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Thread: Post your TTC story and diagnosis here

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    Update: Dh got his s/a results, very bad.
    Count- 2 million
    Mobility- 30%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    Update: Dh got his s/a results, very bad.
    Count- 2 million
    Mobility- 30%
    STC #1 since June 2007

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    Was on depo for nearly 7 years, came off due to menopausal symptoms 4 years ago. (I have two teenage children but remarried this year) My Cycle came back fairly quickly (after 4 months) but was short 23-25 days, hardly any bleeding and still the same now, although more painful. we have been TTC for a year now, m/c last dec @ 4w 5d. I beleive I have had a couple of v.faint BFP's since but no stickies

    Had a Lap done in Aug, no endo, a few small Fibroids (maybe reason for pain???)

    I have started doing more phys, taking vitamins, evening primrose oil. flaxseed oil and now have NPC to try, even if it all just helps the cycle and PMS i am having so much trouble with.

    Hoping for another xmas BFP (but a stickie one!)
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    Me-35,DH-36,DS-16,DD-15.TTC for 15 months, m/c @ 4w 5d Dec'07 and fibroids.

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    I'm 27 yrs old, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in 2006 through a laparoscopy (July 2006). (Most likely I have had endometriosis since 14 yrs old). The lap was done for a cyst on my left ovary.
    With my laparoscopy my dr. couldn't get the cyst all the way, so my dr. told me that I would need a laparotomy, so the following month I had my laparotomy done.
    with my laparotomy, I had half of my left tube & half of my left ovary removed.

    I was told by my dr. that I would have the best chance of having a baby through IVF. This was because of my left side & my husbands low sperm/motility.
    I had my 2nd laparoscopy done in March 2007, for another cyst on my left ovary. having 3 surgeries has caused a slightly elevated FSH level.
    So Before starting IVF I went for an HSG test, it turned out that my right tube was blocked.

    I started off with my first IVF cycle- Sept. 2007; my first cycle did work, but I ended up miscarrying. we used my husbands sperm got very poorly developed eggs.
    2nd IVF cycle feb. 2008- stimulation meds increased, I only got 1 egg & multiple cysts.
    3rd IVF cycle- Sept 2008: pretty good response to stimulation meds. I got 6 eggs better quality, we used donor sperm. We transferred 5 eggs; I ended up with 3 negative pregnancy tests. I'm really confused on what happened & a little upset.
    Truthfully... I wish I never did IVF, all the drs. told me "oh it'll be easy to get you pregnant, since you are young". That's not always true in my case.

    Lets see.... I went Nov. 25th for a 2nd HSG test & my right tube is open YEA!!! I was very surprised it was open, I wasn't expecting it to be open. Since I have the right side, I am going to try on my own. I'm not sure how easy that'll be though due to my endometriosis, & 1.5 ovaries & 1.5 tubes, & recurrent ovarian cysts. It'll probably be a little harder; I'm not sure.
    BONNIE- 30 yrs old

    Laparotomy done & 3 laparoscopies done. 3 IVF cycles done- no pregnancy
    Foster parenting now

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    well it seems like i'm always STC with every child..
    This is my third try for a little will be my dh's 5 child i went off the pill in July 08
    it took me 8 months to get pregnant with my first
    it took me a year to get pregnant with my second
    I know that seems like a walk in the park with all the waiting most of you are going through
    So i'm figuring this time will be even longer
    a couple of months ago i went to the er with cysts all over my ovairies and the dr said it looked like i had PCOS so i went to my doctor and she said she didn't think so and pu tme on provera and clomid I've done two rounds of that and this month af came on her own:gome:
    So you all keep me in your prayers and i will do the same for you!!!
    to you all!!

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    Red face

    Diagnosis: Unexplained.

    TTC for 17 months. Ultrasounds normal no problems. HSG on November 11, 2008, everything clear and flowing. Bloodwork no problems. Spouse checked and he is good. Started 1st Clomid December 3, 2008. Received first positive OPT yesterday, 12/17/08. TTC! TTC! TTC! My birthday is December 27 which ironically is my scheduled 1st cycle date. So praying for a BFP on that date.:pray:

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    Here's my story:

    DH has issues, some of which are taken care of with meds, but related inabilities are not taken care of as of yet.

