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Thread: Gentle Reminder Concerning Sensitivity in TTC and Updates from past TTCers

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    Default Gentle Reminder Concerning Sensitivity in TTC and Updates from past TTCers

    Hi, TTCers!

    I just wanted to go over a few forum etiquette guidelines. No one is in trouble, but these things come up every so often, so I thought I would sticky a note for reference. Please, let's refrain from debate...the mod team just wants to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

    What is ok to post in TTC, after you get that BFP:

    Siggies do not need to be edited for content. It is ok to post pictures, tickers, U/S, etc, in your siggies. You earned them! It is easy, if you wish, to click the "remove siggy" box when you post. This is at your discretion. When poting in STC or TTC after loss, or Loss, please, please, please remember to remove your signature. It is a rule in those forums. It is a good idea in Medical also, as those ladies are STCing, too.

    What we would prefer you not post:

    Pregnancy updates, after the initial BFP post, and posts with the sole intent of sharing betas, U/S or baby photos. it is ok to have these in your siggy, and it is ok for you to post in support of your friends. After all, we all have knowledge to share!

    We are also have a spot just for TTCers that have graduated to have a spot to share their news and updates. We will keep you posted.

    Those who are sensitive to pictures, tickers, etc., and have been TTCing for 6 months or more may want to post in STC. Pics, pregnancy and baby tickers, etc., will be removed if posted there.

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