Please read through before posting.

This room is reserved for the members of APA who experience a loss. Although any loss is significant, the focus of this room is on the babies lost by the APA moms. Aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, etc. are all important parts of our lives, but we want this place to represent a special type of loss - our babies. The exception would be a spouse or significant other that passes away. The announcement of a loss is reserved for the APA mother, her spouse or significant other, or someone she designates to post on her behalf.

To our mothers of loss. Please accept the prayers and condolences of APA as you navigate your way through this journey of grief and healing. We hope that through this room, you experience some element of peace, support and comfort.

This is a memorial forum and not a forum for discussion and ongoing support. Please visit the Pregnancy and Infant Loss forum to experience that type of support.

The title of the thread is at the discretion of the mother. Using a name, referencing an angel, or any other honoring title is permissible.

This is for support only. Posters are to refrain from any tangents, comments to other posters within the thread, or discussions. The rule of thumb is that a supporter would only post once (like signing a guest registry) unless there is a follow up post in the thread by the OP that leads to a follow up support statement.

Hugs, prayers, thinking of you, well wishes, etc are the intended types of responses.