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    I have noticed lately that there have been a few new people posting in this room. Generally speaking I am very pleased to see that there are people who want to join our little community, but I have also noticed that there have been a few who have jumped into conversations with questionable motives. Now that the political room is closing I fear that we will once again see more people coming in here who feel the need to express their own opposing opinions and debate ours.

    So, I would like to humbly request that before joining in an existing conversation, could all those who are new to this room please take a minute to post an introductory message (either in this thread or in a new one of your own), to let us know who you are and a little about your basic belief system.

    This room was set up so that those of us who intend to raise our children without the influence of any supernatural beings, "God(s)", or organized religion could have a place to gather to discuss issues we face as Secular parents and find support. As a minority group in this country we may occasionally feel a need to vent our frustrations about things such as separation of church and state, or the intrusion of other people's religion into our personal lives, but those topics should not be viewed as invitations to those who disagree with us to debate our views.

    We do welcome all those who feel that they belong in this room based on their world views. There are ladies (and a gentleman or two) whose beliefs range from "strong" atheism to those who are not sure what they believe, to those who do believe in a God, but don't feel that traditional organized religion is right for them and feel more "at home" here. All we really ask of those who want to join us is that you please remember that this room was meant as a "safe haven", free from argument, debate and judgement from those who don't share our views.

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