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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    At 20 I had only had AF a handful of times so my Family Dr put me on BC to get AF and mentioned I would most likely have problems with fertility. 3 years later I went off BC a few months before the wedding so we've been NPP since Feb 2003. Since going off BC, AF has started and seems to be becoming more normal every year. Last year I had an average cycle of about 50 days. Sept 2006 my Dr tested and found PCOS and prescribed Metformin (4x day). I have not started to take any medications just yet. Plan to start charting my temps soon and becoming more active in TTC.


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    I'm new to the boards, but here is my story:
    I'm 31, DH is 30, been married and NPP for 5 years, TTC for over 2. No prior PG's for either me or my husband.
    Just started seeing RE in December, HSG showed blocked right fallopian tube, all other tests & BW good. DH had low volume & morphology in 2 tests that RE thinks is just 'performance anxiety' (I don't blame him :!: ). Decided to go with RE's recommendation of ZIFT procedure because he suspects endo and wants visual confirmation, and RE has GREAT success with ZIFT.
    Started Lupron injections for suppression cycle on Feb 2nd, went for US and RE found cyst. Had to stop Lupron and start 1 month of BCP. 2 1/2 weeks later US showed cyst was gone.
    I have 1 more day of BCP and then waiting for AF so I can start the suppression cycle again.

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    Well, Since my DS was born in 1990 (I was 17, Doctors didn't think I would be able to have a child due to extreme hormone problems... They tried me on B/C but I had a reaction and stayed on AF for two months.. a month later I became pregnant with DS who is 16 years old now) I've not used any type of B/C since having my son. I've had three M/C over the years the last one was in Oct. 2001. For the most part of the 90's I had no AF what so ever. After my M/C in 2001 I decided I wanted to have another child so bad. In Nov. 01 I was diagnosed with PCOS and was told I had probably had more m/c with out knowing because I was developing immature eggs because of the hormone imbalance. I was placed on Clomid for 6 cycles with no luck. I moved and took a 6 month break from the meds.. My new Dr at the time put me on another 6 cycles of clomid with no luck. Those two years was a really bad emotional roller coaster for me. At that time I decided to let be what ever is meant to be. The depression was just to much. 2004 I had 1 AF, 2005 I had 1 AF. In Sept. 2006 I decided I couldn't handle the symptoms of PCOS anymore and wanted to do something about it and went in search of natural supplements and vitamins, I used natural progesterone to jump start my period in Sept., started my new life diet and have had AF ever since, I've lost 43 lbs. At first my AF's were about 28 days.. then in dec. I had a long one.. 45 days and this last one was 54 days. I had my first appt. with RE Last Thursday March 29, 2007 She wants to try two cycles of clomid which I wasn't happy about this because I've done this before. Was hoping to address some of the PCOS problems and maybe try Femara and Metiforim. I have an HSG on April 11, 2007. Start Clomid on April 4, 2007 and have an MLP Test April 20, 2007. She is starting me off this time on 100mg. Hoping this round is the one!!! Sorry so

    Struggled for 7 1/2 years. PCOS & Hypothyroidism

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    Hi all, I have not been on in a long while. But I have now come to the realization that I need the additional support that you all so graciously provide. DH and I have been TTC since June of 06 - I've been off birth conrol pills since March 06. After not having a period for about 5 weeks then having one for 5 weeks straight, my OBGYN ran a slew of tests, then diagonosed me with PCOS in October of 06. Since then I have been on 500mg Metformin 3x/day and Medroxyprogesterone on days 15-25 to start AF. Last month I found out my sister is pregnant, I am really happy for her, this will be her first. She is 5 years older than me and it makes sense for her to have kids before me. However I would be fooling myself if I did not admit that it makes me realize, all the more, my own failed attempts at motherhood. The last several months I have not been charting or temping anything - i needed a break from it for a while. I plan to start all that again if nothing else, so my OBGYN will have it to help plan my next steps.