    We tried for almost a year without any success on his part. I read about using Instead cups and he is able to, um deposit, in them (sorry :tmi. We are on second cycle trying Instead. I am beginning to think this one was a bust too (the girls aren't as sore as they have been, so I'm pretty sure AF is on her way) though although I'm not out of the race yet.

    DH does not want to use more specialized fertility methods until we've tried Instead for a few more months.

    2/09 6/09 4/14 9/14

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    Hi. This is my first post on AMA.
    My name is Kristin, I am 23 my DH is Derek also 23. I got pregnant with my first child when I was 15 just shy of 16. My son Jereth Isaiah was born at 22w due to his father beating me up when i was pregnant. Jereth was born 12-26-00. Fast Forward 5 years I moved to SD and met my now DH we started dating and a couple months later bam We got pregnant the first time with twins with no problems. Well I had a miscarraige in the end of May. I was around 5 weeks. I didnt know I was pg with twins until 6 days after DH and I got married. I woke up with blood everywhere. I went to the er. they did an ultrasound and said that the baby was dead and that I would need a D&C. I was told to see the dr in town that does the surgery to get my surgery date. I went to see him and he said he wanted to wait a week to let me try to do it on my own. Aug 2 2005 I had the surgery. A month later we were cleared to TTC again. We figured since we got pregnant so fast it would happen again WRONG!! We kept trying and trying and I got pregnant but miscarried everytime. Finally my periods stopped. Dh and I were at a loss. I went to my dr and they ran test after test all came back normal. I got dx with unexplained infertility and DH was sent in for a SA. He came back with a 10million count (LOW) and they had some motility issues. DH was given clomid. DH took the clomid for one month and had another SA it was the same. He stopped his clomid. It is now September 2006 and I fell pregnant again. The dr said everything was ok the first visit. I made it to 14 weeks and lost the baby. Every single ultrasound the baby's heart rate went down. So now its December of 06 my next cycle wasnt until January. I decided to be naugty and take some of DH's clomid and my own to make 100mg for my January 07 cycle. Well I took I took the 100mg and I left it at that. I didnt temp I didnt pay attention to my cycle. Well Feb 07 comes and I get the flu. Then March comes and my B day is the 2nd and Dh's is the 13th. I still hadnt gotten AF and decided to buy a pregnancy test to take so that I could call mydr and get my provera. Well much to my sleepy eyes. BFP!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY I had my little Suprise miracle on October 9th 2007 his name is Jaxon Tyler. I was induced with him because I had high blood pressure and severely bad pitting edema. Ok so Fast forward again. Dh and I started talking about getting pg again but decided to wait to actually TRY until Jaxon was 1. Well in June I got pregnant ON OUR OWN!!! YAY well not so much July 4th another miscarraige. DH and I were also seperated during this time. I had already filed for my divorce due to inappropriate behavior on DH's part. Well we decided to give our marraige another shot we stopped the divorce. Our first cycle officially TTC # 2 is This month. I just had a chemical pregnancy that ended on 12/23 I was 4w5d. Because of this chemical pregnancy I now have 7 angels in heaven. My dr and I have a plan I am on 100mg of clomid for 4 months. Then if no BFP I will go back to 50mg of clomid and 1500mg of Metformin.

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    Diagnosis: voluntary sterilization (me) 13 yrs ago, insulin-resistant, morbidly obese according to the oh-so-popular BMI charts

    My story: DH and I have been together 6 yrs, married for 5. We've talked about having a baby but it's been just talk. The last few months, though, it's been serious. So we made an appt.

    Options are to either have a reversal or IVF. Either way, I gotta lose a lot of weight. At the time, I thought the tubal was right. I did not want to have another child by myself. Too bad I couldn't foresee the future.
    Children: Me - 2 (19 & 14); DH - 2 (32 & 30); working on OUR first! Both tubes are confirmed open!!
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    Diagnosis: Incompetent Cervix and my weight also plays an issue (underweight but cant seem to gain no matter what I try). Just diagnosed with Secondary Infertility...I will be finding out more soon.

