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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    Another new person here. My name is Heather. We have been TTC for 15 months. Although I am an RN and everyone thinks I can go through this it is hard at times. We have our 1st appt with a specialist the 1st week of February. 28 years old average cycles 30-33 days very regular.

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    Have you had your DH tested yet? I'm glad you found us, but I hope your stay is short and you can jump over to due dates soon.

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    We have not had any testing done yet. Our consultation appointment is Feb 4th. I just have so many mixed emotions about the entire process being a NICU RN. I know about every possible thing that could go wrong and it makes it 10 times more fustrating. I am hoping that some pressure lifts after the consultation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicurn View Post
    Another new person here. My name is Heather. We have been TTC for 15 months. Although I am an RN and everyone thinks I can go through this it is hard at times. We have our 1st appt with a specialist the 1st week of February. 28 years old average cycles 30-33 days very regular.
    Welcome to APA! Good luck at the RE. Hope it goes well and your stay here is short!

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    Hi, I am kinda new here too. I was on this page about a few mo ago, but haven't been posting, just reading. My DH and I have been TTC for 13 mo. After 9 mo I went to the doc - he did bloodwork, vaginal U/S b/c my charts looked like I was not O'ing and he thought that I might have PCOS. At the same time he did a semen analysis on my DH. My tests all came back "normal" but DH's SA came back with normal counts but slow motility and 0% normal morphology (which would be effecting the motility). My doc refused to put me on Clomid b/c of DH's results (even though I wasn't O'ing) - so I got a new doc. He gave me an Rx for 50 mg Clomid to start on Day 5 and take until Day 10. My DH has also been to see an Urologist - which did a second SA w/ same results so my DH is also being put on Clomid. I am planning on picking up DH's Rx this afternoon and getting my Rx filled (I am on day 32 and should be starting AF any time now).

    So here are my concerns:
    1. I have irregular length cycles (32-40 days) w/ some cycles of anovulation, I have read that clomid can make your cycles longer...not what I am looking forward to. I figured some of you may have had some experience w/ clomid and might be able to offer some insight. Does clomid make your cycles longer? If I end up having to take Clomid for more than one cycle will the day that I ovulate and the length of the cycle stay consistent?
    2. Does anyone have any advice on DH morphology? After doing some browsing on the internet - Clomid doesn't seem to have reliable results on males (it is more of a "hey, lets try this...). The only thing I found that Clomid would be benifical for is to build muscle ;)
    3. Lastly, I don't have the greatest quality CM (which could be linked to the fact that I don't O every month), but being put on clomid - this is another thing I am worried about. Any advice?

    Sorry this is so long!

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    The only advice I can give you from my nursing experience is you may want to use clomid and try IUI or IVF. The reason for this would be the sperm morphology issue. You want the best sperm to penetrate the egg and an abnormal morphology may create problems with the fetus if one eventually implants.

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    anne72 Guest

    Default My ttc journey!

    Hi i'm a newbie, i ttced for 9 months. Went to gyno and said i had been trying for a year( couldn't wait any longer) She did tests ans suspected endometrosis. She referred me to an R.E, he did a lap July 2006. One tube completely blocked and ovaries covered in endo. after op we did 1 iui. Then went onto ivf and 2 fet with no bfp Took a break and registered with a new r.e, he wants me to do iui then move to ivf if not successful . I have also been seeing a Chinese dr for acupuncture and herbs, he has helped the endo so much. I look forward to getting to know you all. Hope 2008 is my year!

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    sj16 Guest

    Smile trying from past 1 and half yr ...

    i am newbie here ... me and my DH ttc from past 1and half yrs...last 3 months back went to my gyno...and still getting his adivise only here they go...

    1)blood work done progestrone(5.9)(he says i ovulated)
    after this blood work he says i have harmonal imbalance...and this month feb he wants me to undergo a (LAPROSCOPY AND HYSTROSCOPY)

    2)my cycle is 29 or 30 days long and i ovulate bcos from past 3 months i am checking my ovulation.[and also have clots in my period time ..and cramps ..and normal bleeding..]
    all these are making me to think what to do next...pls guide me what to do ...

