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    Sometimes I read your threads and I feel like I need a little bit of background information before I can understand what you're posting about.

    I'll start.

    My story: TTC since October 2005. Two confirmed early miscarriages around six weeks. Regular cycles (28 days). Regular ovulations. No luteal phase problems. FSH=3.1 (ovarian reserve), all analytical numbers good. (I've always speculated that we keep conceiving but that I don't hang onto it...)

    UPDATE Feb-2007: HSG shows everything is normal. All clear.

    UPDATE Apr-2007: RE says everything is fine, and his tests couldn't find anything wrong, so I am Unexplained. I'm reading a book on nutrition and am taking supplements where deficient. Also, I've been going to the chiropractor (after having read about a link between chiropractics and fertility). I started TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) -- herbs and acupuncture.

    UPDATE April 5, 2007: Got the Recurrent Miscarriage blood panel done. The test revealed that I have a rare blood clotting disorder (Protein S deficiency). This was later determined to not be the cause of infertility, and I have no clotting problems.

    UPDATE May 13, 2007: According to TCM, I have Spleen Qi Deficiency and Blood Statis, with a little bit of Kidney Yang Dificiecy thrown in.

    UPDATE late July: Consulted a hematologist. Protein S deficiency doesn't normally affect until the 2nd trimester; all other blood tests fine. (As a precaution, I later agreed to be on blood thinner my 1st pregnancy but not for my 2nd or 3rd. It turns out this deficiency has no effect on me.)UPDATE August: With all this acupuncture and Chinese herbs, my cycles are healthier than ever! No more cold feet, no butterflies in stomache, no bloating, no cramps, nice flow. If anything, I'm healthier than ever.

    CONCLUSION: My issue: (1) Staying pregnant (unexplained) past 6 weeks. In total, almost two years of infertility.

    UPDATE August - September 2007: Even though my progesterone always tests at a healthy high and my endometrial lining is always healthy, I'm trying progesterone supplements (oral - prometrium) beginning at 3dpo. The RE says some women get pregnant unexplicably when they try this, even though they always come out healthy in everything. They just don't know everything he says. My first cycle on prometrium resulted in a BFP.

    I had endometriosis all along, given that I had half the symptoms and I had a Chinese diagnosis of "Blood Statis" which in Chinese medicine includes endometriosis. About 5 cycles of TCM almost took care of all those issues since my symptoms all started going away and my flows looked healthier. It turns out that the Protein S Deficiency is a non-issue for me. When I took the prometrium, that was my final key. I have read that prometrium can push back the prostaglandins in endometriosis (a theory), so that was probably it, although, technically, I had an unexplained situation.

    EPILOGUE 1: I had another baby in April 2010. I didn't try to get pregnant, but we were pleasantly surprised and very happy. This further confirms that I think I had endometriosis all along and that my pregnancy with my son resolved my issues. For my second pregnancy, I did not go on blood thinner or progesterone, as I had done with my first; I knew my issues were resolved.

    EPILOGUE 2: Got pregnant again without trying. New baby due October 2012. As with the second, no blood thinner or progesterone. I'll be 42 1/2 years old when this one is born. A totally healthy pregnancy for both of us.

    I update this and keep it up with the intention of giving all you strugglers hope.

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    After two years of infertility, had two children plus a third on the way. We'll soon have three under the age of 5.

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