    Good Luck to all of you!

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    Default Our Story

    We have been TTC since june 05, all of my labs seem to be normal, unfortunately my dh has 0 sperm count. The RE tested my dh's FSH, and came back at 13. The RE said sperm donor or testicular biopsy are our only options.

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    Im kia obviously lol and we have been trying for about 18 months with one loss. Currently I have gone to the RE and had blood tests and HSG done and all came back normal. On Saturday, dh produces his boys for a check up and if all goes well, we move on to the next step.


    Angela is 30...James is 28...Levi is 22

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    My Story: Went off birth control pills 2003, npp since oct/2005, diagnoised with endo, just finshed lupron and pateintly waiting for af to arrive to move forward. DBF sperm is very good!
    Kim 22, DBF(greg) 24, and our newest addition AUSTIN 4/18/08!!!

  8. Default The Story of Us.

    Our Story: I'm 24 and Chris, DH, is 25. We've been together for 8yrs. TTC since January 2006. Married March 2006. Never been PG, to my knowledge. Started talking to OB in June 2006 about no PG results. He finally put me on Clomid for 3 cycles (OCT-DEC 2006). I ovulated but no BFPs. Met with RE for first time FEB. 12, 2007. Consult went well. She said she'd wait til my next AF, I'd come in on CD3 and she'd run some Blood Tests and put me back on Clomid. The week after AF, I'd come back in for SHG, HSG, & US. The week after that, hopefully, she could do first IUI. In the mean time, I got DH s/a done and all is fine there. I never got AF (after 2 months). She put me on Provera. Tomorrow is last day of that. DH now has suspected Varicocele (sp?). Goes in for US on 4/25. I've done a lot of research in past 2 months (nothing else to do...LOL) and I suspect PCOS. I have ALL visible symtoms. I have just one question: Where is Dr. HOUSE when you need him!!! LOL!!!

    Good Luck to us ALL!!

    UDATE::: Finally got AF and got to go back to the Dr. Did U/S and baseline BW. U/S confirmed self diagnosis of PCOS. Right ovary is polycystic and left ovary appears to be normal. Hopefully, I will be put on Metformin soon. I go in for the HSG on 5/1/07. My DH is fine as well; he had a hydrocele which is caused by infection and is cured wtih antibiotics.

    UPDATE #2::: Went for the HSG on 5/1 and finally saw my actual RE again. "Beautiful" uterus and clear tubes. She seems to think that PCOS isn't an issue b/c she says that 11 follies in my right ovary is normal for my age?? Her diagnosis is "Unexplained Infertility." She wants to proceed with an IUI in June '07, which is my next cycle. DH and I will try "naturally" for the last time in May and hope for the best.

    UPDATE #3::: We had our first Clomid/IUI in JUNE '07. I had 2 follies and he had 56 million swimmers. Failed. Our second Clomid/IUI was beginning JULY '07. I had one follie and he had 28 million swimmers with 60% motility. Failed. Our 3rd and final Clomid/IUI was end of JULY '07. I had two on the right and one on the left. He had 45 million swimmers with 90% motility. BFP but ended in m/c at 4 weeks.

    UPDATE #4::: We are broke. Can't do anymore IUI's but Dr doesn't want to do anymore of those anyway unless I'm on Lupron. She would prefer to do IVF but that's outta the question. Takes money to do that. Lupron/IUI isn't cheap either. We've decided to keep me on either Clomid or Femara, have timed intercourse, and stay on Progesterone after O and see what happens after a few months of that. At least until we can save up some money.

