I'll try to make this short

Well I had my first ovarian cyst at 17 years old (Nov 2001) it was the size of a basketball and I looked about 5 months pg. But my Family Doctor said that nothing was wrong. After months of complaining of pain she sent me for a U/s the cyst was so big that's all they could see on the U/s. I then saw a OBGYN who couldn't believe that I had gone this long without treatment. Had Lap to drain cyst. The cyst came back 4 months later about the same size as before. So I had a laparotomy and had my ovary removed and was put on BCP to control the cysts. Went off of BCP June of 2005 didn't achieve pg and was having pain so saw a fertility specialist who did some u/s and found more cyts. I waited it out a couple of months to see if the cyst would clear up and if I would get pg. The cyst went away yet I was still having pain and not pg. So Nov 2005 I had another lap that revealed that my right tube was destroyed from previous surgeries, I have endo, adhesions, tons of scar tissue that was webbed between my uterus, tube and only ovary and my only tube the left one was blocked. She cleaned up the endo, scar tissue and adhesions and sent me to a tubal specialist who did a work up. Before starting medication to clear my tube he wanted dh to do a semen analysis to make sure everything was good on his end. Well he was born with a hernia that was repaired in 2002 and it destroyed his count. He had a very low count and low motility among other things. So we were refered to IVF. We got pg with dd in March of 2006. As of now I am seeing a new RE because I have more ovarian cyst that were found in June 2007 that are not clearing up and are getting bigger. We have our next appt on July 24.