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    Hi Girls! I've been around for many months but haven't posted in this thread because I kept thinking (er, wishing!) that my BFP was just around the corner. Well, it's been well over a year of TTC now. We just completed our fertility testing, exams, etc. and will have our first RE appt. next week. Wish me luck, and sending the same out to all of you!

    Update: Male factor plus RE thinks I may have Endometriosis on one ovary. I'll have a pelvic ultrasound in early June to see if anything can be confirmed and then have a laparoscopy if needed. Then, if male factor is confirmed w/ a second SA, we'll move to IVF. Better start saving my pennies...

    Update: Had laparoscopy in August to remove ovarian cyst and a small amount of endometriosis. Started IVF in early September, has gone very well, and will be testing in early October. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a beautiful BFP, please!

    Update: IVF worked!!! Our beautiful Orion was born June 2009!

    Update: We're trying for IUI this time around because our insurance covers it. All U/S, exams, bloodwork look good and DH's SA has improved, too. No known explanation for the turnaround, but of course, we're feeling very excited, blessed, and hopeful. Scheduled for our 1st IUI tomorrow.
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