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  1. missychrissy
    Ok, we can have, how to recruit members. hmmmm
  2. DucksLikeRain
    So a person doesn't have to actually join to post in these groups? I wonder if there's a way to make them private-it would solve the problem of the religious rooms, etc if people wanted to have them private.

    ETA: Nope. Just figured out it's my mod-status that let me post here w/o actually joining! But everyone can see it. Chrissy, did you have an option to make it private when you set it up?
  3. missychrissy
    No, I don't think so.
  4. missychrissy
    Ok, maybe I did have the option. I found a setting that said, "Invite Only" Perhaps that will make it so only people I invite can see it?
  5. missychrissy
    I changed my mind & made it public again. How else are people going to see what a group can be like if I hide it?

    I'll try again with a private, invite only one and see what happens.
  6. MamaKat
    Hey look a group lol!
  7. missychrissy
  8. Janeen
    I feel so cool.
  9. Scarlett

    It is the underground tunnel of APA
  10. MomOfAnOnly
    I like it!
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