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  1. What do you ladies think? I just keep wondering about this

    I'm wondering what you all think of this:
    I know I'm pregnant, but I'm not sure how far along.
    All of my doctor office urine pregnancy tests were negative, though I had borderline, then...
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    Sticky: I'm either very hungry or starving all the time. ...

    I'm either very hungry or starving all the time. I've gone from two small meals a day to four plus big ones. I also have some soreness up top, I've been a little tired, sometimes I get a tiny bit...
  3. Don't really know... but a word of comfort

    I personally am pretty newly expecting, and I haven't had that happen, but I can pass on an experience that was shared with me. I'm not sure about the tenderness, that sounds concerning, but when I...
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