    UPDATE #5::: It's been nearly a year since that last update. I'm now almost 26 and DH just turned 26 in June '08. Yesterday marked a year since I had my one and only + PG test. I went on Femara, Baby Aspirin, Vitamins Galore, and Metformin from JAN-APR 08. Though I haven't been to a Dr since 8/07. I got the meds online from some very caring friends. The meds did what they were supposed to do as far as my body and hormones are concerned but didn't result in any PG. Ran out of meds in APR. Still no money. Tired. Frustrated. Adoption! We decided in May 08 that we needed to start the adoption process. DH changed his mind a month later when we discovered the cost of $28K for domestic infant adoption. We're in debt far enough he said. I told him I was done "trying" and he'd have to accept that for now. We have not been "trying" since APR 08 but not preventing either. It's 8/8/08 today. I'm 19DPO / CD34. Tested yesterday. Negative. AF is screwing with me. It's felt good to take a "break" as I've not temped, charted, taken meds, timed BDing, etc. I do feel a little guilty I'm not giving it my all. My sanity is more important right now. Get to meet Kim (kss717) next week at the beach!
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    Hi! I am Patty. Me and DH have been TTC since July 05. Was diagnosed with Endo last year. Had surgery to have it removed, got pg right after and had m/c # 1. A few months later got pg again, had m/c #2. Still trying for our first baby.
    I will be turning 35 in June and really wanted to be pg by then!

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    Ok , my story in a nutshell... Me 43, DH 42...met 17 years ago at work. Met up again in 06 ,fell in love got pg m/c twins 6/06. Married this wonderful man 7/06. Kept trying and nothing happened. I was refered to an RE in Jan went through a boatload of tests. Had a chemical m/c 5/07. Diagnosed with Thyroid disease 7/07. IUI #1 11/07 failed, IUI #2 12/07 BFP, sadly m/c a boy at 10 weeks. Insurance didn't cover IVF til June 08. I don't have too much of a problem getting pg just carrying. Considering my diagnosis with the RE is diminished Ovarian Reserve and my high FSH(in their opinion). DH and I know it will happen for us! I changed RE's because he kept pushing domor eggs. I found a new RE in 8/08. I had a 2nd HSG done and was diagnosed with septate uterus. I had surgery in 10/08 to have it fixed. Considering my age and thyroid disease IVF is the best way for us. I had high FSH this past 1/09 so I will be taking an injection of Cetrotide on 2/5 to lower the FSH and proceed with IVF.
    I changed RE's in Aug!

    I was diagnosed with a septate uterus in Sept. I had surgery in Oct to fix it. I am starting IVF next cycle!!! Mid Feb '09
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    We started ttc in July 2003. I've had all my lab work come back fine. We got pregnant in February 2007. Found out DH's sperm count was low, but didn't pay too much attention to the results because we had found out the day before I was pregnant. Then we mc in March. I'm still waiting for my pregnancy hormone to finish going down, then our doctor said to wait 3 cycles before we start trying again. So we're waiting. Oh - I'm 30 and DH is 36. That's us in a nutshell!

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    okay... here goes.

    DH and I have been married for almost 6 years. We began NPP/TTC in December of 2003. After a year of trying and no luck, we were put on Clomid for 3 cycles. Then we went to an RE who conducted initial tests and could find nothing wrong with us. Thus, we were diagosed with "unexplained infertility" I had a laparoscopy for possible endometriosis (none was found) We did another cycle of Clomid with an IUI (BFN)

    Ended up switching Dr.s due to being called and told I was pregnant and it was a mistake (Yeah, they called the wrong Stephanie) We requested our medical records and They also had the wrong semen analysis in DH's files (same name, different person ... DH has a common name) Oh, and this guy was voted Best in Boston for infertility! :roll:

    Ended up switching Dr's and found out that I have a borderline FSH level (12) and DH has a low sperm count due to a varicocele he had when he was 15.

    Did our First IVF in Nov of 05 which resulted in a healthy pregnancy. We are currently getting ready to do some more testing and do our Second IVF in the summer or fall pending outcomes of my tests.......

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    (1997) My first pregnancy was like text book. I gave birth to a very healthy 8 lb 7 1/2 oz baby boy. He came on his due date even. The whole birth was completely natural. No complications or anything.

