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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    Default Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

    Sometimes I read your threads and I feel like I need a little bit of background information before I can understand what you're posting about.

    I'll start.

    My story: TTC since October 2005. Two confirmed early miscarriages around six weeks. Regular cycles (28 days). Regular ovulations. No luteal phase problems. FSH=3.1 (ovarian reserve), all analytical numbers good. (I've always speculated that we keep conceiving but that I don't hang onto it...)

    UPDATE Feb-2007: HSG shows everything is normal. All clear.

    UPDATE Apr-2007: RE says everything is fine, and his tests couldn't find anything wrong, so I am Unexplained. I'm reading a book on nutrition and am taking supplements where deficient. Also, I've been going to the chiropractor (after having read about a link between chiropractics and fertility). I started TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) -- herbs and acupuncture.

    UPDATE April 5, 2007: Got the Recurrent Miscarriage blood panel done. The test revealed that I have a rare blood clotting disorder (Protein S deficiency). This was later determined to not be the cause of infertility, and I have no clotting problems.

    UPDATE May 13, 2007: According to TCM, I have Spleen Qi Deficiency and Blood Statis, with a little bit of Kidney Yang Dificiecy thrown in.

    UPDATE late July: Consulted a hematologist. Protein S deficiency doesn't normally affect until the 2nd trimester; all other blood tests fine. (As a precaution, I later agreed to be on blood thinner my 1st pregnancy but not for my 2nd or 3rd. It turns out this deficiency has no effect on me.)UPDATE August: With all this acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my cycles are healthier than ever! No more cold feet, no butterflies in stomache, no bloating, no cramps, nice flow. If anything, I'm healthier than ever.

    CONCLUSION: My issue: (1) Staying pregnant (unexplained) past 6 weeks. In total, almost two years of infertility.

    UPDATE August - September 2007: Even though my progesterone always tests at a healthy high and my endometrial lining is always healthy, I'm trying progesterone supplements (oral - prometrium) beginning at 3dpo. The RE says some women get pregnant unexplicably when they try this, even though they always come out healthy in everything. They just don't know everything he says. My first cycle on prometrium resulted in a BFP.

    I had endometriosis all along, given that I had half the symptoms and I had a Chinese diagnosis of "Blood Statis" which in Chinese medicine includes endometriosis. About 5 cycles of TCM almost took care of all those issues since my symptoms all started going away and my flows looked healthier. It turns out that the Protein S Deficiency is a non-issue for me. When I took the prometrium, that was my final key. I have read that prometrium can push back the prostaglandins in endometriosis (a theory), so that was probably it, although, technically, I had an unexplained situation.

    EPILOGUE 1: I had another baby in April 2010. I didn't try to get pregnant, but we were pleasantly surprised and very happy. This further confirms that I think I had endometriosis all along and that my pregnancy with my son resolved my issues. For my second pregnancy, I did not go on blood thinner or progesterone, as I had done with my first; I knew my issues were resolved.

    EPILOGUE 2: Got pregnant again without trying. New baby due October 2012. As with the second, no blood thinner or progesterone. I'll be 42 1/2 years old when this one is born. A totally healthy pregnancy for both of us.

    I update this and keep it up with the intention of giving all you strugglers hope.

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    After two years of infertility, had two children plus a third on the way. We'll soon have three under the age of 5.

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    MarineWife05 Guest


    My diagnosis: NPP/TTC since Nov 2005 (depending on the day you ask me LOL). One suspected but unconfirmed loss in March of 2006. Diagnosed PCOS in June 2006. Diagnosis confirmed in September 2006. Actual TREATMENT of PCOS to begin Jan 5 2007. Does not ovulate. Husband is deployed till Jan 2008.

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    My Diagnosis TTC since July of 2004. Found out in May of 2006 I have PCOS. I take 1000mg of Metformin. I took Letrozole with hcg trigger shot for six cycles--now our next step will be IVF(I think).
    Heather-36 , Dh-34, Ds-11, Dd-5 our IVF baby & Dd-3 our surprise baby. Expecting # 4 in January 2014!!

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    timtimswife Guest


    Unexplained IF. Three rounds of IUI and three rounds of IVF. Multiple rounds of clomid. My body is just now getting back to a healthy state after all of the fertility meds I took(which I believe messed up my body).

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    I'll make this a sticky for you.

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    Default Thanks for the sticky

    Hey, thanks for making the diagnosis a sticky!!!!
    After two years of infertility, had two children plus a third on the way. We'll soon have three under the age of 5.

