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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    Hi Girls! I've been around for many months but haven't posted in this thread because I kept thinking (er, wishing!) that my BFP was just around the corner. Well, it's been well over a year of TTC now. We just completed our fertility testing, exams, etc. and will have our first RE appt. next week. Wish me luck, and sending the same out to all of you!

    Update: Male factor plus RE thinks I may have Endometriosis on one ovary. I'll have a pelvic ultrasound in early June to see if anything can be confirmed and then have a laparoscopy if needed. Then, if male factor is confirmed w/ a second SA, we'll move to IVF. Better start saving my pennies...

    Update: Had laparoscopy in August to remove ovarian cyst and a small amount of endometriosis. Started IVF in early September, has gone very well, and will be testing in early October. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a beautiful BFP, please!

    Update: IVF worked!!! Our beautiful Orion was born June 2009!

    Update: We're trying for IUI this time around because our insurance covers it. All U/S, exams, bloodwork look good and DH's SA has improved, too. No known explanation for the turnaround, but of course, we're feeling very excited, blessed, and hopeful. Scheduled for our 1st IUI tomorrow.
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    Hey all...thought I'd throw my story out there! I went off the pill 12 cycles ago after over 8 years on it. We spent two cycles trying to prevent, then another two just "seeing what happened". We quickly realized that due to our crazy schedules, our timing might not have been great, so we decided to try timing things better. We're on our 8th cycle of doing that. About 5 months ago, I had a cycle with spotting about a week before AF (I normally have spotting a day or two before AF, but this was new.) and some cramping. AF showed up and was insanely heavy. My OB thinks it *might* have been a chem pregnancy, but we don't know for sure. After that, I've been consistently spotting 4 to 5 days before AF. Had an ultrasound 2 months ago that was completely normal. No fibroids, no problems there. The spotting has gotten heavier the last two months, and so my doc is now suspicious of luteal phase deficiency. So this cycle, I'm starting progesterone after O to see if the spotting stops. One step at a time, I guess!

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    Well, I was on bcp,s when I found out that I was pregnant in Jan. 2005, that ended in ectopic pregnancy on Feb. 16, 2005. They had to remove my right fallopian tube bcause of rupture. Then we decided that we wanted to ttc. So we started as soon as we could.....No luck, so we were sent to a RE and DH had a SA done, everything was fine. I had an endometrial biopsy, the results were normal could have had a "slight" luteal phase defect but did not think we needed to worry about it. Then I had bloodwork, was diagnosed as mild hypothyroidism, started taking synthroid. I then had a HSG done and it came back normal. So we tried 3 cycles on Clomid with no luck, so the RE then ordered an injectible drug called Menopur, but there were some abnormal cells on my pap, so I had to have a colposcopy and wait 3 months to ttc again! Then I had some kind of intestinal problems and had to have a colonoscopy and take some meds for that, so that put us off even more. Then we just decided to chill for a while, but we were npp. Then in Oct. 2007 I came up pregnant! We were so excited, but I started to spot, and cramp about a week after and miscarried. I was about 5 weeks. Then I was waiting for AF to come after the m/c and it never did, so I called my RE in mid Dec. and they sent me for bloodwork and it was positive! But that also ended in M/c at about 5 weeks. My RE did the recurrent m/c blood tests, and they were all normal. Then I was told by that RE that the only way I would get pregnant and stay pregnant was to do IVF. I am no expert, but I think there are lots of other options out there that I have not yet done, bofore jumping to IVF because obviously I can get pregnant! So, I went for a 2nd opinion in Jan. and he totally agreed with me, so we were going to start taking progesterone pills starting after ovulation and continue until get af or bfp. So I was waiting on AF to come to start a new cycle and take the progesterone, but came up with another bfp! That also ended in m/c at 7wks. 3 days. So here I am. I had decided to take a break for a while, b/c didn't want to go through that again so I started on bcp's but now I have changed my mind so this cycle I am starting with the progesterone. So for now I am "unexplained".

