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  1. MomOfAnOnly
    I see the secular group too btw, and the discussion, I just can't join by clicking 'join'.
  2. Maur
    Kind of neat
  3. missychrissy
    Carrie, I changed the setting on Secular to that people can post there. It really was just a trial thing...I'm going to leave the Secular Group in case Brad decides to remove the religious forums.
  4. Scarlett
    Sweet! So we could make any group we want to down here hmmmmmm.....
  5. LaurenMomof2
    I found the secret hideout!
  6. twinmom34
    I am soooo happy to be part of a "group".
  7. csouth829
    Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I have. My husband has had a vasectomy and I have had a tubal ligation. This is both of our second marriages and we want nothing more than to have a child together. Every time I try to research this topic more and more, all I can come up with is just invitro websites and I realize that is what we will more than likely have to do, but I need more information about how all of that works and what the costs for it can be expected. We are trying to compare the costs associated with that versus reversals on both of our parts. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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