    My Story: I had an unexplained miscarriage at the age of 16, then at 19 I got pregnant with my first daughter. The pregnancy was very high risk and very complicated. I ended up having an emerency induction 5 weeks early due to Placenta Accreta & some other issues. During delivery, I damaged my cervix. After DD was born, we decided to try again, but I had 4 miscarriages from 2005-2006. We gave up after that because we figured my cervix would just dilate prematurely every time. I remained off any form of birth control. All of this really caused stress in my marriage, I left, and we seperated for almost four months & getting divorced and I got together with someone else (please dont judge me -but I have to explain this also since it plays a part). For a good few weeks in December 2007, my boyfriend and best friend kept joking that I was eating like I was pregnant, plus all my cravings, and even my boobs had grown. On December 20th, 2007 I got a BFP. I called my DH to tell him I was pregnant and two days later I informed my boyfriend. It was shortly after that that I broke it off with the boyfriend because he asked for an abortion. Now mind you -from 2005 to this point, it had taken almost three years for me to get a sticky BFP. I was offended. DH and I decided to save whatever was left of our broken marriage. ...Shortly after DD #2 was born, in October 2008, I got pregnant again but it ended in November. ...Now here we are again. It has only been 3 months since trying again but with my history, we are probably in it for the long haul once again.
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    Hi there,

    Cause of not getting that BFP: unexplained
    Months TTC: 11 months

    DBF has no trouble in this departement since he got his ex pregnant while she was still on the pill.

    For my part, I'm in my young twenties and every women in my family have the ability to get pregnant within three months. I've tried everything from changing exercise to healthier food ( I have a perfect balanced weight ) OPK, charting, but this month we'll try instead cup! If it doesn't work in the next two month I'm off to the doctor! Hope to have that BFP soon.


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    Been trying to conceive for ten months. I got off birth control pills (after almost 17 years of taking them). I stupidly thought that getting pregnant would be easy. Just do the homework right. After about six months of trying, I went to the doctor. He made my husband go to the fertility clinic for a semen analysis. All they could tell me was low count and low amount. He went back for another analysis in six weeks, again all we were told was low count, low amount. The second analysis did show improvement. So we just spent two hours to see a urologist (absolutely wonderful doctor). He told us that they judged sperm on three different things. We were only good on one of the three.He prescribed clomid (for low count) and l-carnitine (for bad swimmers). In the meantime, I am still not ovulating from getting off the pill in march.. I think I am on day 50 now. I am beginning to feel like we don't have a chance if I am not ovulating. I mean if my eggs are dropping, we at least have some chance, right????

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    I have endometriosis. Two surgeries...and numerous hormone therapies. We've been TTC since May 2007, and have been on Clomid since May 2008. It's worked every time, except one month I took off and didn't ovulate.

    Wish me luck this month! Good luck to everyone else!

    Mandy (26)

    TTC #1 since May 2007, tried Femara w/ no luck, and Clomid since July 2008

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    I am new to this board. I am 30 yrs old and my dh is 35. I was on and off the depo shot since I was 21. I got off when dh and I got married in april of 2006. So I was on and off for 9 years. I have just went to the dr since we have not gotten pregnant in the past 2.5 years. So I don't have an actual diagnosis yet. The Dr has tested my hormones. I have a high level of DHEA and he has said I do not ovulate regularly. I have an enlarged liver from what he says also. He has sent me to an Endro specialist who has also sent me for hormone test. I have to wait another week to see the specialist to find out what he thinks and then the following week I go back to Dr to see what he says. So I am pretty new to this but I can see its going to be a struggle ttc #1.

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    Me: almost 36 DH: 44

    TTC for almost 3 years. Had 3 consecutive mc's (probably more undocumented). We went to a RE - I had very low progesterone, didn't ovulate regularly and had high thyroid levels. Went on clomid for a couple of months, had an HCG trigger and got pregnant with our precious Benjamin. I took lots of progesterone and am still on thyroid meds. I know we had it fairly easy the first time but I'm worried about how long #2 will take.

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    Question my story

    I've been reading everyone's posts & it encouraged me to sign up.

    Here's my story...(you can't stop reading at any time lol)

    My husband & I have been married & living together since June 2006. I was on the pill until March 2007. From March 07-Oct 07 we were just leaving things to "if they happen they happen" mentality. Oct 07 we decided that we were going to concentrate on trying. I talked to my doctor in July 08 & told her we had been trying for a year (although not technically yet) & she gave me a referal to a fertility doctor. The day before my appointment I decided to take a HPT just for the heck of it. Found out I was pregnant (did another test at the clinic for good measure) & cancelled the appointment. 7 days after I got the best news of my life, I got the worst news of my life. I saw that I was no longer spotting "brown" & it turned into bright red. I was so incredibly scared. Found out afterwards that I indeed miscarried. I was devastated.