    Two years later I got the BFP again. It was really faint though... and i felt... different.... can't really explain the 'different' feeling. But I knew something wasn't right... every once in awhile i'd have these strange twinges. I made it to 8 or 9 weeks... i don't remember... and we went in for an ultra sound... We saw the embryotic sac... but it was empty. So I then was scheduled for a D & C. My diagnosis: blighted ovum.

    Two years after that I got another BFP. I was really nervous about it though. Again, I had that feeling that something was wrong. To ease my mind the doctor allowed an U/S. There was a heartbeat.. but it was only 60 BPM. I was 3 1/2 months along. Then came the spotting... but it subsided as quickly as it came. Doc wanted to wait another 2 weeks before we did another U/S to see if there was a chance things would be okay. We waited... I started spotting again. At U/S #2 the heart beat was gone. The baby died.

    Doc wanted to see if I would miscarry naturally because something to do with the fact that scar tissue build up from D & C's makes it harder to keep baby in place. I think thats what he said... I don't remember anymore. So he sent me home to miscarry.
    I layed around for hours.... literally having contractions...strong ones... and bleeding like crazy...
    A day went by and I had lost so much blood I passed out. So back to the ER I went. I had to have an emergency D & C because they feared I was hemmorageing. Baby wasn't going to come out on its own.

    its been 6 almost 7 years since my first miscarriage.

    My cycles have been regular for the most part. THat is until last October. I missed my period for that month... Only spotted for two days and stopped.

    Then in March of this year I didn't have a period again at all.
    Now here I am again in May.. I was supposed to start on the 8th, but nothing happened.

    My new doctor told me I have a pituitary gland tumor... I have had two MRI's. The first showed the tumor very small.. the second one showed it at 10mm in size. the MRI's were 6 months apart.

    That is pretty much all the info I have on diagnosis... and I know much more tests need to be done.

    I would also like to add that it is pretty safe to say that my husbands goods are in working order. I have a DSS (9 mo old) to prove it.

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    I've been married for 3 yrs now. My husband & I have been TTC ever since we first got married.
    Last year I was diagnosed with endometriosis.
    I had ultrasounds done, this was due to an ovarian cyst. I was put on BCP's to try & shrink the cyst. The cyst wasn't going away. My dr. decided to do a laparoscopy. During the lap, my dr. found endometriosis, & another cyst on my uterus.
    I've had 2 laparoscopies & 1 laparotomy done due to ovarian cysts.
    during my laparotomy I had half of my left ovary removed, & half of my left tube removed, also a cyst on my uterus was removed as well.
    This recent laparoscopy (march 2007), my left remaining tube was found dilated. I had another cyst on my left ovary removed, & adhesions removed. My dr. also found a cyst on my right ovary which wasn't removed.
    I'm waiting to have an HSG test done for my right fallopian tube.
    Since I have the endometriosis & issues with my tubes. My dr. told my husband & I that IVF would be the best route to go for me.
    At this time If my tube isn't blocked I feel that a specialist is the best way to go.


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    We have been TTC since 3/2005 (26mo) Me- 38 DH- 29

    * 7/07/06 1st HSG- inconclusive
    * 12/01/06 Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy - Everything normal, possible right tube blocked.
    * 01/26/07 1st IUI w/ clomid & trigger- BFN
    * 02/22/07 2nd IUI w/ clomid & trigger- BFN
    * 03/22/07 3rd IUI w/ clomid & trigger- BFN
    * DH sperm each time between 25-60 Million after wash
    * 04/16/07 2nd HSG- tubes open, T-shaped uterus
    * 5/01/07 Started weekly Accupunture
    * 5/22/07 Went to injection class to start injectables for IUI.
    * 5/23/07 Started Follistim injectables
    * ?/?/07 4th IUI w/ follistim & trigger- BF?
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    DH & me -32. DD March 2004. Been married 6 years. We've been trying to concieve # 2 since Sept. 2005.

