The Begining

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I want to keep track of this pregnancy as I know it will be my last. I want to document everything I can about it. Which is something I wish I had done before. With all 3 of my girls during pregnancy and the first years of their lives I kept thinking "There is no way I will forget this" But I have found there are lots of things I have forgotten and it makes me very sad.

DH decided he wanted to try for a son. That was in early December. My BFF was coming from Ohio to Texas to come visit me so I wanted to wait to get my IUD out until after her visit. After Christmas DH changed his mind. He was concerned for our financial stability so he decided we needed to re-discuss it come April. In April we decided we did indeed want another child. He had been researching ways to prevent miscarriages and possible ways to increase the chance of a boy through "semen therapy" (Basically it equals a lot of BJ's for him).

Well at that point I started looking into how to get my IUD out with no insurance. We also decided we no longer wanted to stay in our crappy apartment so we found a house and moved. In June I decided to go to Planned Parent hood. Yeah I paid them $76 for them to tell me they couldn't find the strings I wold have to have it removed with an ultrasound and had to go somewhere else.

Thankfully I found UTMB and they helped me apply for the Texas Women's heath program. I had my yearly exam done and they did use an ultrasound to make sure the IUD was still there. But they recommended I have it removed with a camera since I was wanting another child. I saw them on June 20th. Then I had to wait. Finally this past Friday August 1st I had my IUD removed and the insurance covered it! Today I just started my period. So my ovulation chart is saying my first fertile day will be the 13th which also happens to be our 10th wedding anniversary! I feel good now that things are finally starting to fall into place!
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