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Thread: Progress Pictures!

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    Why is it that after get rid of almost 70 pounds I still feel so blimp'ish! I know I still have 40 to go but still I look at my reflection and still see the big girl. Sigh... here is a face shot from one year ago this last weekend and one from this last weekend. I mean I can see in my face alone that I have lost weight but I just don't "feel" like I have lost weight.

    one year later
    YOU look awesome!!! way to go!

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    My husband just put together these for me so I thought I would share! I started working out almost a year ago when #3 was 9 weeks old. Between the first and last picture there is almost a year of time, 23 pounds and lots of muscle tone! I would still like to lose about 5 more pounds and continue toning - but I have a plan and am staying motivated!

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