    ~11/05 Clomid round #1- BFN
    ~12/05 Clomid round #2 - BFP 1/15/06
    ~2/13/06 1st M/C @ 8 weeks, D&C
    ~5/06 given TTC go ahead!
    ~10/06 Ectopic/ruptured tube - Laparoscopy and D&C, lost left tube
    ~1/07 HSG - right tube open
    ~5/7/07 Clomid round #1-BFN
    ~6/5/07 Clomid round #2-BFP on 7/4/07
    ~7/14/07 2nd M/C @ 5 weeks, possible blighted ovum
    ~11/26/07 3rd M/C @ 6 weeks

    Have been seeing an RE since 12/07, went thru 4 rounds of Clomid, and one IUI. No luck.

    ~6/08 Acupuncture Cycle #1 = BFN

    After four months of acupuncture, with no BFP's, I'm at a standstill. Trying on our own until after the first of the year, 2009. Looking for a miracle.
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    I'm relatively new to the forums and have been floating back and forth between some of the topics. This seems like it might be a good place for me to "land" for a while.

    My DH and I were married in August of '03 and have been TTC since May of '06. (I'm 30 and DH is 31) We were using OPK's originally (not charting) and finally got a BFP in March of '07. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum in April and had a D&C on the 26th. Since then I have been waiting for AF to show so we can start trying again. I also started charting after the procedure and wish I had been doing it all along, oh well.

    OB wants us to try for 6 more cycles before doing any testing and taking things to the next level. The only thing I have been diagnosed with is an ovarian cyst which seems to grow (and sometimes rupture) on a cyclical basis. Dr. doesn't seem too concerned about this affecting my fertility though.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you and hopefully celebrate all of our BFP's soon!

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    My Diagnosis: 5/06 dealing with constant pain. 9/06 laprascopy diagnosed endo, endo burned and removed. 5 months of failed clomid cycles...successfully "O"ing. MAR07 Clomid 150mg and Ovidrel injection...failed. The injection gave me HUGE cysts, lap 4/07 to drain cysts, only one small new spot of endo noticed. Also did HCG tubal dye test...right tube clear and good, left tube completely blocked...leaving alone hoping the right will do all the work. Also diagnosed with PCOS. Taking a two month "break" still trying but no meds.

    Personal Background: I am 22 my DH is 25. We were married in September 2005, TTC since May 2006. This month marks one year of TTC...tough to accept.

    My thoughts are with all of you, wishing you the best. I am here for support whenever you need it.

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    Same goes here Crystal....we are here for you! Hugs!

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    diagnosis: annovulation, unexplained infertility :?:

    A little about me....DH is soon to be 30. I am soon to be 29. We have 2 beautiful boys who we are blessed to have. We had not trouble conceiving #1, but took clomid to have #2. I know we are blessed to have them, but we have always wanted four children. I will be OK if I NEVER have another one, but I will always wonder. We agreed when we were dating 11 years ago that we would have 4 kids.....I never thought we would have any trouble. I had thyroid cancer :evil: a few years back and had to have radiation and some other treatments including a couple of surgeries. After the radiation, I stopped ovulating all together. #3 has been really hard. We have been TTC for over a year. I have been on Clomid for 2 months. I am currently 10.11dpo and my progesterone level this month was 22.6. I will be testing soon, in a couple days anyway. I had a m/c the month before last and it put me out for about 2 weeks b/c it was soooo unexpected. It was early, but I still felt the loss.
    I feel so blue right now. I don't know why. I cry about everything. I don't think that I am depressed. I think it is hormonal, but it has been a long hard road.

    I just want you all to know that I will pray for you and your DH that you get that BFP you are waiting on.