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    hey i have ms too, i thought i was the only one! thank God for you being here!!
    Me 24, Hubby 25 *npp since 2005*ttc since 2006**
    Clomid*3 suspected chem.pgs June,Oct. & Jan.*MS dx in aug 06*PCOS dx April 08*
    *sonohysterogram 2006 & semen analysis 2006-normal
    *charting,bbt,now clomid 50mg*

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    My husband had a vasectomy about 6 years ago with a previous marriage. He has 2 kids and I have none. We decided it was time to have a child together so he got a reversal. When he got the reversal, we found out one side of the vas defrens had a blow out and are unsure about the other side. We only saw heads with thin tales under the microscope which put us in the 70% chance category. Still no luck. If I'm not pregnant within 8 months then we are going for analysis to see our next step. Let's keep our fingers cross!

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    Default Introduction

    I wanted to introduce myself.
    I'm 26. TTC #1 since June 2007. Cycles range from 30 to 44 days- long and not regular. Experienced suspected implantation bleedind followed by early m/c in 3 cycles total. Low progesterone suspected as cause of possible m/cs. Not confirmed due to lab losing blood work.
    Had + OPKs in 4 out of 6 cycles using them. On one of the cycles that I didn't get a + my temps showed that I did ovulate and my cycle was actually 28 days (medicated). So I think that I ovulate at least some of the time on my own. Tests for PCOS and thyroid problems came back normal
    Tried one round of Clomid in March 08 (50mg on days 5-9). Didn't work. Estradiol 89 on CD16 and Progesterone 7 on CD23. Currently taking Clomid break until August. Meet with RE on April 28th. Will continue to chart and BD during break. Praying for a BFP for myself and for all of you.

    Looking for support in others with similar circumstances.
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    Went off BC in dec 2007 after almost four years of continuous BC, no periods d/t endometriosis. So far only two periods since then. very long cycle- 45days. Now waiting again for day 45 so I can test again and go talk to MD if negative and nothing on my own by day 47.

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    Default Endometriosis Biopsy???

    Has anyone had an Endometriosis Biopsy done? Just had one today. I am 37 and we are thinking about a 3rd baby! Have a (?) for anyone that may of had a E.B.


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    DH (Brad) and I were married in May, 2005. This was a second marriage for both of us. DH has two boys (12 & 7) from previous marriage, I have one boy (6) from previous marriage. Brad had a vasectomy 7 years ago. In February of 2007 he had a vasectomy reversal. TTC since June '07 when we got the green light. Test results for semen analysis came back very hopeful in July. Dr. said I should be pregnant within 6 months. Obviosly, that has not happened.

    We were trying to do this with the "it will happen when it happens" philosophy until December. I started charting in January where we suspect we had a mc, nothing confirmed.

    I have scheduled an appointment for 3/27 with fertility clinic. Our fingers are crossed that we will get a BFP in March and I can gladly cancel the appointment

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    Hi, I am new to the board. Here is some info about me.

    First my name is Rebecca and I am 22 yrs old, I have been married for 3 yrs. I have a 3yr old son, healthy as can be. While pregnant with my son I was diagnosed with gastaional diabetes. Then diagnosed with diabetes type 2.

    Have been trying TTC for about 2 yrs, then diagnosed with POCS. On Feb 20 I started my first round of Colmid 50mg, ALL tests are nomal. I am just waiting and hoping I become pregnant after so long, but I hear that it takes about 2-3 cycles before one becomes pregnant on Clomid? My diabetes type 2 is undercontrol and my A1c is 6.1 which is really good for me. So after reading all postson the boards gave me courage to post and tell me story and trust people that I don't know. I guess what I am asking is for support like everyone has done on the boards.

    Thank you for listening

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    If anyone on clomid and TTC please let's talk because this waiting game is driving me crazy!! I just want to be a mommy again, but I have to give my body some time.