    I was seeing people at work that really weren't the "mother" type & they were getting pregnant so I got jealous & made the appt to see the doctor again in Oct. Like all, they told me I had to wait until I started again & then they'd start the investigation cycle. Went through it, had the dye test, PCT, progesterone, etc. All came back normal along w/hubby's count. I started finding out (in December) all of these random people that i knew that were pregnant! It ranged from a relative in a bad relationship to people that weren't even trying & they'd only been married a couple of months to someone else who was due the same month that I had been (if I hadn't miscarried). So I flipped. At this time I knew 15 people that were pregnant...I had a hard time grasping why I couldn't be.

    After the investigation cycle I went on Clomid, which didn't work. When we went back in to see the doctor I happened to ask a question about using artifical lubrication. He asked what we used & said to stop it. He suggested to use Preseed or a little bit of unscented Vaseline if necessary. Apparently, even if it doesn't have spermicide it can still affect the motility of the sperm. We had no idea. We thought we'd covered ourselves when we found out it didn't have spermicide. Almost felt like we had shot ourselves in the foot. We tried Clomid again for one more cycle & when that came PT came back negative I got discouraged & wanted to step things up.

    This month we're trying Gonal-F (hormone shots) & IUI. I'm very nervous about it b/c as everyone here knows, it's pretty much a race against time. I'm so ready to be pregnant. At this stage (& stubbornness) I want to be pregnant, I want that bond & that feeling so badly. I'll gladly take the morning sickness, swollen ankles & everything that comes with it.

    My moods go up & down from minute to minute & sometimes I can barely keep it together & keep my head above water. I wonder how come everyone else gets to have their happy ending. I didn't get to keep my baby.

    My doctor also says he can't explain why right now, everything else tests okay (from what they can actually test). He keeps telling me it's not a questions of if, just when. I am trying to hold onto that hope. So here's to hoping it works

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    No diagnosis, I do not OV regularly. I am 36, had a quick good pregnancy 10 years ago (took me 2 months to concieve). Last yr got pregnant, took 12 months to concieve, no drugs, just old fashioned TTC, and MC @ 12 weeks. Ready to try again. Started clomid 100mg this month cd 14 went for ultrasound, follies too small, dr said I would probably not OV. Will try again in March. Would love some advice, I am new at this.

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    Me: 24 years old, endometriosis diagnosed 3/08, left ovary and fallopian tube removed 6/08
    DH: 25 years old, S/A shows low motility and funny shape, but the count is good
    First IVF cycle in 1/09, BFN test
    Second IVF cycle to start tommorrow
    I'm so stressed about not doing everything perfectly to get pregnant. I've been seeing an acupuncturist and changed my diet drastically, so hopefully we'll get a BFP soon!

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    My story, I'm 37 and Dh is 38. I have 3 children from previouse marriage 12, 14 and 15. We decided try try for one together, I had a Tubal Reversal done in May of 08 have been trying since. Had an HSG done Feb 09 we have one tube open. Put me on Femarra for next 4 cycles. Dh has low morph also. Both on herbal supplements.

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    Hi to everyone this is my first time on a site like this, at first I thought I didn't need it but maybe I do, I quess I should start by telling my story and a little about myself, I am 42 and my husband 43 we have been married just 1 yr and we both have kids from previous merriages, I was pregnant in September and I couldn't have been more happy, but my happiness didn't last, I lost the baby it was an etopic, yea so now I have only one tube and I also have HPV which my x-husband was kind enought to give me, other than that I am pretty healthy and I seem to be very fertile when I was younger I have 4 daughters, with my x but, I have never love and man like I love my husband now. he has 2 boys 18, 21 and I want nothing eles but to have a baby with him he is the best thing that has ever happend to me, my x was a nightmare and I gave him 4 kids we didn't really love each other but got married young and thought the kids would help we were very wrong , that's my story and I am not getting any younger and I have one tube is there any hope ? I just keep praying, Thanks for reading my story I needed to tell it

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    I'm 33 and DH is 31. We've been TTC since June only, so I know that it hasn't been too long yet, but my family doctor has referred me to a fertility specialist. I started charting right away, and it looks like I'm o'ing pretty regularily, and we've been having well planned BD. DH had SA and I've had the day 3 blood work done. Tomorrow I go for HSG and will get the results from all three tests after the HSG. I'm really looking forward to getting some answers.