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    Default Update

    We did 2 IUI with RE. Both with 100 mg Clomid CD 5-9, monitored with u/s, trigger shot. This month we did 150 mg. clomid. U/S yesterday showed too many small follicles. No IUI this month. So now we will start injectables. I don't understand why it is so difficult the second time around. It was so easy w/ DS. This has been 33 cycles of STC.
    UPDATE 9-11-08: Started injectibles 7/08. HPT+ 8/15/08. 3rd HcG levels not right. U/S showed fetal pole 1 wk behind. No heartbeat at 7wk4days. Stopped progesterone. Miscarriage at 8 wks. Taking a few months off then trying again w/injectibles, trigger, and IUI.
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    I'm 34 DH=33, DS=6yr, DS=9months (born almost 4yr to the day since beginning STC!) Expecting #3 2/11- please be a girl!

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    i have to have a hysterosalpingogram

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    Hello All

    I'm 35 and DH is 36. We've been married since August 2004 and TTC #1 since March of 2005. I'm relatively healthy with regular 28 day cycles (have fibromyalgia but it is under control without the need for anything more than Tylenol.)

    We tried for a few months with BBT and OPT, no success. Wasn't 100% I was ovulating. Because of my age and not wanting to wait too long we went to OBGYN who specialized in some of the simpler infertility treatments - IUI, etc. Thought the old ovaries might need waking up so he put us on clomid. Tried 2 months wit OPT and clomid w/ no success. So we moved on to the "testing phase". DH's "boys" are superman quality. Discovered that I had cervical stenosis during my first attempted HSG. It was so severe he couldn't perform the test. (Because I've never had a negative pap or surgery it was determined that it was a birth defect.)

    Went through a very painful dilatation the following month and had the HSG and found the tubes were fine. Doc thought since all the "dust" had been blown out that if the "boys" didn't have any obstacles in their way that one round of IUI would do the trick. 5 IUI's on clomid later no PG. (Kind of glad we didn't. We could have ended up like John & Kate Plus 8. The old ovaries were producing 6 to 8 viable follicles every cycle. YIKES!)

    He referred us to a wonderful RE and we went for a consult in October 2006. He diagnosed me with the "unexplained infertility". The good news, he didn't think my stenosis was preventing us from getting PG. The bad news, he couldn't tell me what was preventing us from conceiving. Went through one round of IVF with ICSI in November 2006. I produced 13 follicles and 12 fertilized. 8 of the 12 grew to blastocyst. Just before Thanksgiving they implanted 2 "textbook" perfect blastocysts. (Of course everything was textbook about our procedure.) Found out two weeks later we were PG! Went for U/S on the 6/7 week, two DB's no HB. I spent that Christmas MCing.

    Needless to say DH and I were devastated. I quickly declared a moratorium on TTC. I spent the following year fairly depressed. But this spring I finally sorted out my feelings and am ready to move forward. I guess I just need a rest from the roller-coaster.

    Have a new attitude this time. So we're going to try it natural with the assistance of the OV watch for a few months and see what happens. If BFN's then we'll move on the IVF again.

    Wishing you all luck!

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    Hello. DH and I are both about to turn 36. We were married Oct. 2006 and immediately began TTC. Started seeing RE Jan. 2007. After going through a battery of painful and expensive tests myself, the RE finally decided they should check my husband out. Found out that DH has no sperm. Tried four IUI attempts with donor sperm, one resulting in a chemical pregnancy (the one time the inseminations were done 1 & 24 hours after trigger). After reading several fertility books, based on my fertility signs, I have been ovulating within hours of receiving the HCG shot. My RE insists that every woman ovulates exactly 36 hours after the shot and the egg lives for 24 hours after that, so most of my cycles I had IUI after ovulation. This cycle will be my first cycle I will be trying AI at home (ICI) with no doctor involvement.

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    Hey ya'll,

    I am new to this joint. I am so happy that I found it. It has brought me such joy to read everybody's story... I don't feel so alone!

    My DH and I have been TTC for almost 2 years. We have a 7 1/2 yr son with lots of medical issues. He is truly a miracle. For more info, I posted on the PCOS thread.

    I just found out 2 weeks ago that I have the "curse of the black pearl- ovaries." I was very upset. After doing a lot of research... I am not as depressed about having it.

    My OB/GYN speacializes in infertility so, he put me on 2000mg of Metformin, 200mg of Prometrium, and I hopefully am going to start Femara 2.5mg days 5-7.

    I have never been on meds to help me O. With my son, I stopped BCP and didn't have an AF for 4 months. My dr put me on Provera. I had to AFs and POW I was PG. I had a really bumpy ride for my PG. My son was born at 27wks gest. Today he is thriving and doing well.

    I can't wait to start my journey with ya'll!

