Hello Ladies,

First off, I just want to thank you for your participation in this room. I know we have many sensitive topics on this board and in this room. These topics can easily lead to hurt feelings, but in many cases it is important to talk about them because it affects our pregnancy, our child, or our health.

The topic of homosexuality has been brought up in this room on at least three different occasions that I am aware of and in each case it has led to hurt feelings or offended parties.

From this point forward, I want to forgo any discussions about homosexuality with some exceptions and guidelines on those exceptions. You all know what the Bible says about homosexuality - there is no need to get into debates around this area. Acceptable discussions about this topic will be how to respond / get support with something related to the issue.

For example a potential appropriate thread discussion might be "My cousin just announced he is gay and I want to know how I can show him that I still love and accept him but that I do not agree with the lifestyle" All responses must remain on helping the OP with the need and not into whether the lifestyle is right or wrong.

APA does have participants from the G&L lifestyle and they need to be able to come to APA for help without feeling judged or belittled. The debate or discussion about the passages on this topic, their interpretation, etc needs to be reserved for a theological, Bible or church forum.

Does this make sense? Do you all understand this change? Do you have any questions or additional suggestions?