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    I'm 31 and DH is 30. After 3 months of marriage, we decided to stop BCP and see what happens. Took my last pill, got AF a few days later, was pregnant 2 wks later. My DH kept telling me I was PG, but I told him it would take an act of God for me to get PG that fast. My OB/GYN nurse kept telling me I was irregular and was just getting ready for AF. All the HPT were BFN, but I just didn't feel right--nausea and sore breasts for weeks. I finally asked for a blood test and there was my BFP! 8 months later our DS was born. Since that was so easy, we decided to wait until 9 months before we were ready for the baby to be here to stop BCP. I went for my annual the month before we were planning TTC. She said to make sure I waited a good month after the BCP to start trying. So I stopped immediately. A few months later still nothing. My dr. was hesitant about trying Clomid since it was so easy the first time. So we tried for a few more months with no success. I tried Clomid 6/06 and 7/06. My BW showed that I wasn't Oing. So I did a glucose test and found out I am insulin resistant. I started Glyburide and watching my diet in 9/06. After 2 months of meds, we retested and BW was normal. A few weeks later I was having sore breasts, but no nausea. I took HPT and they worked!!! I got 4 BFP! I was so excited. The dr. did a Titer test the next day that showed I was 4-6 wks. We told everybody the next week for Christmas. Christmas Day I cramped all day, but I thought it was just the muscles stretching. Friday I was spotting and rushed to take another Titer. When I got back home, I passed a clot. I knew I had lost it, but the nurse and drs said it could be nothing--the BW had gone up, but not like it should have. Saturday morning I wasn't PG anymore. I was Dx with blighted ovum. Dr. said to wait 2 cycles before TTC. But after the 1st AF we weren't that careful, but still nothing. After 2nd AF, thought I felt Oing pains and BD all over the place. AF came and I lost it. Called dr. immediately for more Clomid. U/S showed good ovaries and follicles. Started Clomid and BW showed low estrogen. So followed Clomid with estrogen then did progesterone inserts after O. Progesterone was 8.4 and dr. wanted 10. Tried not to get my hopes up, but that doesn't work. AF came earlier this week. Taking next month off...maybe nature will take its course. I don't know what the deal is. 4 years ago I got PG just by looking at DH. Now it's taking some work.
    Sorry to be so long. Thank you all for your welcomes.
    I'm 34 DH=33, DS=6yr, DS=9months (born almost 4yr to the day since beginning STC!) Expecting #3 2/11- please be a girl!

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    Hi name is Katrina and I'm new here. My story in a nut husband, Jason (he is 27 , I am 29 ), and I have been together since 2002, married 6/06, and TTC for the last few years. I finally convinced him to be tested, my blood tests and HSG came back normal I also have normal LH rises per Clear Blue Easy OPK tests...and look to be "O'ing" based on my chart. Turned out he is took us a little while to digest this but now we are moving forward. We ordered donor samples from Fairfax and went in for
    IUI #1 5/07...BFN,
    IUI #2 7/07....BFN,
    IUI#3 9/07....BFN.
    After 3 failures I went on Clomid 100mg
    IUI #4 Clomid 10/19....BFN.
    IUI #5 again on Clomid 11/20...BFN.
    IUI #6 Clomid + Trigger 12/21...BFP 1/4/08!!!!!! 1st beta 14DPO 667,
    2nd beta 17DPO 1752....first ultrasound at 6weeks 1day showed TRIPLETS OH MY!!
    I think the success was from the Trigger shot...that's the only thing I did different this try.
    I figured since the issue was supposedly not me that the IUI's would be automatic BFP...bummer. I wish I would have known about this board years ago...would have been nice to have some people that are where I am to talk to. Anyway, thanks for the fingers are crossed for all of you!!!!!!!!! Katrina
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    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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    update on my prognosis...

    Going for a Laparoscopy on July 16th!!!!! They will be draining out the cysts on my ovaries, looking for endometriosis, and making sure my tubes are clear!!!!
    I'm Emma. Struggled to get pregnant for 3 years with our DD Adrianna (June 4,2008) Our oldest Son, Jake was born June 18,2009. And our new baby boy, Nicholas, was born August 23rd 2011!