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    Kimmie Guest


    Diagnosed in Feb 2004 with anovulation due to Depo Provera. Tried 2 rounds of Clomid. Diagnosed in Sept 2005 with LPD and premature decline in Progesterone after 4 early losses all before 5 weeks. Put on Clomid and Progesterone at that time. Diagnosed in June 2006 with PCOS after 5th early loss at 6 weeks. Put on 1500 mg Metformin, Clomid, and Progesterone.

    Going to be getting a new RE and medication for quitting smoking to help reduce the risk of m/c and help with infertility.

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    My Diagnosis: None (officially) yet. TTC #1 since December '05. Long cycles with late ovulation and short LP. Meeting with OB after this cycle ends to get some answers.

    Ella (4) & Mia (2)

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    KCM0430 Guest


    My Diagnosis: PCOS

    My Story: TTC since Aug. 2005, 1 loss in June 2006, I am not o'ing or getting AF on my own, YET. I am on Metformin 1500 per day.

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    my diagnosis: started ttc in november 2004 after 13 years on BCP. no o'ing or af for 7 months. official PCOS diagnosis in may 2005. i am overweight from the missed PCOS diagnosis (i gained 70 lbs in 2 months after BCP) the dr. thought i was diabetic. 1 loss in may 2006 and 3 other suspected losses. i still don't get AF or O without meds. my drug cocktail: 10 mg of provera for 10 days to bring AF, 100mg of clomid on cd 3-7 to O and 1700 mg of Metformin daily.

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    TTC since October 2005.

    2 losses. One at 4w/5d (August 2006) and one at 9w/6d (October 2006, although U/S confirmed no heartbeat on the second one at 8w/6d and actually measured at 8w/2d).

    Diagnosed with PCOS in, oh, March of 2006? Have been on Metformin 500 mg. twice a day since then.

    At around that same time I had a cone biopsy after abnormal pap and colposcopy and was found to have had a very small area of cervical cancer which was removed at the time of the cone biopsy. No further treatment required--it was small.

    Conceived on my own with the first pregnancy and then with Clomid on the very next cycle. After the second loss, my doctor switched me to Femara instead of Clomid and this is my first cycle on the Femara (December '06/January '07).

    Ovulate "on my own" with the help of Metformin but use fertility drugs to help me ovulate sooner in my cycle since I tend to ovulate late (once as late as CD 72).

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    TTC since January 2005.

    3 losses. Two at 4w/5d (May 2005 and July 2005) and one at 12w/2d (November 2005, Missed m/c--baby boy actually died at alittle over 8 weeks--trisomy 21--8 week u/s showed a strong heartbeat).

    Diagnosed with nothing--but age being a factor and borderline progesterone. DH seems to be the one with the bigger problems--abnormal shape and low concentration.

    Conceived on my own with all three pregnancies, but haven't been able to get pregnant since last m/c.

    Attempting IVF in February or March (most likely March!)


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    Kimmie_n_angus (thank you by the way) told me this is where I should be- so here I am. I've been off BCs for 23 months after using the pill for 10 years. Irregular & missed periods sent me to the doctor who gave me something (can't remember what) that would start my period but not make me ovulate since I'm not married. But DBF and I have been together for 3 years & I'm 31 and he's 40- so I'm not waiting for the marriage to start trying. Anyway- the doctor mentioned Clomid and PCOS but I told him to hold off, so he prescribed the stuff to make me start again and I started the OPKs. That was in October and I couldn't figure out the test I bought because there was too much left to MY idea of dark or darker- so November I bought a digital one and got my first - so at least I know I ovulate SOMETIMES on my own and ovulation in October and November were accompanied by BT, ovulation pains, and EWCM - I think---- but I had no signs in December and with the holiday stress and different cycle lengths I started testing too late to be sure for December. So now I'm waiting on AF this week to start again. Dr.s appt. in March will give me a full 6 mths of tracking and hopefully more than 1 ovulation to tell him about.

    So sorry that mine was so long with absolutely NO real information since I haven't actually been 'diagnosed' with anything yet. I just know I haven't gotten PG and I haven't been doing anything to prevent in 23 months.

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    I don't really have a diagnosis. After getting off BCP I have had irregular and short cycles with "weak ovulation". Started clomid 50 mg for cycle 6 in November and I'm now on 100 mg clomid.
    I had no problems getting PG with DS 6 years ago. I will try to get an appointment with an RE as soon as possible since my OB truly is not a fertility expert.
    Lisa - mom to Jonathan (Dec 01) , our STC IVF success Jacob(Feb 08) and our little surprise Emma (Mar 10)! We didn't just beat infertility - we kicked it to the curb!