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    Default Newbie too

    OMG glad to know I am not the only one going crazy TTC on Clomid!

    Okay so I am Michelle, I am 27 years old and I have been married for 5 yrs been off pill for 3 yrs, TTC for 11 months...this will be month 12. Cycles 23-29 days...VERY light and very short. Preconception counseling (4/07) NP nothing to be concerned about being off for so long Sept...AF never came and was over a week late took test...BFN and then got AF and it was miserable and there were clots..makes me wonder...anyway callled NP got appt and did some tests. OB/GYN said tests were normal back in Sept. Well her Ma did. I asked for her to call me back it was a phone tag game with me and her MA. Got sick of waiting for her to call found new doc. in Dec. more tests since she said there is some concern b/c I have been off pill for so long. My labs were all crazy and she suspected that I had poor ovarian failure and that my labs results are what she would have expected from a 39 yr old. She put me on 50 mg clomid to see if that would help me ovulate better (b/c I was either not ovluating or when I did it was poor and late so my eggs were not mature enough). Anway I did ovulate last cycle and I start my next cycle of 50 mg on Monday. DH will be getting SA this month as well. Ps....I did ovulate well last cycle...finally! Of course if his SA abnormal then it is off to RE. We are going to try this month and April on Clomid and if no preg then she is going to check my tubes (perhaps flush em and try again) and depending on what she find or what labs look like we may be off to RE.

    what is the ave length of time it takes to get prego on Clomid?
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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Jessica, DH is David. I got off BCP about a year ago, since then we were trying and in the last cycle I have added temping and charting to my list of things to do!

    I had weird cycles throughout adolescence and so it was not odd to me that they would be weird for several months after BCP. Everyone told me that it was normal to take a while and that the average is 6 months to a year before women conceive. I became concerned about my body when I didn't have a period naturally last cycle, we induced it with Provera

    This cycle: started temping a little late, but we thought we caught the O. Not really sure now. My doc is concerned bc I keep getting BFNs and no sign of AF. Today is CD 42. If i still haven't seen her by Friday I am supposed to test again, if BFN, start provera again the next day. On CD23, go in for labs to check progesterone, thryoid, etc.

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    Rebecca 08 I just wanted to let you know there are a good amount of girls on Clomid in this forum. You are welcome to come check us out in the thread on Clomid.

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    DH and I were TTC since 2004. Diagnosed varicocele. DH had surgery to remove it. Sperm count was not the best after 6 months. First round of IVF ICSI (June 06) successful. Diagnosed with pre-term labor and dynamic cervix at 6 months gestation. Bedrest for three months. Delivered two healthy babies at week 38.

    We are now trying for our third baby. We haven't approached the fertility clinic yet but will if nothing happens within the next 6 months.

    Good luck to everyone.
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    Cedric and Magalie at the beach (July 2008)

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    trying2 Guest

    Default still negative

    Over the last few months my cycle has been pretty strange. But this month tops the cake. First I started spotting on the 20th day of my cycle. For 2 days, there was brown discharge and a very light pink spotting. Now on the 30th day of my cycle, I am having cramps like a full cycle-lower back pain (intense), and I notice more light red blood. This time feels like the real AF. I also have frequent urination. My breast have gotten larger and fuller than they ever have during my cycle. I feel as if I want to throw up after I eat. Can anybody offer some advice. I just took my yearly pelvic exam in late Feb. It came back perfectly normal on all fronts. I also just had an ultrasound to rule out any fibroid problems. That checked out as well. Please help. I feel horrible and don't know what to do.

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    Has anyone had their docs tell them they suspect poor ovarian reserve?

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    Default My TTC Story

    Hi, I'm Courtney.