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    Hi all--
    My name is Jo, DH Andy, and we're both 31. I've been a reader on APA for awhile, then I joined, now it has taken me two months to work up to jumping in, but today I did Such a dork, I know, but I've had an incredibly hard time sharing this with anyone. It's like speaking it out loud (or writing it down for that matter) makes it too real. Anyway, I posted on the welcome mat in TTC and realized after posting that struggling or medical assistance is actually where I belong. I'm not sure how many people are like me and surf all three, so here goes...

    OK-so we've been actively trying 2 1/2 years...temping, OPKs, on and off Clomid, etc. and got the verdict in January (puny eggs and poor SA) that it was IVF/ICSI or nothing for us. Our target date is August 9th and I have my ultrasound tomorrow and CD 3 bloodwork on Saturday.

    I wanted too to thank all of you for sharing your stories. Letting people know they are not alone in their struggles is a huge help and I have kept you all in my prayers for months. This site has been a blessing.

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    Welcome Jo, This is a great bunch of ladies for support and info. We hope your stay is short. Kim

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    Okay, I haven't been on APA in probably about 9 months... I just didn't have the energy to keep up anymore with how hectic work and school were (still doing both full-time). But, trying to get things moving again and want to catch back up with everyone - plus, my original TTC story was way too long, so here's the short(er) (and updated) version:

    -- On BCP off & on (mostly on) for about 10+ years, until Dec. 2005.

    -- Blood clot in leg in Dec. 2005. Stopped BCP immediately, and was put on Coumadin (anticoagulant) for blood clot. DBF (now DH) and I had just been starting to talk about kids, but not to the point of trying yet.

    -- Doctor (family practice / OB) put me on Depo for 6 months (since would be dangerous to get PG while on Coumadin). I didn't like the idea of Depo, but didn't know that much about it and finally agreed (big mistake!).

    -- Stopped Depo (and Coumadin) in June 2006 and started TTC/NPP (wasn't charting yet at that point). Cycles were irregular for over a year after stopping.

    -- Started charting temps, etc. and actively TTC / timing BD in Feb. 2007.

    -- Saw an RE in Aug. 2007 about irregular cycles, infertility, and concerns about Depo after-effects. Ultrasound showed normal follicle development, and CD3 blood tests for FSH and Estradiol showed everything fine there. However, because of my blood clot RE also did tests for clotting factors, and it turned out I was positive for two of them: Factor II (prothrombin) and Factor V (Leiden). Found this out in September 2007. Started taking low-dose aspirin once per day per RE's advice.

    -- DH was also supposed to get an SA around this time, but he kept stalling, and then...

    -- BFP in Oct. 2007; but then m/c at about 5-6 weeks.

    -- RE didn't want to do anything else until I saw a hematologist; actually, when I told her about the PG and m/c, she kind of yelled at me for getting PG in the first place without knowing the impact of the two clotting factors combined. OB-GYN (experienced with high-risk PG) told me it was perfectly fine to keep TTC, but that I would just need to go on Lovenox right away if I got PG again.

    -- Saw local hematologist in spring 2008 (took a while to find one and get in), but because I was positive for two factors (which is rare), he then referred me to a clotting specialist in San Francisco (about 60 mi. away). Saw that hematologist in Sept. 2008 (he was booked months out). According to the specialist, I shouldn't have any problems (aside from yes, will need Lovenox if get PG, etc.) - he said I don't even need to be on the aspirin, and shouldn't cause any problems getting PG.

    -- Saw OB-GYN for follow-up TTC/infertility consult in Sept.; she sent me for HSG and DH for SA. Got the HSG done a few weeks ago; the procedure itself was torture (took 2 hours, 2 different radiologists, plus an OBGYN at the hospital to get the darn catheter in - or actually it was the 3rd catheter they tried - apparently I have an extraordinarily tight inner cervical OS; they even asked if I menstruate normally!). But, results were good; uterine lining looked normal, and tubes are both clear.

