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    Hello All!
    I'm 28 and my DH is 28 as well. We've been TTC since December 2007. Our first pregnancy in January of 2008 ended as an ectopic and methotrexate was used. Miscarried in August 2009, April 2009, and this month, July 2009.

    I have had a HSG done in May 2009, which revealed a normal uterus but my right tube was blocked (probably due to ectopic but the Dr told me I had it in my left.) and my left tube was partial blocked. I had no surgery planned since I'm under 30. I was told to keep trying and slight HPT in June and then postive low serum test. But since I have passed tissue and my cervix was dilated so the Dr. said I was MCing.

    This last MC in confusing since my hCG numbers tripled up then stayed the same. I'm going in on Monday to see what trend I am having. I've been reading the some women have a misdiagnosed MC. So I suppose this miscarriage is pending. My DH and I have been struggling emotionally and physically (for me) for our first child. I hope to learn and heal from reading your stories and hearing your advice.

    Thank you for all your support,
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