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    I'm new to this site because i was looking for a support system for dealing with my IF. I am 25 and I have one child from a previous marriage. DH is almost 30 and he's never had children before so we have been TTC for the past 18 months with no sucess. My OB/GYN did blood work in January this year and informed me that i'm not ovulating, so he put me on 50mg of Clomid on Feb 20th and told me to come back in on CD21-23 to have more blood work done to check my progesterone levels. I had my progesterone levels checked this past monday and the nurse called yesterday to tell me that my levels are still really low so doc has upped my dosage to 100mg and i will start that 5 day after AF gets here. DH has already had a SA done and everything was fine for him. It's just frustrating to know I had no problems getting pregnant with my daughter this time 6 years ago.

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to this and trying to get the hang of the abbreviations,

    DX: secondary amenorrhea (got my period at age 12 and then lost it after 2 years). I went through all the testing and nothing came up... thank god.

    - My husband and I have been seeing an RE since Nov 2008 and he diagnosed me with hypothalemic amenorrhea. We've only done 2 rounds of the Repronex injections and tomorrow I'm going for bloodwork and ultrasound. My follicles are almost there! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Hello all. DH and I have been trying for 9 months now. After 6 month OB referred me to RE's office to get testing done to make sure nothings wrong. DH has better than the norm swimmers. I was diagnosed with PCOS in February 2009. February 10th - 14 (CD 5-9) took 50mg. of clomid. My 3rd U/S Feb. 23rd Follicles stopped growing! March 6th, No AF called RE's office made appointment for Tuesday March 10th. U/S & BW. U/S showed i follicle at 19mm and ling at 19mm. March 10th, Triggered with HCG Shot of Ovidrel. March 13th Endometrin - Progesterone Suppositories. I now that I ovulate, but the RE's office thinks that I'm not releasing a follicle during ovulation! I go in Friday March 27th for beta. Good luck to you all.
    Me:Christine(PCOS)32Dh Sean 34 DS:Bryce Lewis born 10-7-09DS#2Evan Kristopher born 6-19-11

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    Default My story....

    DH and I have been TTC #1 since June, 2008. We stopped preventing pregnancy a little more than a year before we got married. While dating, I was on BC for about 4 months, then we were only using condoms. I've not been on BC since I stopped way back then. I was diagnosed w/Hypothyroidism at the age of 12 (I think) and have been treating that (sometimes sporadically through my late teens - early 20's) with Synthroid or Levothyroxine. While doctors haven't told me I'm obese, I know I am (that oh-so-lovely BMI). I've had little motivation to really buckle down and exercise and focus on weightloss, but I'm fairly certain that's the first thing docs will tell me to do when I go back for my "I've been TTC for 1 yr w/no results" appointment. Joy.

    Other than that, I consider myself very lucky that I haven't had to endure the heartbreak of chemical pregnancies or miscarriages, while at the same time, it worries me that I haven't gotten pregnant at all in all this time. I've had friends tell me that during all the time DH and I didn't prevent pregnancy, I was "one lucky girl" to not have fallen pregnant w/out protection. Oh, how they don't understand!

    My biggest thing now is trying to figure out the doctor situation. Since I wasn't sexually active until I started dating DH, I started seeing a family practitioner to ensure my thyroid stuff was being tracked after college, and as it happened, she was also able to do my yearly exams. I've never seen a proper OB/GYN, and since I plan on using a midwife when I do get pregnant, I'm unsure about the care provider I need to be seeing prior to being referred (should I need) to an RE. I don't much like my doctor now, since she basically refused to prescribe the antibiotics I needed when I had a sinus infection, and since it had progressed quickly and agressively, I knew I needed the antibiotics (I've had multiple sinus infections since jr-high, so I know when they're bad and need meds), but she brushed me off, insisting on waiting another 7-10 days to fight the infection (I was smelling the infection on the rare occasions the congestion eased up enough to restore my sense of smell temporarily). I went to urgent care 2 days later and they looked at me like I had 3 heads when I told them she didn't want to give me the meds I so obviously needed, so I'm not really "feeling it" with her now that I'm facing the 1-yr mark of TTC.
    Courtney (28) & DH (31) | Brock born 2/20/10 @ 43+1 weeks
    Ask me about our unmedicated birth!