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    No official diagnosis although I suspect PCOS. I've never been tested for it but definitely have a lot of the symptoms.

    After 12 years on BCP, had very irregular and long cycles for 11 months. Competely stopped having AF in May 06. Saw my ob/gyn in July 06 - prescribed Prometrium to bring on AF and Clomid to induce ovulation. Early August 06 - a trip to the ER for back pain resulted in a CT scan which showed an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. Mid-August 06 - had laparotomy surgery to remove the 8 cm dermoid cyst. The cyst was so large that my left ovary and fallopian tube were also removed. After a three month recovery period from the surgery, back to TTC. Currently in my first Clomid cycle. Doctor said he would like to try Femara next cycle if I don't get my BFP this cycle.

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    Well officially I am not TTC at this time, I thought it important to post to this important topic.

    Diagnosis: Elevated FSH or Diminished Ovarian reserve.
    Treatment: IVF w/high stims

    If anyone gets a FSH level above 8 please PM me for information.

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    msbluetree Guest


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    diagnosis: none - apart from being 38.
    regular cycles, ovulation each month, normal LP. I been charting for the last 5 cycles.

    story: i wore an IUD most of my fertile life. i tried the pill a few times, it made me nausius and gave me bad migraines. DBF has 2 kids and wasn't too keen about having another one, until our loss (m/c) he is seriously reconsidering his refusal. we are not preventing. He seems to want to go in the same direction I am heading...

    m/c: one about 2 weeks ago, i was 7 weeks along.

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    My diagnosis: TTC after vas reversal. :roll:

    Story: We had 3 girls before I was 21, (all under the age of 4) we were both young and that was stressful. I felt like a crazy woman. Anyway, we decided we didn't want more kids so DH had a vasectomy in May '98. I wish now we would have tried other stuff, but I got preggo on Norplant with #3, so we didn't trust any birth control. Well now life has calmed down a bit, the kids are great and I want more. We have talked about it now and then over the years and Jan 06 DH surprised me with baby stuff for our anniversay, he had decided he was as ready as I was to see if the reversal would work. So he had the surgery and we have been trying ever since with no luck, I didn't think it would take this long. We will try for another year and if nothing happens then I think we will be grateful for the kids we have and move on with our lives. :?

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    brooklyn_30 Guest


    my diagnosis TTC 5+ years
    i have been with dh for 12 years been married for almost 4 years i found out last year that i have pcos and it suck big time i take metphormin 500mg twice a day to help regulate everything i start my treatments this year so with some hope and prayer i'll have A BFP soon

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    Default My diagnosis...

    July 2003 became foster parents to twin 2 mo olds. Wanted children of our own, obgyn said if we haven't gotten prego by now we were infertile. DH & I married 4 yrs.

    Adoption was offered to us in 2004. We opted to not persue infertility issues (insurance was poor) and persued the adoption. I became prego with quadruplets. We were to have 6 children under the age of 3!!!! We were shocked and pleased.

    I m/c at 10 weeks. The adoption fell through 8 weeks after. We lost 6 children...... in three months.

    July 2006 went to infertility specialist. Had blood work done--normal. MRI of uterus (because of a bicorrnet uterus) no infertility problems. Had my fl. tubes x-rayed (or flushed) no problem. DH sperm great. Took 6 weeks of every 2-3 days going to dr to check for ovulation. Nothing.

    My problem? I don't ovulate.

    Began Clomid and 500mg Metformin (dr wanted me to take 2000mg but couldn't tolerate it, due to my Multiple Sclerosis dx 2002) 12/06 getting ready to start round two.

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    This is really interesting to read. I notice alot is VETs have PCOS. I didn't realise that.

    My Diagnosis.

    We have been trying to conceive since October 2005 (15months) I'm 39 (37 when we started TTC), DH is 35. Both of us have been pregnant before in different relationships but no children.

    DH has low motility which we improved with exercise, diet and fertility blend for 3 months. I have no infertility issues apart from advanced age. I have 29 day cycles always, I ovulate on day 15, 123lbs, healthy, exercise often.

    Test done:- sperm analysis x4, die test on uterus and tubes (all clear), STD check on both of us.