    Good luck to all!
    Kelly-29 Mark-31 Tyler-7

    "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance."

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    Ahh the storylines! After 2 years of TTC I finally went to the doc March 08 to see why I have no babies.I have reg cycles (30 days) no female issues, only thing he saw on US was I have tipped pelvis. We did HSG and like Gator, Nothing is wrong. I dont have PCOS tho my doc put me on Femara and Metformin, I dont have Diabetes but he was concerned about that. So I know what what I dont have but have no idea why I am not pregnant. No MC, pretty sure Im Ovulating, So Yeah

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    Quote Originally Posted by amilyarnaud View Post
    i have to have a hysterosalpingogram
    Those are no fun. Just FYI my doc was a punk and told me I could go work after that and I had a bad reaction to the dye and ended up home puking. Best of luck to you!!!

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    I'm new to the group, but have been reading for a little while now. It's been great to read everyone's stories and know I'm not alone. I just found out on Friday that we're finally pregnant again (yeah!), but the journey has been anything but simple, which is why I wanted to share my story.

    I have a DD from a previous marriage (she's 8), but I had to go through 3 rounds of Clomid to get pg with her. Then, last year, after about a year of trying on our own, my new husband and I went back to Clomid. Ironically, the 3rd round of Clomid worked again for us, only I didn't know it. After having AF, then having random spotting and some pain, I found out 9 weeks later I was indeed pg but it was ecptopic. Because of how far along I was, I had to have it surgically removed, along with my tube. Needless to say that was the worst thing I ever went through. So after several more Clomid tries with no success, we went to an RE.

    Within 15 minutes of my first visit, he diagnosed me with PCOS (atypical) and Endometriosis (and I only had one tube). Then, my DH's 1st S/A count came back low, so that added more fun for us. DH's 2nd count came back good, so we got the ok to try IUI. After a slew of tests for me, including a hysterscopy to remove polyps from my uterus, we had our first IUI. As with PCOS, I had lots of follicles, however, all but one would eventually be mature enough for the procedure. This was disappointing in itself, but coupled with DH's low count on insemenation day, I just knew it could never work...or so I thought.

    Like I said previously, we just found out on Friday we're pg. I am still in shock and didn't really believe it until my second hcg test today. I truly believe that if something is meant to be, it will be. Somehow, against all odds, we were able to get pg the first time. I wanted to tell my story, not to gloat that I'm pg, but to show you all that it can and will happen for you just takes time. Stay positive and baby dust to all!

    me-32; dh-41, dd-8, edd-3/7/09

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    I have been ttc since July of 2006. My husband and I conceived the first time in August 2007 and had a miscarriage at 101/2 weeks. We conceived again in February 2008 and that ended up in a chemical pregnany. In November of 2006, I was put on provera to start AF. I did not ovulate and was switched from provera to prometrium because of the side effects to start AF. In February of 2007 I started going in for monthly progesterone level checks and in May was put on clomid 50mg. The first month I ovulated, second month I didn't, and third month the clomid was bumped up to 100mg. That was the cycle that I conceived on. Without clomid, my progesterone levels are usually 0.72 (every time under 1.0). After the first mc AF never returned so I was given prometrium after 6 weeks and then started clomid again around December. I had a chemical pregnancy in February. Since then the doctor seems to think that my body does not produce progesterone and so since February, I have been taking prometrium from day 15-day 32 and than I test on day 32. If it is positive than I keep taking prometrium for the first trimester, if negative I stop and AF shows up. I have two more cycles on clomid which will be at 100mg these next two months and than I will be sent to a specialist in September if I am not pregnant. The doctor has not run any specific tests on either myself or my DH and he doesn't see why I can't conceive again and sustain this pregnancy. So that is my story in a nutshell.
    Miscarriage 09/28/07, chemical pregnancy 02/18/08 :pray:for my two :
    Praying that this one sticks!!
    I can't believe I got my BFP!

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    I am new to this forum and I am so thankful I found it. None of my close friends are TTC or have children yet.

    My DH and I have been NPP since September 2006 but due to work circumstances we have only seen each other on the weekends for the past year. So we TTC for one year and then we were apart five out of seven days a week for a year. Needless to say, we have had no + tests yet. After being on BCP for nearly 8 years, my body took a while to regulate itself. I am finally back on a normal cycle and since I am now home throughout the week, we have been TTC for the past three months. My next test date is around July 21.