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    Started trying Jan 2008. I ovulate on my own(always on CD12) but cycles are varying between 22-30 days. Average 25 days. DH's semen analysis perfectly normal.
    After about 10 months we see an acupuncturist but she does not prescribe herbs. SO I continued seeing her and then also started seeing an RE to get answers. HSG test showed left tube blocked. Tried 2 cycles of IUI + clomid(50mg). Both failed. RE notices polyps. So he recommends Lap+Hysterscopy.

    April 2009: Had both procedures and the Lap proved that both tubes were open(The HSG test was all wrong!!!!) and there was no other issue. He removed the Polyp and said that we still come under the "unexplained category". Suggestion was to start IUI+injectibles or IVF.

    We are not ready for it yet. We see a new Acupuncturist who specializes in fertility and also prescribes herbs. His goal is to get my cycles as regular as possible for 4 cycles. After that we will decide to go with IUI +injectibles to increases the chances of success!!!
    Me-(35), DH(37), DD(4y1m) DS(13month)

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    started trying July 2008...I am extremely regular like clockwork I start every 28 days...OPK test always positive right on day 14...DH had a vasectomy reversal 3 years ago...went to see APRN at OBGYN office in February...DH had semen analysis all came back normal and surgery was successful...I had blood work done and showed all hormone levels etc were normal...was told to give it two more months of trying...made an appointment with actual OBGYN doctor in April had vaginal ultrasound on April 2nd all was normal...had HSG done on April 24th...all tests were normal...referred to Fertiltiy Specialsit...was confimred we have unexplained infertility...reccomendation from RE was for IUI...we will be starting the process to have the IUI the weekend of May 30th
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    Default back to forums - now STC

    Hello All,

    I used to be a forum user when I had just started TTC in June 2008. I dropped out for a while because I thought I was stressing myself out more by being overly focused on the TTC process. I am back now because we are potentially heading into uncharted territory and am looking for support and advice from the great women of APA.

    DH (34) and I(34) are close upon one year's worth of trying and nothing. Not one BFP. I have tracked CM as a marker for ovulation. Just this cycle I have been charting BBT and been reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I am 7DPO currently and my chart looks confusing so far. I am beginning to wonder if I am not producing enough progesterone because I get eggwhite CM, positive OPK (have used for past and current cycle), and a temp spike, and then I go down and hover around the cover line, slightly above. I am about to make an appointment with an OB/GYN to get checked out further, and we need to get DH get checked out too. I realize I need to chart more to know what my patterns are, but I did notice about two years ago, my previously heavy periods became "normal" periods. Don't know if that means anything, but we will see.

    I look forward to learning from all of you and hope to be able to help others too.


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    Hi I am going through almost the same thing, I also lost in Sep 08 I conceived on my own and now I have started clomid, on top of all of this, my Doc is also testing me for the cervical cancer, I am a little scared about that, so I know kind how you feel and I want to say good luck to you

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    my story...that i just need to get off my chest.

    i will be 35 in september and have been officially ttc since March of 08 but we were not on bc since 06. First started seeing an RE in October of 08. I have had IUI's with clomid(2),femara(1) and gonal f(2) and all were obviously unsuccessful.
    we are diagnosed with unknown infertility as all our test are "normal". the last appt we have with the RE consisted of him basically saying that our next step is IVF, but my insurance doesn't pay for that and it's so expensive. Although it's an expense that i am willing to pay for but my husband is not so sure. So we have come to a compromise, we are now trying the ovwatch for a few months and then one more cycle of gonal f and if still bfn then we will consider ivf.
    I'm just really bitter that it may have to come to that, everyone i know has had no problem getting pregnant so why us? we have this circle of friends and they are getting pregnant with no problem. I am the oldest female and have been married the longest out of all of the couples we know so i feel like they all look at me like what's wrong with you. Sometimes i look at me and say what's wrong with you. I am trying to not let this depression and negativity take me over but it's a tough fight that i'm not sure i can win.
    thank you for letting me vent.

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