    -- Now, just need to get DH in for his SA, of course. He's finally accepted that he has to do it (he figured since I got PG last Oct. he didn't need to anymore), but has been having some other health problems lately that have put him under a lot of stress, so I haven't pushed him too hard. Hopefully we'll get that done in the next month, though.

    So, after all that....... still unexplained IF, after TTC for over 2 years. But, the first year or so I was still irregular from the Depo, and admittedly we've been moving a little slow with the diagnosis this year, but now that I'm almost done with school I'm finally mustering up the energy to start really pursuing our options if needed. So, we'll see...... trying to still have hope!
    Last edited by tebzle; 10-15-2008 at 12:23 AM. Reason: update
    Elizabeth (35) & Ira (32) ~ Married Feb. '08 ~ TTC #1 since June '06
    m/c 10/07 ~ positive for Factor II (prothrombin) & Factor V (Leiden) mutations

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    Default Hello!!

    Hello all. I am new to all of this. A friend of mine recommended it to here is my story:

    I am 28 and DH is 36. We have been TTC for 3 years.

    0 pregnancies. HSG clear. Lap found Endo and cyst.

    Me: I had Pre-cancer cells on my cervix at age 16 and again at 21. Both times I had Cryo. Then at age 23 I was diagnosed with PCOS. 2 years later we started TTC. In April of this year my RE did a Lap and found Endometreosis and a cyst on my fallopian tube! We are on our 3rd round of Femara! We are due to test on July 17th!!!

    DH: Had a testicular torsion at age 10 and has low sperm count. He is taking Clomid and being a total trooper!

    Although I feel this is the cycle for us ~ if it doesn't take ~ we are going to try IUI!

    It is so good to hear other's is giving me some hope!!!!![/b][/i]

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    wow, I feel for all of much to deal with. I did not have so much trouble.

    Me: 29
    DH 31
    married since 2003, had been TTC since 2004. Went to the Dr in Nov 2005. Found out DH had huge varicoceles. I was found to be healthy and fertile. Went for IVF ICSI in June 2006. Got BFP with first attempt. Gave birth to my twins on Feb 18th 2007. I am already planning for round two next year.

    Good luck to all of you. I wish you could be as lucky as I am.
    Cedric and Magalie at the beach (July 2008)

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    LayLay Guest

    Default My Story

    Married in 01/2003. Began trying about 8 months later. Uncomfirmed pregnancy 10/2004. 11/2005 went on Metformin. Pregnant Dec/2005, miscarriage, 02/14/2005. few months passed another uncomfirmed miscarriage. Fired my ob/gyn.

    Began bleeding and would not stop, 7 months went to new ob/gyn, had another D&C. Placed on BC and Metformin. (which I didn't take after 1 month)

    Was told that in addition to PCOS I also had Hyperplasia w/atypia.

    No periods for months and months, then bleeding started again and did not stop. May, 2006 went to dr. put my on progesteroine to shed uteras. Severe bleeding.

    Finally stopped on July 6, 2007

    Pretty sure I ovulated this month and I am feeling pg. My test date is July 26th.

    Ecck, I hope so!

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    Default To Maisie's Mom!

    This message is to Maisies Mom;
    I'm new here and saw your entry with your diagnosis.
    Sorry to single you out, but I am axnious to speak to someone who's
    been through what I have!

    I was looking for someone who also had Cone biopsy for Cervical

    TTC 2years- PCOS also! On Glucophage for that.

    I didn't think I could conceive naturally after Cone bx, until I read
    your post!!
    Is it true? Were you able to conceive naturally after cone?

    I had 2 failed IUI's with Clomid--now taking a break because
    Insurance doesn't cover. I was starting to lose hope as well until I read about you!

    Please respond! Thanks!! Anyone else been through Cervical Cancer and now trying to conceive?? RE won't give me a straight answer if I can or can't conceive naturally!!

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