    I have not been to the doctor regarding TTC issues because I am worried about what the doc will say regarding my weight. I am trying to lose weight and am down almost 15 pounds since I started keeping track of my weight.

    Best wishes to all and thanks for reading.
    Cori (31) Eric (38) = Addison (3) and Michael (born 7-20-12)

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    My name is Amber, DH is Tony. I am 29 and he is 28. Went off BC in April last year and got pg in May. Miscarried and had a D&C July 10, 2007 (wow...almost a year). Took a couple of months off, started trying again but not pushing the issue late last year. Had my yearly check up in Feb and OB/GYN gave me until the end of summer to get pg on my own. I pushed the issue and called yesterday because I am impatient and he agreed that it is time for him to intervene. First appointment is next Friday, so as of now I am undiagnosed.

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    Default TTC w/ Endometriosis

    I'm new here and apologize of I posted this in the wrong place!! I wanted to share my story and ask some questions. To make it short and simple I have had endometriosis since I stared my periods at age 15; I'm now 29 and suffering more and more with it each year. I have had many laps for endo w/ the most recent being May 2008 and during this most recent surgery my Dr, in his own words, "blew out my tubes" to make sure there were no adhesions inside preventing the egg from making it home! he said there was alot of growth in both tubes and that he had to use more than the usual amount of pressure to get them cleaned out but that I am completely cleared out and should be able to get PG easily within the next 3 or 4 months (please keep in mind my husband and I have been thru all the tests up to but not including IUI or IVF becasue of the costs; I am operating perfectly and so is he!). Anyway, my husband is 54 and I am 29 this is my 2nd marriage. My husband and I HAVE been TTC since even before we married last year. It's been a little over a year and still nothing. Last month was negative...but this month we really stuck to the dates and did our best to make it happen... I am due to start my cycle Friday the 11th but I have been suffering from some heavy duty symptoms over the last 2 weeks, serious nausea, severe fatigue, moodiness, crying for absolutely no reason... in fact I woke up at 0530 this morning with unusual pelvic pain and when I got up to potty there was a light pink color on the tissue, but nothing after that so far today, but the unusual pain is still there... with the endo i have had severely painful periods for many years but they have been very regular... this month I am seeing pink on the paper a few days early which never happens...according to my cycle days I should have ovulated on the 27th of May... we had sex a few times 3 or 4 days before then and a few times since then... I took a $ store test this past weekend and it was negative... could i have done it way too early? could the pain i'm having today be implantation?... i'm so lost and confused... i just need to talk to someone besides family and hubby!!! thanks for listening!!

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    Hi, everybody. DH & I have been ttc since 11/07. I'm 38. We've both been tested (SA, HSG, BW, etc) and everything came out fine, so we are unexplained. The only possible issue is that I have a large fibroid. It's outside of my uterus, so not likely the reason we've having trouble getting PG. Decided to leave it alone for now, to avoid risk of scarring from surgery. I also had been having spotting about 8 days after O, but 2 months on Clomid did the trick. That said, we are going forward with Clomid IUI next cycle to try to move things along.

    Jennifer- I saw your post, but do not know anything about Endo. Good Luck to you!
    My 3 yo cuties!

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    I am 30 years old and DH is 28. We have been ttc'ing since December 2006. Went for Dr.'s visit in October and was told to keep trying - she did some blood work and found nothing. In March/April went for another Dr's appt and was sent for a Vaginal/pelvic ultrasound - nothing found.

    Got a call on Tuesday that I have been set up for an appointment with a fertility Dr October 10th...very excited & nervous. Would like to get a BFP before then so DH does not have to do any testing. If there is something wrong, I would rather it be me then him.

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    Question New....and hoping to learn about what I should expect!

    Good evening! So, I am 30 (as of yesterday) and TTC for about 10 months (unsuccessfully!) So far, NOTHING. I was on BCP for almost 8 years....and since coming off the pill, I have had really random cycles. My DH (an MD) is convinced I am not ovulating but we have no real evidence of that!

    SO, I finally began the quest for answers yesterday with an OB/GYN appt (with an amazing midwife) and received my referral to a RE and had Day 3 tests drawn. FSH 10/LH, per the internet, that makes me "borderline low egg reserve" although I have not gotten any kind of diagnosis to date! Looking forward (I guess) to getting in to RE but apparently it will be quite the wait....however, I would love to hear other's experiences and learn more about what lies ahead for the future (It seems rather needle in the haystackish to me.....I am hoping I am wrong!)