    Have been TTCing for 2 yrs. Had a BFP in December of '06, but got a BFN a week later. Finally went to doctor in June of '07. Was diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland. Am now on Dostinex to correct prolactean imbalance. Still no BFP. Started my first Clomid cycle on February 26th at 50mg, no LH surge at all this month. Am finally starting to chart my temps, hopefully that will help. My doctor told me not to chart since it is a big inconvenience according to her, but a friend of mine at work went through this with all 3 of her kids, and told me to try it. Clomid has made me very emotional and snappy this month. Doctor might raise the doesage, but haven't heard from her yet.
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    Hi girls! I'm Jessie and have been TTC since Jan.

    2002: DIagnosed with large uterine fibroid which was surgically removed.

    2004: got married

    2008: finally ready for children, because of my prior diagnosis I go to an RE. Ultrasound shows MORE fibroids! If the fibroids are not inside my uterus, I may be able to carry a child. If fibroids are inside, I'll need another surgery :crying: Next step is to have an MRI to really check out my reproductive system.

    Update: HSG showed one partially blocked tube, one clear tube and no firboids inside uterus. MRI shows more fibroids, one is 6cm, one is 3cm and a lot of small ones. My RE is giving me 4 more months to try for a natural pregnancy, after that I have to have surgery to remove the fibroids and then we can TTC again 3 months after surgery.
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    Christine28 Guest


    Fresh off the pill and TTC. I have diagnosed problems ovulating. I went off the pill 2 years ago, had 3 ever lengthening cycles and then no period for 3 months. The DR. tested me for PCOS and my hormones are all normal. I just don't ovulate all the time, no reason given. So I had a hormonal period on Feb. 23 and immediately started charting ovualtion. According to the test strips I had an LH surge on March 16. I have no cycle length to use for a base line. I took a HPT on March 26- BFN. When should I be testing?

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    TTC #1 since June 2006. We started Clomid in April of 2007,was diagnosed with PCOS, perscribed metformin for insulin resistance. Got pregnant on 75 mg of Clomid in June 2007 (1 year later and month 3 of Clomid). We took off July August September for my body to heal. Started Clomid in October 75 mg again. This is my sixth and final cycle of Clomid. Dr raised Clomid to 100 mg for this month. I have had an Ultrasound and they found nothing unusual. I am hoping to get in to see the local RE in April and start down the path of IUI.
    DD: Anora Lynn 1/30/09

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    babyhopes08 Guest


    Hello everyone I'm new here

    TTC/unexplained IF

    My name is Tamara I am 31yrs old married for almost 4 years and ttc for little over 3 years. I have been followed-up by ob-gyn since 2006 when i had a suspected m/c, so far i completed provera 10mg x 10 days for 6 months, had fertility work-up done, including hsg (nil blockage) everything else was normal, DH S/A was normal. I have completed 2 rounds of clomid 50mg. LMP was Jan-23-08 until I started having some bleeding on March-28-08.

    I'm about to commence clomid 100mg.

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    Default My Story


    DH & I have been trying to conceive #2 since October 2007.
    We have had two chemical pregnancy losses.
    First one occurred the first week in January between 4-5 wks.
    Second one occurred the first week in April between 4-5 wks.
    My cycle is almost always 28 -29 days with typical O on cd 16, typical luteal phase 12 days.
    The only other known fact right now is that I have the RH factor, but so far I have been given the shot to prevent 'attacking antibodies' from being created.

    My first 'serious' appointment with my doctor is on April 10, 2008.
    I will keep the group updated with my progress.

    Thanks for all of your support!
    Erin (33), DH Matthew (31), DS Chase (4), DD Lila Kate (19months), DD Stella (born 2.19.11)

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    Hi Rebecca 08 I was onClomid with my son, now 6 and it worked with just 1 cycle, I am going back on clomid for baby #2 in 2 weeks. I am praying the same thing happenes. Any advice???
    The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a well spent life is eternal-CICERO PRAYING FOR TATA101982 BFP!!!!!!!

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    I have been TTC since 9-06. I had a HSG done this month and I have started another round of 100 MG Clomid this month. The Doc says I can do this for another three months and then we will have to move on... Hopefully this works quickly!!

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