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Thread: Ultrasound Pictures

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uptaloo View Post
    I thought that u/s wasn't done until 3months or so but I see a lot of you have them at 6 weeks. Why is that?
    This also depends on your doc too. Even before we found out we are having twins she said she does an u/s every visit. They even put each one on a DVD (the same one) for you to have and watch at the end. You can always call around and ask about the different doctor's and what they prefer. I picked ours bc of her reputation and we got lucky about the u/s!
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    how come I haven't seen any ultrasound picture of twins or more?? something new I'd love to see..

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    FINALLY posting my first U/S pic. This was at 8w3d and we saw/heard the heartbeat. It was a strong little 165 bpm! Isn't the lil peanut so precious?

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    My OB office does one the first visit and then again at 12 weeks to date the pregnancy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyShai View Post
    My little 6 weeks 2 days
    thats so funny, i call mine my little peanut too.
    It's a GIRL!!!

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    vicky35 Guest


    Hello, I am new to website and was wondering if anyone has any info. I had my first tri screening at 12wks and they discovered that my baby's bladder is enlarged due to him not peeing there appears to be some sort of blockage. Any info advice?

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    vicky35 Guest

    Default Help

    I am new to this website, I just had a 12 wk us and the doctors discovered that my baby has an enlarged bladder due to a blockage. Does anyone have any info about this.

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    This was the first u/s of the babies together. This was taken at 10 1/2 weeks. All of my other u/s do not show them together. I always thought this was neat.

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    Week 4- The baby is the speck of white in the middle.

    Week 8-
    Week 15-
    Week 19-
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    Could someone tell me how to post my picture?

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    Default twin US

    I noticed someone asking for a twin US pic....

    These were taken at about 14-15 weeks. I'm now 22 weeks and I have more pics but not uploaded yet.

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    irisanng Guest


    My first ultrasound pic at 12 weeks
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    Yesterday . . . my first ultrasound at 12 weeks. I am shocked how clear the picture is!

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    cmbickford Guest


    Taken a 11.4 weeks. I cannot wait until April 27th to find out the sex! My intuition says boy, but we'll see soon enough.

    Everyone's pictures are awesome.

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    She has her daddy's nose! We also think that she has hair...what do you ladies think?

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    Looks like a head of hair to me!! SO cute!! I really hope my LO has at least a little tuft of hair for a bow!
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    Thats how my sons 3d/4d looked and he only had a little hair on top and tons of hair around the bottom like an old man balding on top.

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    Here's mine.

    6 Weeks

    7 Weeks - Today's U/S

    Sorry so big!! This has been such an amazing journey already!!
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    Here is mine at 15 wks and 4 days...we were told that it's a BOY! That makes 3 boys for us!

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    (been gone since january until just had my baby three weeks ago and remembered this forum!)

    thanks tggrsgrl and abby posting twins! "kicking your sibling" is too funny.
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    mdf Guest

    Default Just over 2 weeks to go - but here's baby back at 20 weeks

    Oh well tried to add the 2 url's from my picassa google album but didn't work so you just have to guess what the baby looks like I suppose! ..... looking forward to seeing the bump in less than 3 weeks time
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    Here's my Lump at 9 weeks, 5 days!

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    Her 30 week 3D picture

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    SMconnect Guest

    Default Baby Girl


    This is our baby at 20 weeks. The ultrasound tech said it was a girl..She looks so cute in this picture.. We can't wait to finally meet her. We are both first time parents and are anticpating the day she is here for us to hold.
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    So how do I take my ultrasound picture I have from the doctor and put it on here?
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    Chylers Mom Guest


    Chyler Alexis my baby girl at 16 weeks

    Ultrasound was done a week ago in the ER. But seeing her on that ultrasound and seeing how active she is was the best few minutes of my life
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    baby at 13 weeks

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