According to Peggy O'Mara, Editor of Mothering Magazine:

Here are some of the basic ideas of natural family living, as I understand it:

- Pregnancy and birth are normal processes that do not require drugs or interventions.
- Breastmilk is the optimum food for humans.
- Cosleeping helps to facilitate successful breastfeeding and bonding.
- Mothers and babies need to be together, especially during the first three to five years of life Human babies have a need to be touched and to be held in arms.
- It is important to cultivate a community of like-minded families for friendship, information, and support.
- Eat food that is in as natural a state as possible.
- The human body has the capacity to fight off illness without the use of drugs and interventions.
- Unstructured play is essential to the full development of the human imagination.
- Hitting and punishment are un-necessary when children’s natural desire to cooperate is engaged to resolve conflicts.