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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    I also forgot to say that I cramp until I start my period off and on. Each month we BD on fertile days with help off OPK.

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    Here is my story; Married in November of 2000 started TTC right away nothing happened. Have had irregular periods my whole life spent the next 9 years still TTC and not able to figure out what was wrong went to two different fertility Dr's neither one could figure out why I couldn't get pregnant both said "just lose weight and it will happen". Got very upset as I knew being overweight wasn't the only issue preventing pregnancy. Finally my GP sent me to another fertility Dr who ran a bunch of tests and in October of 2009 was diagnosed with PCOS and was put on Metformin and we started Progesterone to bring on AF and then Clomid of 50mg didn't work. Had some family medical issues come up so took time off then started again June of this year with Metformin, progesterone, 100mg of Clomid. Went to Dr on June 29 had two follicles one was 12 and the other 14 did Trigger Shot on July 3rd and hoping to get a BFP with blood work on the 11th.

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    I have just joined this forum to share a few concerns. I have been TTC for the last 1 year and a half. Was diagnosed with Thyroid a yea back, but now it is normal. There is no issue with egg formation, as I undergo follicular studies every month. Now my doc has sugggested me to go through tube test to diagnose if the tubes are blocked. I guess, it is painful, moreover, it is only a diagnosis not a treatment. Please share if I should take the test or wait more.

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    I have had the HSG (tube test) done and it caused some cramping but it wasn't too bad. I would say it is worth your while to have it done. A friend of mine was TTC for a couple of years and had 3 losses before she had the HSG done, found her tubes were completely blocked, and was told she would need IVF to get pregnant. Her IVF worked on the first try and she has a set of adorable twin boys. Good luck to you!
    Katie (34) DH (33). DS1 Derek (3), DS2 Adam (1). September 2014: TTC #3!

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    So my husband and I have struggled with fertility a long.... time.. I've endured years of women at my job being pregnant and discussing every detail of their pregnancy...
    Im a teacher and sumtimes there were 3 or more people pregnant at once.. I was always trying to be happy but I was sad the first dozen times for me and my husband.

    Most times I cried alone in the bathroom and pulled it together sumhow.. Two years ago I had a surgery that was going to increase my fertility but instead it totally took away the eggs I had left.. I was told my body went into menopause.. I hate Endometriosis!!!

    So we are adopting and now its time......!!!!!!! a mom has chosen us!!! and we have a few things left to pay and we know the date of the C section..

    So today a pregnant lady at the job was talking about her baby due date, so I told her my hubby and I were adopting and my child's due date and she got this weird look on her face.. and just clammed up!!!

    Not the reaction I was looking for!!! No congrats!!! ooooo...ok she does that hurt so much!!!
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    I finally got frustrated and went off of everything except the folic acid and 1 baby aspirin per day. we did ultrasound monitoring with the clomid and each time at 6 weeks there was a heartbeat, the next week when i would go back there would be none. One time the preganancy was completly gone! Its been a year now and i get more sad by the day since nothing has happened.

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    I just wanted to share my story which I think is pretty awesome. I'm 37 and TTC for 10 months. Began pursuing fertility after 6 months because of my age. Found out hubby had only 5% normal sperm. A few appointments and procedures later we went for our injection instruction with the IVF clinic this week. They began mixing the first medicine while they gave me a standard urine test. It was positive. Never give up! The "impossible" can happen! We are still in shock, but so happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcsully View Post
    I just wanted to share my story which I think is pretty awesome. I'm 37 and TTC for 10 months. Began pursuing fertility after 6 months because of my age. Found out hubby had only 5% normal sperm. A few appointments and procedures later we went for our injection instruction with the IVF clinic this week. They began mixing the first medicine while they gave me a standard urine test. It was positive. Never give up! The "impossible" can happen! We are still in shock, but so happy!
    That's wonderful, congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Erica 34, DH 35, DS 10 months old. STC for 4+ years, Diagnosed DOR 4/2011, mom to 4 , Barbados IVF March 2013, Surprise BFP Sept 2014!!!

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    Me and my DH have been TTC for just over a year. I have irregular periods (3-4 x year) I had blood work and all came back fine with nothing to worry about. I asked my dr. about ovulation and my irregular periods...she said all my hormone levels are normal, she said I ovulate every 4 weeks whether I get my period or not. I thought that if you ovulate then it is always followed by a period. Can anyone help me out with some personal experience or some correct information on this please. I have looked on the internet and every site is saying something different.

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    Hi Im new here. A friend sent me the link and suggested I joined.

    Here is my story: Ill be 38 June 2nd, I started ttcing this time when I was 34.

    I had my tubes tied when I was 23 after having my 2nd daughter. Megan was born in 1994 and Heather was born in 1997.

    I had a tubal reversal done April 2009. I was left with 7cm tubes which looked good at the time. My right tube had to be reconstructed but dye flowed threw both tubes, so my doctor said.

