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    Ok so we are just a little over 4 months until we start TTC again! Let me say that I am so nervous that this isn't going to work. We struggled for 3 years to get pregnant with my daughter. I was DX with PCOS. I will head straight to my RE when we start in August. I will make an apt in July to set up whats going to happen. Last time I was on Femara and Metformin and I got pregnant the first month. Needless to say I want it to happen that fast and I know I will probably be bummed if it doesn't.

    Anyways. I am trying to figure out if I should even temp and do OPKs for the next few months or not? I don't know if it would even be helpful since I will be getting treatment right off the bat. I have never ovulated that I know of unless I have been on meds. I am in the process of losing weight in hopes that it will help. What do you ladies think I should do? Should I start temping and doing OPKs or should I just not even worry about that stuff since we will being doing treatment right away in August.
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    I'd probably start charting just so that your RE has an idea of what's going on with your cycles before you get there and can put a good game plan into action so you can get that quick BFP. That's just me tho GL hun

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    I agree with starting to chart now. I saw a new OB in Dec and had three months of charting with me that he looked at and said ovulation is not the problem and sent us to a new RE. I only did opks one of those months to confirm that I was ovulating. Keep up the good work on the weight lose and try to enjoy these last months before ttc again. Good luck!

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    I chart a teeny bit while I'm waiting to TTC again(May and then September) I just do cycle days and +/- OPK with O symptoms. I also start decreasing my caffeine about a month before since I'm a soda junky and start up with Fertilitea about 6 weeks before IUI.
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    When we TTC'ed #2, I never O'ed, never had a cycle, never temped or anything because I know my body just doesn't work that way. We waited 3 months after I stopped BFing DS1 (just to see what would happen), and when I hadn't gotten AF, I made the appt with the RE. I got pregnant on my 3rd IUI cycle.

    Good luck!!! We might be TTC this summer too
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