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Thread: outer ear red, swollen, warm to touch

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    Default outer ear red, swollen, warm to touch

    This morning, DS2 fell. 10 minutes later, I noticed his ear was red and swollen. DH reminded me that he had fallen (neither of us saw where he fell), and we attributed it to that. He has fairly long hair, so I didn't think about it again. During dinner, though, I noticed it is still red, swollen and warm to the touch. He did have a bad night of sleep last night, now that I think about it, and he didn't nap today (which is a little unusual). He is acting normal otherwise. It's Saturday night, and I don't know if I should call the doc. Or if I should wait until Sunday or Monday. WWYD? Anyone else ever experience this?

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    My son's ear gets like that when he gets swimmer's ear. If you aren't sure it is because of the fall, has he been swimming lately? The warm to the touch part makes me think of an infection, not an injury.

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    we haven't been swimming in a week, and I just noticed it today. i'm not sure if it is related to the fall since I think it would have been gone now..almost 12 hours later. I was thinking infection, too

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    Getting up at night and not napping are usually the first signs that my DS isn't feeling well. If he doesn't seem to be in pain, you could probably wait until Monday, but I'd take him to the pedi then to get his ear looked at if it's not any better.
    Hope it goes away so you don't have to worry about it!

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    I agree, generally warm to the touch means infection. If its not bothering him, I'd just take him to the pedi on Monday. Hope he's better soon!

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    he's sleeping well so far. i swear this boy only gets sick from friday evening through sunday. never during the week. Hopefully it's better tomorrow. I asked him if his ear hurt, and he did say yes, but he isn't coming up to me complaining (which he can do). I took his temp, too, and nothing. So hopefully, if it is an infection, it's just a small one.

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    Could you post a picture of his ear?
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