    I got pregnant quickly at the end of June/July but sadly lost my little one before the 6 week mark. My hcg level only reached 39 before starting to decline. My 2nd pregnancy was a few months later in October. This was a suspected ectopic as my hcg level seesawed up and down before finally beginning to drop. My levels never reached a point where they could confirm or deny an ectopic, but it seemed to resolve itself. My OB told me I was still young and healthy and to keep trying. I kept trying but when I reach June 2010, we had an hsg done that showed my right tube open but left tube spasmed closed. I was again told to keep trying naturally and we would be successful. One year later I went back to my OB and began clomid unmonitored 50mg. In July I got pregnant, my levels were rising and doubling and the only sign something was wrong was the constant spotting. On Sept 19th during a 2nd u/s at 9w1d, it was confirmed ectopic and I recieved the metho shot to disolve the pregnancy. My numbers were monitored down to 0 but 3 weeks after my numbers were 0 I got a 4th surprised positive pregnancy test but sadly it ended before it truely began.

    My OB said he wasnt able to do anything more and suggested an RE. I began seeing an RE April 2012. First thing he did was u/s and HSG that confirmed my right tube was filled with fluid and had to be removed. My left tube is open but narrow and constricted. I did 1 round of clomid 100mg, 1 round of femeral 5mg w/ a trigger, 2 rounds of gonal F injections w/ trigger and of those 4 rounds only 2 were completed because I ovulate different sides each cycle.

    I took the holidays off due to military issues with insurance and stuff, during that break I believe I had 2 chemicals pregnancies. I got super faint lines on test at the end of 2012 and early 2013. I began seeing my RE again April 2013 and of course the first cycle was canceled because I ovulated from the right ovary. I am currently on my 2nd cycles of injections cd 12 and still no ovulation...

    I have a small cyst on my right ovary that is not producing estrogen. I have insulin resistance, but not pcos. I have pretty regular cycles 28-30 days, LP is 12-14 days, I ovulate on my own between cd 15-17...

    My RE believes my left tube is just not functioning correctly and IVF maybe our only option.. and even though I am on injections I only produce 1 maybe 2 mature follicles... All my blood work has come back normal except for fasting insulin, it was/is on the high end of normal.

    Any and all advice is very welcome at this point....
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    I am glad to see you made it on here, although I hate you HAD to. These ladies here are very helpful and have lot's of advice to give.

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    Also, this room doesn't get near as much traffic as the TTC room, so you might wanna post your story there.

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    (((Huge hugs)))...I'm so glad to have you join us but sure wish no one had to go through stc !! I'm so sorry for your losses and for all you've been through !!!

    There are a number of amazing ladies here with success stories after years of stc . Praying you find the same support and encouragement here as I have !


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    I'm sorry you had to join our STC room, but I hope you get answers soon! I haven't done injectibles (yet) or IVF so I can't give you much advice there. But, I do have PCOS with no insulin resistance supposedly. We've also done 8 Clomid cycles total and with the exception of once, I only ever get one follie. I understand that frustration! It took us 18 months to conceive DS, and we're starting our 4th medicated cycle to conceive #2 after a missed miscarriage (surprise pregnancy) last fall. So there is hope!
    Jen (34), DH (36), DS (3), Baby #2 EDD 10/21/14

    Lost a loved baby 9/2012

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    Hello all; I'm a newbie to the forum, this is my first post.

    TTC #1/unprotected sex 1.5 years. I am 26 years old, husband is 28.

    November 2010: stopped taking oral birth control

    June 2011-November 2011: Copper IUD used for 4 months, removed November 2011. (inflammatory reaction). Abnormal cycles, abdominal pain. Started TTC soon after (removed IUD during the same time I met by husband).

    June 2013: Pelvic U/S normal. All hormones checked: normal. Normal and predictable cycles, no pain.

    No past pregnancies or miscarriages.

    Next step is Reproductive Specialist to do semen analysis.

    Trying to hold on to hope, frustrated. So many friends and family members have started their own families without issue.

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    I hope you have been told that you baring it all here is such an inspiration!

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    Default I'm back

    Hello all. Well I'm no stranger to Ttc or this forum. I started back in 2008. This site helped me sooo much and I've made a really great friend from it. My daughter was born 1/12/10. Dh and I knew we wanted more kids. Since DD was born the only time I was on BC was to try to regulate my cycle. Which didn't work. So for 4 yrs we have pretty much been ttc again. I was only on BC for 1 month. At first it didn't bother me but now dd is getting older. Do wanted baby #2 since dd was born lol. We have been dtd trying to conceive naturally. But it's not happening. I don't want to be obsessed like last time and keep getting let down. But now I think it's time to really get into baby mode again. I'm bad with keeping track of my temp but I i think I need to start doing that and keeping track of cm to see when I'm ovulating. Atleast until I can find a dr to get blood work done. Ahh I've made this too long now. Just wanted to come back to a place where I know others are here for the same reason and understand. None of my friends or family do. They think "oh you should have another baby" yeah.. It's not so easy :/

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