Hello Ladies,

The moderators are members of the boards and they are volunteers giving of their time. Being a forum member is their first hat. They are part of the forums looking for and providing support, care, etc.

Their moderating duties are second. The goal of the moderators is to help ensure a place that is safe with the primary objective being to delete spammers, pervs, trolls and outright distasteful posts. I know that each of you has witnessed the invasion of these boards by such posters.

The moderators chase these posters around, deleting and editing the trash and they do so as VOLUNTEERS. When differences of opinions develop in threads that appear to be getting heated, the moderators seek to steer it in the right direction, but sometimes that proves unsuccessful and the thread ends up edited/deleted.

The moderators are members and sometimes their member hat betters their moderating hat. They don't want that nor does APA, but it happens. But their volunteer investment in chasing trolls, spammers and protecting the boards outweighs these occasional mishaps. As a member you are welcome to report any circumstances done by a moderator to the APA President through PM.

As part of their responsibilities, moderators will potentially send you PMs using the track PM feature. All users are required to accept any PM from a moderator and acknowledge receipt of that PM.

The forums need member moderators and APA is grateful that we have those that we do. Additional moderators will be added with the intent of making the boards a better and safer place to be.