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Thread: Adoption Agency & Attorney Ratings

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    Here is a website that has reviews/ratings of adoption agencies & adoption attorneys. All reviews are supposedly done anonymously by adoptive families who have used their services. It's at least a place to start when looking for people's real-life experience with agencies we may be considering:

    Can this be made a sticky please? Thanks

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    LisaJ2224 Guest


    Will do, girl!

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    Thanks Carrie! I'll check that out today!

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    anyone here gone through gladney?
    Vanessa (26) Mike(DH) (28) -Darbie (DD) (06/2008) !

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    smithshn Guest


    Thanks for share your information. There is many adoption agencies & adoption attorneys. But some of agencies are not disclosed their rules and regulation. Therefore, Person have suffer from bad things. You have do the great job.

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