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    My diagnosis is endo wnich was diagnosed this year and have a past history of ovarian cysts and trauma to my one fallopian tube from a car accident. Have had a few lap procedures to get rid of scar tissue, ovarian cysts, and adhesions. We have a beautiful two year old daughter that was conceived on BCP (missed quite a few pills). We started trying 15 months ago for our second and have been unsuccessful since. Getting ready to start my next round of Clomid. If it does not work this time, I will take Clomid with the trigger shot.

  20. Default Here's my story

    In January 2005 I found out that I have uterine Fibroids. I had gotten on this loosing weight kick so I just figured I was doing to much when I was in pain. I found out it was Fibroids and had to have Lupron shots for 6 months to shrink them. I also had a Histopilagraph(not sure on spelling) to see if tubes are blocked. The doctor said 1 tube is block. I was also placed on clomid for a month and nothing happened. Later in 2006my husband was tested and the doctor said that we probably will only get pregnant by IVF. I underlined doctor because I don't receive any of that in my spirit. There is only one doctor and that's GOD. In luke 1:37 "For with God nothing will be impossible." I have believed that since the day my husband and I was sitting in the doctor's office. It is now 2008 and I believe it now more then I ever have. I speak it out of my mouth and have faith in my heart. I'am :pray: for all of us.

    God Bless

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    Copied over from another board, this is me!

    Me (30) DH (36)
    7/07 -- Finally diagnosed with PCOS started on Metformin 1500 mg ER daily
    By 9/07 I'm on a "normal" 30 day cycle and have lost 10 pounds!
    10/07 -- DH & I marry! Awww...Newlyweds!
    1/12/2008 -- First BFP pregnancy test
    2/05/2008 -- Salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy (They removed my left fallopian tube)
    03/08 -- Life starts to get back to normal except no AF.
    04/08 to present -- I start a program of diet and exercise designed for PCOS women and eventually lose 30 more lbs for a total of 40 lbs lost. AF never comes to visit on time. Each month around day 35-40, I am put on Prometrium to trigger AF.
    7/17/08 -- DH and I go back to visit RE. DH's sperm count, mobility and all that good stuff is waaaay high. They told me to pat him on the back. The problem is obviously moi. RE had me change the way I'm taking my metformin. It's extended release, so I was taking it all at once and it wasn't being absorbed by my body. I started Prometrium 3 days ago and am waiting for AF so I can start counting cycle days again.

    The plan is to take two 50mg tabs of Clomid days 3-7 then schedule US on days 10, 11, or 12. Ovidrel shot approximately day 14 and insemination a few days afterwards!

    I am officially on CD 4 and will take my second dose of Clomid tonight. I haven't really noticed any symptoms from the Clomid and honestly that alone has me on pins and needles.
    John(36)&Sam(30) TTC#1 (8/07) after ectopic loss: 2nd IUI done 10/13/08
    :prayraying for Angela's (hopesanddreams) and Kristen's (babyhopesTTC#1) October BFP!!!

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    jamie1 Guest

    Unhappy new to this

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well I am new to this forum thing...I was married for 6 years and we tried to conceive with no positive outcome. My husband then found himself a girlfriend and got her pregant while we were married so that just destroyed me. But I have a great guy now and I had surgery in jan 08 for stage 1 endo and removal of a uterine septum. Everyone around me is getting pregnant and I cannot stand it anymore. I mean I am happy for them but at the same time very very jealous! Has anyone had a positive outcome after lap and hyst surgery?????[/FONT]