    We have tried clomid (1 month), 2 IUIs, 2 IVF (one fresh, one thaw), but we have not been successful so far. We will try another thaw cycle in Feb 2007.


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    Diagnosed with a mild case of PCOS

    treatment> on 50 mg clomid for cycles 1 &2, just upped my dose to 100 mg.
    If I dont get pregnant within the next 2 or 3 cycles, the drs wants to do a S/A on dh! thats where we are now!!!!!!
    I'm Emma. Struggled to get pregnant for 3 years with our DD Adrianna (June 4,2008) Our oldest Son, Jake was born June 18,2009. And our new baby boy, Nicholas, was born August 23rd 2011!

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    TTC since March 2006

    After developing ammenoreah (sp?) and slight milk discharge, I went for further testing. Diagnosed Oct 30, 2001 with a prolactinoma (a type of Pituitary tumor). Periods returned a couple of months later.

    Medicated and under control and bloodwork stable for the most part since 2002. Diagnosed with mild hypothyroidism in 2002 as well.

    My fertility tests have been normal. I appear to be ovulating...last month was supposedly anovulatory, though. DH has a decent S/A...some irreg but Dr not concerned.
    I need to schedule my HSG this month if I don't get my bday wish!

    How about..."Do what works for you" parenting

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    DOCwifey Guest


    Hi, I am new to the board. we have been TTC for 2 years now. We have been seeing an RE since 03/06 where we had 2 IUI, and 2 IVF, results were 2 M/C, both Ectopic, 1 needing emergency Lap. It was a rough year!

    My DX- Poor Egg quality and High FSH ranging from 10-13.5

    I am 31 years old, no children, 1 ovary due to Rt ovary being removed in my early 20's due to complex cysts. Due to having 1 ovary I do not produce amny eggs and they have aged rapidly since my surgery.

    B/C in the past: B/C Pills for 5 years and 3 Depo shots which resulted in 13 months of No AF

    We have decided to go with an Egg Donor for our last IVF in Feb/March 2007

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    diagnosis: ttcing\ npp since october 2006 so far no pregnancies, dh s\a seemed good he's on vitamins, boy do they work!!!! and as for me i have endo and am currently going through treatment (lupron)
    Kim 22, DBF(greg) 24, and our newest addition AUSTIN 4/18/08!!!

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    LisaJ2224 Guest


    Hi! I am new to the board as far as posting goes.

    History: M/C October 1993, and February 1994. TTC until I was diagnosed with moderate to sever endometriosis. I had surgery to correct and remove adhesions in June of 1995. became pregnant with DS in December of 95. Then, my surprise baby--I got pregnant with DD when DS was 10 months old.

    Several years of BC, as I didn't think I wanted to have any more children. In the 8 year interim, I got divorced, met the love of my life, got remarried, and began TTC February of 2006. I got pregnant in November of 2006, and am currently 9 weeks pregnant with an anembrionic pregnancy/ blighted ovum. Blood tests showed a recent toxoplasmosis infection which likely caused the baby not to develop. I will either miscarry on my own or have a D&C.

    Not sure where I am going with TTC in the future.

    DH is 31; I am 34.


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    Dani Guest

    Default First time to the forums

    My story: well where do i start.... 4 losses starting November 2002, next one was Oct 2003, 3rd one was April 2004 and last was April 2005. i havent been able to conceive since. Each one miscaried at about 7 weeks. after the first - we did progestrone when i got pregnant with the second. then we started on clomid, glucophage (to lower slightly elevated insulin levels) and folic acid 4mg per day. I finally got frustrated and went off of everything except the folic acid and 1 baby aspirin per day. we did ultrasound monitoring with the clomid and each time at 6 weeks there was a heartbeat, the next week when i would go back there would be none. One time the preganancy was completly gone! Its been a year now and i get more sad by the day since nothing has happened. The next step...Gonal-F injections and HCG injections. Unfortunatly i dont have the extra $$ for the Gonal-F and my insurance doesnt cover much of it. So now what???? my husband and i are both 33 years old. We are kind of settled in our life now (i have 2 step children) but i still want to have one of my own. My step kids are great, but they have a mom.... I know i am lucky to have them, but is it wrong for me to wish i had at least one of my own? Now all of my friends are starting families too.... it breaks my heart that i am having so much trouble but on the other hand i am so happy for them.

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    I'm Dianne
    I have PCOS, currently taking Metformin, and have been TTC for 11 months. Have previously 1 M/C, and 1 loss with preterm labor and Trisomy 18 nine years ago.

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