This is set as invite only

  1. missychrissy
    Not sure what that means-can everyone see it?
  2. daylilies
  3. missychrissy
  4. DucksLikeRain
    I played around with groups and the invite/moderated settings.

    Everyone can see whatever groups exist. But for an invite one a member cannot see anything beyond who maintains it and I believe who the members are. I don't believe they can ask to join via the group screen, but only through PM or the visitor message I guess. With the moderated ones it looks like anyone can ask to join but I believe they then must be approved. In both cases mods and Brad can see everything and post to the group (obviously, since I'm posting right now!) we can moderate threads/comments, etc.
  5. missychrissy
    Tiff, I received messages from people who said they could see this when it was set to Invite, so early this morning I changed it back to public or everyone...whichever the default is. So now I'm confused...maybe they didn't really see my thread, but just saw the group?
  6. DucksLikeRain
    I'm thinking so. I had a look at an invite only room as a non-mod and it was visible but not accessible.
  7. MomOfAnOnly
    I did see this discussion as a non-member of the group. that's why I went into the group I could join to let you know the answer to your question above I could see the discussion, there was just no button to click to join group so I could post hete. Now that you've changed the settings that link to join showed up.
  8. missychrissy
    I just double checked and according to what I see, this group is set to Public. Very strange stuff going on!
  9. DucksLikeRain
    Ok. So apparently the only thing private about it is the ability to post. Which actually I think is a good thing. I think it would cause more problems if people knew there was (just for sake of example) a Secular room and could see who was in it but couldn't see that they are not sitting there bashing the way ones' imagination could lead them to assume you would be doing. Does that make sense? On the other hand, it wouldn't do anything to deter the problem we've had where a "response" thread is started in an opposite room-AP vs Trad, Secular vs Christian, etc. Hmmmm...
  10. missychrissy
    As far as response threads-I never notice them because I never go in those rooms. My one annoyance is with people reporting things we say. My feeling is, if they're going to be offended they shouldn't even look.

    The only reason why I created the Secular group was in hopes of having a place for us to go in the event Brad does decide to do away with the religious sections. If people that would get offended by us would just stay out, then everyone would be happy. I guess that's hoping for too much.
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