years old, married for 5 years this coming September, and we have a son who will turn 3 in November.

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    Hi moms~
    My name is Katie, and I just had my 4th child...hence my SN.
    Katie~Proud Mom of 4♥

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    Ga Girl= Misty
    My Sweet girl is gonna be a big sister! Expecting a GIRL 6/2011

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    Hi everyone- my name is Michelle and I have a 4 week old daughter- Ava Alexandra. Oh, and I'm a single mommy.

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    Done through Michelle! Welcome to all! As always, double check the list in my OP to make sure I've got your username and IRL name correct. I usually update the list late at night when I am already after a long day.
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    I just noticed this. I am Lisa

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    woops I don't think I have put my stuff in here.
    The name is Alisha. My darling daughter was born 2/23/09. I have been a member since July08. all
    6[/B] pounds down 34 more to go!

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    mollymae Guest


    i am molly
    dani is also good

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    My name is Abby, I have been a member since October of 08. I just had my twin girls, Olivia and Isabel, almost 3 months ago. Throughout my pg I stuck in my due date room (I'm not sure why) but now I am venturing out into the other areas. So I just wanted to introduce myself and my girls.

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    My name is Angel, new mommy =)

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    I am Kelly, mommy of Jared- He is two years old

    Kelly 31/ DH- Ian 34/ DS-Jared 3.5 TTC # 2 since 12/08 - 3 M/C'sMy Ovulation Chart

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    thats a great idea!

    mines is jessica

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    Hi everyone

    I am not a new mommy but I am new to the board. I have a son Kenui soon to be 15 years old and a daughter Lillian soon to be 10 years old. I just took a HPT and found out that I am pregnant will retake a few ore times because I just can't believe it.

    I am going to be 37 in a month and I am a little freaked out. Not sure what type of test the doctors are going to make me take. You know some doctors like to freak you out.

    Well my tentative Due Date is May 13 it is great to be able to come here and meet new mommies.

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    Done, almost, through lissalou72! Lissalou, did you want to share your name? If not, that's fine, no worries!
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    My name is Denise and my DD Katie was born in Feb 09!

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    Hmmm, I seem to have maxed out the allowable # of characters in the OP again. Mods, any suggestions?? Help?
    ~Laura, mama to my little monkeygirl~

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    my name is rebecca im 25yrs old, DH is 27. i have a 7 year daughter and a 14mth old son.

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    Hi I'm Jennifer from nyc. I have a 14 year old son and a beby girl born in June!

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    Hi Everyone, My name is Marisa. I have a 8 year old Step son Caleb, and Andru is my baby boy.
    Marisa(25)Chuck(27) DSS (8) DS (June 22, 2009)

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    I'm babykenny = Kirsten (or Kiki)
    Me (34), DH (36), DS1, DS2 & 1 Angel (1/17/2012)

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    I'm Sofia, but most people call me Fia.

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    Chelsea but most people call me Jo because my middle name is Joann. Stuck a lot easier.

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    My name is Sahra.

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    I am Katie, DH is Kevin, and Miriamne is our beautiful angel baby!
    Katie-1st angel lost 6/18/2006 at 12 weeks, my Angel Boy Ehrin 4/13/2007 at 20 weeks. Chemical pregnancy 5/7/2013.

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    I'm Kalina, DH is Chase, and we have a cutie baby boy - Hunter (10.16.09)

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