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    babydreamer08 Guest

    Default my story

    Hello, I am new and so happy to be a part of this now I am 25 years old, DH is also, we have been together for 8 years- married 3- and TTC since Nov 2006. DH is AirForce Security forces and is gone alot, but managed to be home for at least 2 of my fertile days each month. X-mas day got our first BFP! everything looked great at first 3 appt's, went in for 14 week and no heartbeat...told to wait 5 days come heartbeat still...D&C that day. I was a wreck! That is when my obsession began. I cant help it. I was the happiest i had ever been in my life when i was pregnant- DH and I were in absolute la la land. It was the most amazing 14 weeks of my life. And like a drug, i know need it. I feel like why can every 15 year old high school girl get pregnant on "accident" and I cant even do it on purpose? lol. So 8 weeks after m/c#1, starting cramping and bleeding massively, DH took me to hospital- told we m/c again and didnt even know we were pg. At this point the military hospital/clinic knew me by 1st name (which is rare for military doctors) and luckily i had an amazing Primary Care Manager through Tri-Care Ins. who ordered fertility workup on blood and semen. 4 weeks later got a call and i was granted an appt. with the fertility doctor in town who then informed me of my MTHFR and Factor V Leiden disorders. On 81mg aspirin,prenatal,B100 complex,4mg foilic acid,1000mcg b-12 daily and am not giving up! Awaiting BFP patiently....well not so patiently
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    Hi! Not too new but never did this, so here it goes.
    TTC #1 since Oct/07 ~ married 2 years, together 10 years!!!
    12/07 -Dx HYPO (started Levoxyll 50mcg & Pre-Natal)
    03/08 -Dx suspected PCOS elevated hormone levels (started B6 100mg)
    08/08 -HSG all clear
    09/08 -Pelvic U/Ss all clear + Dx Vitamin D deficient
    09/08 -Starting Metformin 500mg (week1) than to 1000mg + Vitamin D supplement 5000 I.U.
    10/08 -Starting Clomid 1st cycle CD5-9 w/ Progesterone testing CD22
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    YO 28, DH 30 ~ TTC #1 since 10/07 ~ Hypo & PCOS
    On charting break!
    Praying for Ktover's & EJ's H&H 9 months!!

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    I have been married for a year and we have been ttc for that time. Came off bc 2.5 years ago when got engaged. I have a 31/32 day cycle and ovulate around day 17/18. I know we need to go to the dr as it has been a year of trying. I am 32 dh is 30. We are both fit active people, normal bmi. It is my greatest wish to have a healthy family. I have been on ttc forum alot but this is my first visit to stc so thought i would say hi and good luck to everyone.

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    Banne78 Guest


    wop- wrong thread
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    Here's my story. TTC 1 year 8 months. Done all the tests and everythings fine with both of us. I have a tilted uterus, but they say that's not the problem. They are calling it unexplained infertility. We are planning on doing an IUI with clomid on my next cycle.

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    shar0322 Guest

    Default My story

    I am 35 years old, my husband is 32. Been TTC since May 2007. HSG was normal. Semen analysis normal. Regular periods even when I went off BC. No visible problems. I do have a backward uterus but they say that that is not an issue. I couldnt tell you how many cycles of Clomid I've been on...maybe 5 or 6, maybe 7. Had an IUI done last month with a hormone injection called Ovudril..nothing. Because the fertility clinic wanted their money for a 2nd IUI we had to forgo it on Saturday. I did have an ultrasound Thursday night and it showed 2 follicles that were ready and they gave me another hormone injection. So maybe it happened naturally this past weekend. It's very frustrating. All these people are around me having babies with no problems and they're the last ones that should be having babies. My ex best friend just told me last week that she's pregnant...she's been off the pill for maybe 2 months...she's unhealthy, smokes like a chimney and is overweight with high blood pressure and she's pregnant. I do everything in my power that is right for my body and nothing. I dont know what to do anymore. i know this is causing subconscious issues between me & my hubby. i'm tired of hearing "better luck next month" or "maybe its not meant to be". i dont know. i just dont know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarineWife05 View Post
    My diagnosis: NPP/TTC since Nov 2005 (depending on the day you ask me LOL). One suspected but unconfirmed loss in March of 2006. Diagnosed PCOS in June 2006. Diagnosis confirmed in September 2006. Actual TREATMENT of PCOS to begin Jan 5 2007. Does not ovulate. Husband is deployed till Jan 2008.
    This was my post. Update:

    Husband came home Jan 2008. Finally began ovulating - still did not concieve. Tried Clomid - had horrible reaction to it - did not concieve. Had an adoption fall through. Husband deployed again in Oct 08, expected to return in May 09.

    Finally seeing some progress with the PCOS - but struggling every day to stay hopeful.
    Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. - C.S. Lewis

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    Red face My backround

    My story: I'm 31 my hubby is 30 and I've been off the depo shot for 14 months.
    6 months into not getting pregnant my gyn started me on clomid. That didn't work, so she refered me to an IF clinic. I'm now on my 2nd round of clomid at 100mg, the blood work says I'm ovulating so maybe just bad timing. I go back to the my IF dr. on 11/19/08 to see what we do next..

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