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Thread: Weaning

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    Good luck!

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    Thanks crickets! Lol. It means a lot to have support!

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    Okay we made it through the night. Whew. That was kind of rough.

    I think DD got about 10 hours of sleep though total, so that's good. I got about 4, lol. She got about 4 hours in before she decided she wanted nursies. I told her nursies were sleeping and she could have nursies again when the sun shines in the morning. What followed was a horrendous tantrum the likes of which I've never seen. It lasted 40 minutes, at which point I decided she needed to calm down so we put on Mickey Mouse and it was instant calm. We hypnotized ourselves thoroughly in front of TV for an hour, during which time she was asking to nurse a couple times, but getting less and less upset when denied. I think she was just getting tired of fighting.

    Then I took us up to bed and we snuggled in, she protested a bit but we said nursery rhymes and by the third time through "Hey Diddle Diddle" she curled up to me and fell asleep. She slept another 5 hours and when she woke it was nursie time! She was so happy to nurse and I was relieved.

    We will see how tonight goes. I was with her the whole time, doing my best to comfort her but staying strong. I knew she could do it, I wasn't sure I could. But we made it. And I guess there is no turning back now.

    So I will just post in here if you all don't mind as we progress, just to share with some who understand. Thanks for your encouragement so far ladies. Now, to get through this day with no nap and no nursies at night. I plan to let her nurse whenever during the day. I'm tired, that's for sure. But I will make it and hopefully on the other end there will ultimately be more sleep for all of us! Fingers crossed!

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